Who doesn’t want to meet people and create a community of people with similar likes? We all have friends of similar passion, choices and tastes. But the growing distances have reduced the time to share and care. Keeping this in mind; with the motto of crafting “The World’s Largest Platform for Creating Social Websites”; Ning was launched in October 2005. Initially it was a free service; though from April 2010, it became a paid one. Ning is a firm co-founded by Marc Andreessen and Gina Bianchini. Being an online platform which lets you to make your own social network be it designing, setting a theme and everything for it; Ning has gained so much of popularity among tech-savvies around the globe. Making a communal websites and societal linkages is the need of the hour today. Ning is efficiently playing its role in doing so.

It is ok if you are not technically strong or having no such background. Ning’s drag and drop network editor and Design Studio would do all the work for you. Your website would be built in the way you have always wished it to be. It would be the reflection of your vision, idea and choice. The content would also be yours.


Let’s get a deeper dig into Ning by knowing its services and offerings:

Wide Ranging Features:

The developers of Ning have minutely installed all the features that are useful in creating a website. From the huge collection of photos and videos, you can pick up the best suiting to your requirement. The feature that enables executing blogs and forums would allow you to connect followers. It is made easy to get feedback, ask for comments and questions, and channelize a discussion. The feature that enables executing blogs and forums would allow you to connect followers. It is made easy to get feedback, ask for comments and questions, and channelize a discussion.

Creating a group with unlimited number of members and sharing different content within them is also enabled with ease of use. You can also categorize the members and profiles on the basis of their profession, passion and preferences.

features of ning

Integrate with world:

A Ning community can be combined with any of the available on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and Google with ease. It permits you with linking and social sharing options to connect your community via your social accounts. This shows others about your posts in blog. Sharing of content is made easy with easy broadcast of emails, thus inspiring new people to join your community.

Personalized Design:

Creation and growing of your network was made simple with the above features. But when you have done with it, you can strengthen it by adding custom CSS and JavaScript. You are free to contrivance limitless custom HTML pages and developing a mobile app by making use of Ning APIs.

Connect with your viewers:

Be it inviting experts to your blogs or honoring the most active member by making them administrators or co-publishers; everything is under your control. The Lightweight Analytics tool lets you understand how your community is budding and allows you motivating the most interested members. The user-friendly SEO tools set you all free to frame an exceptional Ning network.

Access while you are on the wheels:

The platform is intended to make a great on-the-wheels platform for the user communities. Devoid of your location, your network would function error-free on any the connecting devices like laptop, mobile, and tablet. The view of the network would be same as well.

Be a Regulator:

It being your network made with the help of Ning; allows you rule over it. You can have the rule-list of your own; each activity is controlled by you. You have the rights to make things, posts visible and hide them at your wish. The anti-spam protection made available by Ning would keep your content safe.

Now, let us understand how Ning is helpful in personal and professional life.

Personal Life:

Ning offers a legitimately extensive degree of flexibility in modifying the look and sense of your website. Thus making it easier to each more people like you around the world. It has initiated the marketplace for individuals to self-unify around the “what” instead of the “who” in social networking. It empowers groups to consolidate around similar interests and desires and completely express what makes them exclusive. It is mainly helping the individuals with weird preferences in finding the people like themselves.

Business Life:

Ning permits businesses to make their own off-site social network for their brand’s community, and contribute in prevailing tete-a-tetes with the group of people they are beholding to involve. It helps in generating feedback over offered products/services and initiating discussions on what has to be done next and how it is going to be. Ning supports images size and resolution, actions, videos, podcasts, blog posts and all kinds of other content, so you should take benefit of it all. Significantly, you can inspire your community to share more like the ones you have. Motivate your exclusive social network’s followers to take the plunge, to react on something, to be self-assured on their capabilities. Ning is a stand to build a contented place for your customers to share their work with others and for you to encourage them. There are various prevailing Ning communities that are dynamic and fervent. Joining them would help you in knowing what is going on in the world and around in your community. For example; if you are a photographer; joining a community of photographer would let you many new trends in photography, inventions in cameras and techniques and so on…

To Conclude:

In a number of ways, Ning is a gateway to mini-social networks subsequently you can select to link any of among the available thousands of user-created networks. Also in additional ways, it is a social network expansion platform. Ning asserts to have assisted individuals in building over two million communities. Thus, Ning is helping individuals and businesses work smoothly and prosperously.

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