For any successful presentation, two way communication between presenter & attendees is very important. Just think about a case when you about to finish your presentation and your audiences already shared their queries for you to answer from! I know you are surprised as powerpoint presentation does not offer such facility but Google Slides does! Yes, Google slides has recently introduced such an amazing feature empower to to increase the engagement with your audiences.

Most skilled presenters struggle to make their presentations interactive and engaging in order to make them effective. So what do we do to make sure that the presentations we make are interactive enough? You have your answer in Google Slides presentations and their most innovative updates and features.

Google Slides Presentation is a beautiful tool to make your presentations engaging with a wide variety of innovative features. Google Slides allow audience to submit their questions and also lets them vote on these questions during your Google Slides presentations. These presentations are thus becoming a rage with school students as well as professionals who are using the tool for their myriad needs including the science fairs as well as office presentations.

Google Slides

The Google Slides Features:

No matter how experienced one is and how phenomenal their ideas and experiences are, it can be intimidating to share them with the public. So if you are a school student or an office employee, or a researcher, you would need to ensure you deliver your ideas in the right manner and Google slides helps you do just that. The new and innovative features in Google Slides help you in giving the most interesting presentations. Take for instance, Slides Q&A which is the latest update in Google Slides and is rolling out globally today. This feature helps the speakers marvelously connect with their audience and also makes them collect real-time feedback. All they need to do is display a simple link on a slides presentation, and the audience members can submit their questions from their laptops, phones, and tablets to this link and also vote on those questions which interest them and they want answered most.

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Google Slides Q&A:

The Slides Q&A feature is great for audience members as they can easily submitted more questions and also vote. This increases the level of interaction during a presentation and the audience thus enjoy the presentations more as they are able to submit questions online that too at the same moment they thought of it rather than having to wait till the end when they need to remember them. Another benefit with the feature is that the audience can also submit questions anonymously and this is especially helpful when the audiences shy away from standing up and asking questions due to the fear of the public.

Set-Up Free Presentations:

The audience votes are also a helpful feature as most presenters can’t answer all questions but based on the audience votes, they can pick the most voted questions and answer them instead which ensure higher involvement of the audience. Another benefit of Slides Q&A is that it makes interaction easy without having to worry about a moderator or mics. Google Slides thus helps the presenter gets the big ideas on screen without any hassles of wires or set up.

Other Features:

Google has included many innovative features with the Google Slides and the presenters can present their slides to a Hangout from their iPhone or iPad. This is helpful app as with just a phone or tablet with the Slides app installed, one can present on any screen simply by using AirPlay, Chrome cast or Hangouts. Also for those who are comfortable resenting on a computer, Google has also introduced a new laser pointer.

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Benefits of Google Slides Q&A:

The Slides Q&A feature has its own benefits as it works on desktop computers, android mobile devices, as well as iOS mobile devices. One can only use slides Q&A if they have edit or comment access to your slides presentation. Also, by default, any user in the presenters’ domain can submit a question and if his organization permits external sharing, the external users can also be allowed to submit their questions. Google slides has also posted many new improvements to enhance the presentation experience and the presenters can also use their mouse as a laser pointer in slides by choosing the laser pointer option from the toolbar and moving their mouse which will make a red laser-like dot appear in the same place on screen. That will help the audience to know where to look. The Google Slides Help Center gives more information on how to accept, submit and view audience questions in Google Slides.

Google Slides has been constantly innovating with the tools to make your presentation experience more interesting and thus the users will have many future launches to look forward to. Some of these launches are as follows:

  • All mobile features
  • All audience features on mobile and desktop
  • Ability for a presenter to enable Q&A on desktop

So, do try out the Google Slides tool and its extremely innovative and popular features to make your presentations more engaging.

Have you ever tried Google slides earlier? How it changed the way your do presentation? Share your experience by comment.