Google ShoppingThe internet traffic shows an incredible 89% of consumers using online platforms to get their shopping done and developers behind Google Shopping have been working hard to welcome them with even a more generous experience this time. You will have few more and very useful features when you are buying from Google Shopping.

Shops dawning in your tablets, desktops and smart phones

Technology and its creative use in Google Shopping enabled shoppers to easily look for a range of products, starting from cameras and ski jackets to toasters and ice cream makers online. Intense categorization further helped enhance the shopping cart with product details including the color, make, brand, size, descriptions, budget range and available locations. If shoppers have found something close to what they had been looking for, there is a way to further filter the experience and give the exact solutions they have been looking. Here’s how.

Enhancing the short listing

Short listing is an amazing feature in Google Shopping that help people indulge further in the product and have a complete belief in what they have been looking for. This sometimes even extends up to comparing products and sharing them with family members and friends for suggestions. With the enhanced Google Shopping, the buying process is more dependent crossing off the holiday items they subsequently come across. This doesn’t just save the product feed but all the accompanying data that is required to know the product better.

3600 product viewing

google shopping 3d
Image: Google Shopping Blog

Now, this is something new and thoroughly creative. Thinks that one buys are less easily described in a two dimensional flat image. With the 3600 experience, shoppers indeed will get more information about the dimensions, weight, functionality and even the quality of a product. The interactive experience also enhance the feeling of a real store experience wherein one could actually have a firsthand look on the product. Manufacturers would certainly be able to do more with the 3600 product catalogues and Google provides an easy option. One just needs to fill out a form such that Google can help make the product catalog enriching.

We have been seeing Google developers to contently try and make shopping experience richer. Now that the holiday season is nearing, it’s time that online shop owners gear up and take advantages of the technologies. Also, the features won’t just be limited to the holiday season, but go beyond to increase traffic to your site.

For Product Sellers

Do you own a website and want to sell your products through Google Shopping? its very simple and one of the most effective method to drive relevant traffic to your website that can give better ROI as compare to other marketing methods.

Follow below steps:

  • Visit Google Merchant center and signup for account (if you are already have an account, log in with your existing credential)
  • Create Google Shopping feed with optimized details recommended by Google
  • Submit your feed for approval (if you find any errors and warnings, please correct the same)
  • Then, link your account with Google AdWords ( If you are not having Google AdWords account, you will have to create one)
  • Create separate PLA (Product listing ads) campaign and create PLA extension
  • Start running your ads
  • Its done !

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