WhatsApp has developed as one of the most popular communication apps for smartphones including iPhones. It offers variety of features like chat, sharing images, instant audio and many more. As each app has its own limitation and WhatsApp is not exception here.

What if you want to share song from your iPhone to your friend via whatsapp?

What if you want to record your own audio song and want to share via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger?

ShareApp iPhone app is the answer! To make WhatsApp-ing more interesting for iPhone users, a new application ShareApp has been launched. This app allows interesting features that also include sharing an audio files with your friends connected to you via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

What would you do if you want to share something really interesting with your friends? Now you have a new app called ShareApp with which you can have a much better WhatsApp-ing experience on iPhone. ShareApp gives you the opportunity of importing music and songs from the iPhone music gallery as well as play and share it on WhatsApp from the same platform. Not only this, the app also allows voice recording and customizing your own voice message and sending the same to your friends. The sharing experience is enhanced manifold times with the help of this app on WhatsApp.

Features of ShareApp Application

The ShareApp application for the iPhone has many interesting features. The size of the app is just 5.8MB and is currently available in English language only. For installing the app, your phone has to be iOS 9.3 and above. The app is also compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is also possible to optimize the app for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and upcoming iOS devices.

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ShareApp enables audio recording on your iPhone and storing it there. The recorded audio can be shared on Facebook messenger directly from there along with WhatsApp contacts. Not only this, you can play and listen to various songs that are recorded on the phone with ShareApp. The excellent WhatsApp iPhone app also allows importing music from the iPhone music library and sharing the same on WhatsApp. The app allows deletion of audio files from the iPhone as well.

Enlisted below are the features of ShareApp:

  • Importing music and songs from iPhone music library and sharing the same on WhatsApp
  • Voice and audio recording and storing the same on iPhone and then sharing on WhatsApp
  • Listen to stored or recorded music and songs on iPhone via ShareApp

How to use this Application?

Using the ShareApp is extremely simple. You just need to follow the step-by-step instructions, which are mentioned below to use the app.

#1 Record Audio using ShareApp

The most important feature of ShareApp iPhone application is to record audio on a single click and save it on mobile application. If you want to share that audio directly to your friend via WhatsApp then you just need to press share button.

Note: WhatsApp doesn’t allow audio sharing using application itself so ShareApp application is huge benefit for you.

#2 Play Audio/Music and Share it on WhatsApp

If you get bored during your long journey then ShareApp mobile app will also help you to listen music and share with friends. Just import your favorite music from iPhone music gallery and hit the play button. Users can stop or delete music file from ShareApp dashboard at any time.

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Important Note: The purpose of this application is to provide you feature for sharing data / files / voice / songs etc which you own the rights to share. Here we respect copyright holders and strictly against piracy.  Kindly do not share files if you are not the copyright holder or not authorized person to share it. Here we are not responsible for any copyright related issue may occur due to illegal use of this tool.