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SPiDiGO Broadband and Internet Services Review

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SPiDiGO Broadband and Internet Services Review

Spidigo internet review

SPiDiGo is a broadband and wireless Internet service provider in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. As per their website, their coverage area includes western zone of Ahmedabad that covers Thaltej, Sola, Naranpura, Gota, Ambavadi, Gurukul, Drive-in, New ranip, Chandlodia and many popular areas of Ahmedabad.

As per my knowledge, most of their customers are from those areas where wired broadband internet is not available from other popular providers like Airtel, Reliance or Tata. I know this because I am one of their customers using their services since long only because I do not have any other options.

Here is my detailed Spidigo review that will help you to know who they are!

Internet Speed

They offers different Internet speed plan ranging from 256 KB to 2 MB but you will always see big amount of fluctuation in their Internet speed. Usually I am facing speed related issue once a month. Sometime twice a week!

The worst thing is; they will say your problem is solved but actually it will start again and again.

Customer support

When their Internet is down, you will always find their customer support number busy. Sometime, I have to keep calling for half an hour to register the complaint. They will always say, “Our representative will get back to you” but when? God knows! In most of the cases, I did not get proper response from them.

And the worst part of their service is; they will never intimate you about downtime. Just think, what if you are using their Internet for your IT company office? What if you are using their Internet as IT professionals? You have your own priority, but they never inform you about any maintenance outage or any other downtime.

If you are planning to buy SpidiGo Internet connection, you must have to keep one extra connection from other providers (or wireless dongle) to handle such un-expected issues.

Positive Point

The only positive point I found is; their payment collection team. They will contact you prior to expiry date of your plan. They remind you for payment and they will collect cheque from your address.

If you are spidigo broadband and Internet users and want to share your spidigo review with our readers, write here in comments. That will help other users to save their time and money!

SPiDiGo Review on YouTube !!

While searching SpidiGo reviews over internet, i came across this YouTube video posted by some Spidigo customer. You can check comments in this video to learn more about Spidigo customer experience in Ahmedabad.

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  • Anubhav Rajpal

    I 200 percent agree with the above feedback. I am experiencing exactly the same stuff.

  • Chakravyooh

    Don’t even think to go with Spidigo.

    Once they got your money, they will never pick up your calls. I have tried to call Mr. Nasir on 7819813638 more then 20 times a day but he is not receiving it.

    They are even charging for modem configuration setup. – Before buying a plan they will say “we will fix every thing in a day, we will not charge for modem set up” But once they got your money, they will never show up.

  • jerry sequeira

    I am having Spidigo brroadband connection for the last 4 years and I am totally fedup. Ihave suscribed for 512 Kbs
    believe me I never never never got this speed.Mr.Chakravyoo, I read your comment and I fully endrose your views.
    I management is stupid. I was once without net work for 12 days. Whenever I phone cust.service no. I get this message ‘this line is busy please call later’ a girl voice. O hell with this management. I sent so may emails not nobody have the courtesy to response. They only want your cheque. Ther representative will me tall promises.

  • lucas skywalker


    Let me start of by saying that this is the worst ISP provider in Gujarat. My first mistake was to take a plan of 15 months. The first couple of days the net will work fine,after that the troubles start. The internet used to get disconnected at least twice a day and the speeds were never as promised. At times they were so slow that it took Google 30 seconds to open! Upon contacting customer care,the only excuse they will tell you is that “there are technical issues in your area” or “the net is down everywhere’. Furthermore,they will assure you that the technical department will get back to you within 2 hours,but of course no call will come. After repeated complaints for 2-3 days,an engineer will visit your house and the problem will be fixed for 2 hours. Thereafter,back to square one. There are frequent disturbances and the connection will remain disconnected for 6-7 days a month. Spidigo,will not even provide an extension for the said days.
    There is a guy called RAVI in their Refund department who will try to convince you in any way possible to continue with Spidigo. He will then tell an engineer to install “A high powered device” for better signal coverage but this is all in vain. DO NOT LISTEN TO HIS BULLSHIT AND FALSE PROMISES. Moreover,he asked me “Do you think other ISP’s will give you a constant connection!” This shows that their employees live in a different dimension than ours!!
    This is not only my experience but tens of others who have taken Spidigo.

