Amazon PrimeAir DeviceNo, it is not the science fiction as it sounds to be but it is the real innovation made by R & D team of Amazon. The concept was developed to offer quick delivery from one place to another in less than 30 minutes of time. This system would deliver goods to the desired destination in less than half an hour time with the help of unmanned air vehicle Amazon PrimeAir. The development phase is almost over and the company will come out with the final product flying in air but it will surely take some time. The research team is still working on technology while FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) on other hand is working out rules and regulations for such vehicles.

The concept is quite advanced and would surely bring revolution in the aerial cargo industry, as these unmanned aerial vehicles from Amazon will surely make the delivery faster and easier. These vehicles will be found flying in sky along with the other aerial vehicles same as the goods trucks are found moving on the road. The safety factor would also be ensured, as the vehicle will comply with FAA regulations. The technologically advanced vehicles will be fully loaded with safety features that will be in line with the commercial standards set up by Aviation Department.

The speculations are on for this newly developed product after the video was uploaded by Amazon on its website. The video reveals the working of this product with the live video that shows that once the product is ordered on Amazon, the device is ready to take the product to the customer’s location through aerial route. The video has shown that the ordered product is packed in the yellow box and then taken to the aerial vehicle with the help of conveyor belt. The product is then lifted with this unmanned aerial vehicle and directly delivered to the customer’s doorsteps.

Amazon has published official video explaining this 30 minutes product delivery feature with this revolutionary device.

The company has already started Amazon Prime membership program for the privileged customers where the customers would get the product delivered in just two days. The company is expecting to launch Amazon Prime Air by 2015 and after that the company is expecting to deliver the product on the same day.

The expectations are growing high and the experts are waiting for Amazon to unveil this amazing product to the world with all its grace and glory. We are expecting such announcement by other e-tailor to compete with ecommerce giant.

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