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PocketFinder Review – Personal GPS Tracker for People, Pet & Vehicle

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PocketFinder Review – Personal GPS Tracker for People, Pet & Vehicle

Review of: PocketFinder

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On June 20, 2016
Last modified:June 20, 2016


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Do you forgets where you kept your keys or wallet? Are you worried about where your child are playing? Are you one who forget their bags / belongings often at restaurants or at public places? In this article I will share a product known as PocketFinder; the best gps tracker device offers all amazing features at best price.

PocketFinder technology is about linking people and easily locate the place your often forget. This includes your, keys & wallet, kids, your girlfriend, your wife, your pet and even your car – anything and everything that is dear to you. The technology uses GPS locators that optimize the ability to stay connected. While there are several similar GPS technologies in the market, PocketFinder removes the complexities of modern wireless technologies and offers a simple and easy solution that helps people coordinate and communicate with people and things.
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The company, PocketFinder was launched in 2005, wherein the to-be co-president was looking for something that could regularly update about the whereabouts of his kid. He used his wireless technology expertise to build the PocketFinder and also help several other single parents with similar needs. PocketFinder is voted as one of the most popular GPS locator device available in the market today.

How PocketFinder GPS tracker Works?

The PocketFinder tool uses EE network in most European Countries & AT&T network in US, Mexico & Canada for keeping track of people and things you are concerned about.

It comes as a small and handy device that can be discretely slipped into the pockets of your kid or placed inside vehicles, luggage, camera bags, golf clubs and other expensive and important items. The device will transmit the exact GPS location whenever you choose to look for it across the network of PocketFinder. The exact location of the tracker is shown on the map of the app that you have downloaded for it in your Android or iOS device.

pocketfinder deviceThe device in itself is lightweight and small enough to fit the palms of your kid’s hands. Further, it is waterproof, dirt proof and even kid proof. Even if your luggage has been dumped in a stream, you can hope to retrieve the location. What’s more important is that the PocketFinder device doesn’t even mind being put into the washing machine.

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Important Features of PocketFinder

Here we have tried and test some of the unique features of PocketFinder device by connecting it with iOS & andoird app provided by PocketFinder.

#1 Access location from anywhere

PocketFinder is a personal GPS device that integrates several ways to track locations. You can log onto the official website, use text messaging or simple call up to know the exact location of the device. You can have this feature from your mobile app as well. Download app and see how it track location.

#2 Small and discreet

PocketFinder is perhaps the smallest GPS device in the market. This makes it easy to use and more importantly expose thefts and burglaries. The device can even be held by a chain and used a dog/cat collar to keep track of your pet.

#3 Real time locator

location finder

PocketFinder uses GPS technology to instantly locate the position of the device. You can even track if your device is on the move. The location feeds are of the greatest accuracy. Using the mobile app users can also locate more then one person’s location and activity.

#4 Zone setting


Using the app you can set a perimeter for different zones. In case the device exits a particular zone, you will receive an alert on your Android/iOS device. The alerts can even be received via text messages, emails and push notifications.

#5 Speed alert


Especially important for pets and expensive items, PocketFinder allows you to determine the speed at which the device is moving/being moved. You can also choose to receive an alert when the speed exceeds a certain set limit. This can be used to track the speed of a vehicle that is probably being used by your kid.

#6 Sharing information through limited accounts

Creating limited accounts allows a group of people to collectively track the location of the device when needed. However, no one other than the original user has access to the account information.

#7 Battery of PocketFinder device last for 5 days


Every search can be extended to a period of 5 days. The PocketFinder device has an exceptional battery life and it is recommended to be put up on charge every night. You can also receive an alert if your GPS Locator has low battery.

#8 Easy information

cap-historyTracking the device and the associated person, animal, thing gets easier as the app provides the nearest addresses directions, latitude/longitude and even the information of how much longer the battery would last. This app also allows you to track the the histroy of locations which helps you to analyze GPS location at particular time.

 Various PocketFinder Products

pocketfinder products

Personal GPS Locator: Whether you need to spy on someone or get regular feedback about the location of your kid on vacation, the PocketFinder can be easily attached/dropped into their backpacks, luggage or shirt pockets.

GPS Pet Locator: The best way to keep an eye on your pet, GPS Pet Locator ensures that your pet never noses its way back home.

GPS Vehicle Locator: An effective way to stand against theft and burglary, the PocketFinder can be a great help to track and find lost cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, bicycles, etc.

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If you are worried about leaving someone/something important unattended, PocketFinder is you key to peace of mind. You are never quite far away!


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