    My plan is ending in June 2015,but i have discontinued it and started Airtel. They told me id get a refund by dec 25 but there has been no progress and i don’t expect anything from this fraud of a company. I just wanted this nightmare to end and to put a full stop to the endless headaches caused due to Spidigo. Let me state on record that i have not had even one issue with Airtel since a month and my friends who use Bsnl are also very satisfied. So I say go for anything other than Spidigo.
    I would like to conclude by saying that this company will go to any heights to fleece customers and has the most pathetic customer service with a preposterous track record.
    I am going to lodge a complaint in the consumer court and I pray that Spidigo shuts shop asap.

  • ashutosh

    One of the Worst service of Broadband I have experienced. Complaint tickets gets closed as per their own whims, no feedback from the customer, nor checking back if the complaint has been solved. The technical team will revert on your complaint late in the night, by which time, when you have closed out for the day, happily sleeping.

    If you are a working professional, GOD help you. They work the Government times, They are not available post 6 pm, so in case your net is down on Monday evening, kiss your internet surfing bye bye till Sunday, that is if they manage to come to your place on Sunday, else, enjoy with your family for another week, since they cannot come after 6 pm. Customer be damned, we are like this only.

    Absolutely WORST customer service. Frankly, I do not know, if they know the meaning of “Customer” and “Service” at all.

    My fervent request DO NOT TOUCH SPIDIGO with a BARGE POLE. You will regret for the duration of the service OR should i say dis-service. It has high propensity of developing ailments like High Blood pressure, Head Banging ( with their customer Service), Of course on the spiritual side, they also make you remember the almighty, and you recite a prayer every time you login asking HIM, PLEASE let the net work today ….

  • Gaurang Kamani

    Sell and Sleep people !!! Frustrated customer ! No responsible person to reply atleast what is the problem since 12 days my net is off. Noone cares to get solution. Calling everyday to Customercare and that guy just tell will send engineer and nothing happening. He don’t even give any manager or management person phone number ! he say he don’t allowed !!! why they started this bullshit service business if they don’t have time for customer ? what they are doing in their office ? Sales people sell connection and Customercare don’t know anything ? This is really big fraud service.

  • Nikita Nayak

    M too much frustrated with this service ….m gonna start a negative marketing compaign for spidigo…I swear my mother its toooooo…bad …please its better to be without internet rather than going for spidigo.

  • tejas shah

    This company saevice is bed not any rply i have so many phone but not any rply 1 mont

  • ABCD

    Badest service Ever Found Never Solve any complain properly Every time a new problem arrives

  • ABCD

    I Suggest This company should be banned of providing any service

  • ABCD

    It is the biggest mistake of the one who buys Spidigo’s Internet.

  • Pranav Kapadia

    Despite repeated complaints there is no proper resolution of the problem. This is because the internal communication between the staff is very poor. They think that they are the best service providers but the reality is that they are worst. The complaint manager, Vishal boasts about his work experience but he is not concerned or committed to resolve the problem. Company like this should shutdown soon or should be taken over by good service providers. They don’t value trust of their clients. Very pathetic state of affairs!

  • Gitesh Trivedi

    #spidigo is most irresponsible company because management of #ChandraNetPvtLtd #chandra_net_pvt_ltd doesn’t know what kind of worst reputation is being created by their staff. Online social media is biggest resource of present market. I didn’t find out any single good review of them. Day by day their reputation is becoming drop and drop again. Customer care of #spidigobroadband #spidigo_broadband becomes worst and more irresponsible. More and more people are complaining about their worst services. I don’t think they will stay more in market because of bad reputation is being created by them. I cancelled their services within 1 month and raise refund request before 3 months back. I visited their corporate office 6 times but everytime they gave me different reason and didn’t give refund. Finally I am deciding to go consumer court and going to file case against them.

  • Subhash Naraniyan

    this is frote company I have complent for 2 month regularly but not have taken any resnable responce.any have call me for checkout resposce-8866834725

  • Suhrud Patel

    This company is cheat… I bought fix plan 500 GB for Rs 8500.00 for 4 MBPS . Now they are not providing even 1 MBPS speed and regularly deducting 2 to 4 GB data from my account, The complaints are being closed without any repairs, No body listens to the complaints… chor company… Please don’t buy …. big fraud

  • Brijesh Rokad

    Dont buy Spidigo Service ever. A big ZERO for them.

    Internet Speed. : For internet speed mapping first you need working spidigo broadband connection.

    Connection Reliability : ZERO reliability

    Service and Support : ZERO support . You will get only customer care number where they have only one answer YOUR COMPLAIN IS REGISTERED AND ISSUE WILL SORT OUT WITHIN 48 HOURS. and I am still amazed with their clock, i still dont know what they mean by 48 hours.

    No one is hear your complain nor they have any dedicated help line person or contact number.

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