Being a proud MacBook owner is a heavenly feel as it offers all amazing features. File sharing is one of them and can make it even easier when you are using Apple products. Have you ever struggled with the file sharing between the two Apple products? If yes, then this write-up would help in solving the problem further. Yes, I am talking about AirDrop file sharing feature allows you to easily share files between different Apple devices. But the question is, how to add Airdrop icon to MacOS dock for quick access? This would let you understand how to add AirDrop icon to your macOS Dock for simple sharing of files between your appe’s iOS and Mac Devices like Laptop, Smatphones and Tablets. If you discover this idea exciting, also read to offer it an attempt on your Mac and let us discern your opinions about it in the comment section.

Sharing files quickly and effortlessly in the middle of Apple devices, I choose to use AirDrop. I, in fact, regard its easy-to-use functionality and the capability to get the job done deprived of any damage of quality. For more suitability, I have added AirDrop icon to Macbook Dock to facilitate I can promptly access it for sharing files.

Do you also use Apple’s standard file sharing feature? If yes, then you would like to understand it in the Dock as it would make the process a bit more appropriate. If you ever wish to take it out from there, it would barely take a second or two to get it done.

6 Steps to Add AirDrop to Dock on Mac

It is very easy process but sometime we ended up wasting lot of time on those easy stuff. Here I have explained this process with 6 steps which you will have to follow:

#1 Open Finder Window

#2 Select Go from the menu

Add Airdrop Icon to MacOS Dock Steps - Select Go menu

#3 Click on “Go To Folder”

You can also access this folder with short key “Command+Shift+G”

Add Airdrop Icon to MacOS Dock Steps - click on Go To Folder

#4 Copy the folder path /System/Library/CoreServices/ and paste it into the dialog box.

Press enter.

Add Airdrop Icon to MacOS Dock Steps - Copy this folder path

#5 Next, click on the AirDrop icon

Add Airdrop Icon to MacOS Dock Steps - click on the AirDrop icon

#6 Drag and Drop Airdrop on the Dock.

Add Airdrop Icon to MacOS Dock Steps - drag and drop it on the DockThat’s all; you are done!

Ones you have added it to the Dock, sharing files is more forthright. Just click the AirDrop icon and drag the file you want to share in the window and drib on a user.

How to Remove AirDrop Icon from Mac Dock

Mood change?! Now you no longer wish to keep AirDrop in the Dock? Fine, you can take it out from there devoid of any hard efforts. For doing this, pull it out of the dock, and it gets uninstalled.

Quick Wrap Up

Tell me which is your preferred medium for sharing files through iDevices and why? Don’t miss the mark to share your feedback down in the comment box.

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