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One of the best VR headset available at competitive price in India.

Since Oculus was taken over by Facebook in the year 2012, virtual reality technology has become the talk of the town. Tech business owners are every day bringing novelty to the daily growing arena. While app stores are flooding with fresh apps, more and more devices are hitting the markets!  The GDC 2016 and Facebook’s F8 conference also held VR in the limelight. The market for VR headsets has also grown immensely over the past 2 years. And we’ve got various virtual reality devices across multiple price and feature ranges. Regionally, the consumer market for each has also been diverse. In the Indian market Procus, in the past year, has hinted clearly, that in the Indian market, it is becoming the best in virtual reality headsets.

Here’s why Procus totally is the perfect deal to go for it’s an exclusive and immersive virtual reality experience.

A buyer’s decision to get a Procus VR headset offers complete value for money. You can easily get a headset between the price ranges of INR 2300 to 2400 for the basic model. There’s however two variants to choose from. Procus have 2 types of VR headsets in the market, the basic Procus and Procus PRO.

Procus Basic VR Headset


Procus Pro VR Headset

The PRO Headset recently hit the market at a launch price of INR 3599. The basic model comes with complementary headphones and a magnetic clicker, with the pro version, which has in built headphones and a click the button. The Indian market consumption and buying decisions are largely dependent on price variations, and so getting all of these at a price like this is a clear assurance of complete value for money.

A single look at, and through, the thick lenses of the headset will make you think twice before putting it back. These lenses are made especially in India to ensure delivering the best VR experience. Offering a wide field of view (clearly more than 120° in ProcusPro) the Procus headset provides a wholesome experience of realism without causing eye fatigue and lag.

Along with being a perfect fitting device, the Procus headsets have an IPD (Interpupilary distance) Adjuster to fit different head sizes and provide a personalized experience for better vision and to get the job done perfectly.

eye distance

Procus is capable of delivering far more complex and immersive virtual reality with perfection than anything else available. Having the headset on swathes the vision and the built-in headphones cover both your ears to deliver an experience unbelievably real.

Using ProcusVR is indeed an overwhelming experience and gets your brain dealing with multiple VR experiences. I am certainly a scared soul, but The Bet- the first game that came with Procus was one extensively horror experience but I’m sure a lesser scared one now. Gaming nerds can surely enjoy their Virtual Reality games on this awesome device.

Procus basic headset is compatible with 3.5″ – 6″ mobile devices whereas the Procus Pro VR headset is best compatible with 4.7″ – 6″ smartphones.

procus compatibility

What it feels like using Procus

Wearing a VR headset may have been uncomfortable or clumsy, but the guys at Procus have surely looked at it carefully and designed a marvelously comfortable headset that has a breathable leatherette cover!

The mobile phone does not heat up; thanks to the adsorbent phone carrier that discharges phone heat. The device stays perfectly in place with the adjustable head-straps and an evenly distributed weight took off all second thoughts of strapping a headset on the face.

Unlike the Oculus, Procus is a wire-free headset! Perhaps the only wire it has is the one inside the phone carrier that connects your phone to Procus. Stand, turn around, jump, and if you want to- dance wearing the headset and it still stays in place.

The built-in headphones may not be studio but decent quality and have little noise canceling. And the best, there was no fogging on the Procus’ lenses, even after prolonged use.

The Best thing about ProcusVR

procus vr features

The best part of using ProcusVR, apart from its distinctive features is the touch controller. Once already delved into the virtual world, it’s like stepping into a dream. And the worst way to break away from the dream world is the mobile phone’s ringer. When you buy the ProcusVR headset (PRO), the manual contains QR Codes. Scanning the code on the device that you use in the headset allows you to activate the touch controller button, along with making the two fully compatible. You can navigate, switch apps, answer calls, and reject calls, with this touch controller version.

The Magnetic Clicker does the same in the Procus One model. That being said, what the device lets you experience is beyond wow, light and unforgettable. The whole idea behind VR is to take yourself into another world that too works on your motion and instinct. The Procus VR headset convincingly succeeds in the goal.

Genuinely amazing! The Procus VR device works pretty well at providing a surreal and otherworldly experience and is slowly becoming the best Virtual Reality headset in India.

Procus Basic VR Headset Price

The price of a Procus basic Virtual Reality headset in India is just INR 2399.00 and you can buy it online from Amazon India.

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Procus Basic Pro Headset Price

The price of the Procus basic Virtual Reality headset is just INR 3599.00 and is available on Amazon India.

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Procus is one tech startup you should definitely keep an eye on.

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