Are you big fan of Pokémon Go game? Are you looking for Pokémon Go events around? This article is for you!

It hasn’t been long that the Pokémon ‘Bug’ has caught up with players worldwide. Initially released in July 2016, Pokémon Go has already bagged several awards including the prestigious “The Game Award for Best Mobile/Handheld Game”. The location based augmented reality gaming platform has finally brought mobile gamers out of their homes, something that wasn’t happening since long. The developers of the game want to change the way people game from their mobile devices, so much so that they come up with regular activities that promote hitting the streets!


All Pokémon Go events serve the purpose of educating and marketing. Some event coincide with public holidays to pull in a larger crowd. In the past several months, many small and big Pokémon Go events held across the world and each saw a considerable amount of participation. So far, upcoming events have been announced only a couple of days to the events. However, based on them, we can always make predictive guesses about upcoming announcements and also keep track of smaller events that don’t get announced or lack social exposure.

Pokémon Go at MWC 2017

The MWC (Mobile World Congress) is the largest of its kind of gathering, held every year in Barcelona, Spain. At MWC 2017, Niantic CEO, Mr. John Hanke announced that Pokémon Go would be getting three major updates in 2017, among which Pokémon Go lingo for Gen 2 seems an interesting inclusion. Based on the talks and rumors, some changes in Pokémon Go experience beyond 2017 include:

  • Breeding, which could get deployed by the end of this year
  • A Gen 3 environment between the summers and falls
  • A Player vs. Player scenario to boost engagement
  • A more sophisticated Gym Combat System
  • Trading, to minimize the chances of cheating

Current and Past Pokémon Go Events

Between February 26th and March 6th, the Pokémon Day celebrations entails that any Pikachu that you come across would be donning a festive hat! More importantly, if you catch a Pikachu, it will keep the party hat forever! This gives enough impetus to turn your neighborhood into a wilderness that Pikachu would love!

Other localized Pokémon Go events organized across the globe include the Snorlax in Japan, which will continue till March 13th.

In the recent past, Pokémon Go has created quite a buzz though various events across the globe. The most notable ones include the Valentine’s Week event that ran from 8th February to 15th February. In this period Pokémon Go players witnessed double the amount of candies, half walking distances, faster spawning for Pink Pokémon and enhanced lures.

We also had similar events in marking the New Year’s Celebrations, Thanksgiving and more.


Few Popular Pokémon Go Events

Most of the times, Pokémon events go unannounced. However, taking cue from the past events and the special announcements by Niantic, we can expect several such opportunities in the coming months.

1. Nest Migration

One of the most awaited events among Pokémon Go fans would be the Nest Migration period, which is expected to start at 7 P.M. ET on the 8th of March and continue till 9th March midnight. While nest migrations are never assured, they have always occurred at a gap of two weeks and it has been the same trend for months. If you have been longing to catch some Pokémon, this will be the perfect time.

2. Patrick’s Day Event

As said earlier, nothing goes announced with Pokémon Go events. But who knows, you might be getting some extra lucky eggs on the 17th of March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

3. Easter Event

Now, an Easter cannot go uneventful without some serious surprises on Pokémon Go. A most natural fit for a Pokémon event, you might get longer lasting Pokémon eggs or even benefit from shorter walking distances to get them hatched around 16th April.

4. Shiny

Have you yet met the red Gyrados? The color variant Pokémon can soon be live around a short event in the launch! It will indeed add some luster to the party.

5. Legendaries and Mythical

Lastly, the legendary Great Birds, Mewtwo, and Mew still remain unseen. Now that Niantic is introducing Gen2 and other legends like The Great Beasts, Celebi, Ho-Oh and Lugia, we are eagerly waiting when they will flash across. Maybe, they are saved for a special occasion!

Apart from these, you can always expect bonuses and special features on all kinds of public holidays. If you know any of such events and want us to cover the same for this blog post, do write here by comment or drop us an email. We would love to cover event for you.