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Do You Know Your First Tweet? Find Out Now!

digifloor first tweet

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Do You Know Your First Tweet? Find Out Now!

Do you know remember which was your first Tweet? it is always interesting to go into past and see which was your first tweet after creating your account at Twitter. Tweeter has launched a tool on its 8th birthday that will rediscover your very first tweet. Here is the more information about this small tool entitled “There’s a #FirstTweet for everything”.

Link and information about First Tweet Tool

Visit this official page of Tweeter’s first tweet tool that will display simple screen as shown in below screenshot. You just need to enter your twitter handle and it’s done. In below screenshot, you will see the first tweet made by @DigiFloor official twitter account.

digifloor first tweet

You must be curious to find first tweet of popular personalities around the world! Don’t worry, we already checked it and here is the list of first tweet of famous personalities around the world.

#1 Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India has tweeted about his visit to Dahod for Gujarat Swarnim Jayanti Yatra. Here is the screenshot of his first tweet.

narendra modi tweet

He posted the first tweet on 1st Feb 2009 and today there are over 28.7M users are following him. He is world’s most popular political personality active on social media

#2 Donald Trump

Donald Trump is 45th President of the United States of America. Checkout his first tweet here:

donald trump tweet

#3 Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s first tweet was posted in 30th April 2007 about Iraq war. Here is the screenshot:

barack obama first tweet#4 Miley Cyrus

cyrus first tweet#5 Justin Bieber

justin first tweet #6 Lady Gaga

ladygaga first tweet#7 Cristiano Ronaldo

ronaldo first tweet#8 Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin’s first tweet was posted in May 2010 where he was talking about the Original SRT twitter account:

sachin first tweet#9 Usain Bolt

usain bolt first tweet#10 Warren Buffet

warren buffet first tweetDo you know about first tweet of Twitter founders? They all did same first tweet on the second day of launch.

Twitter founder’s first tweet

Do you know what Twitter founders have twitted first? checkout below screenshot.


jack first tweet#ev

ev first tweet#Biz

biz first tweet#noah

noah first tweetYou can also re-tweet your first tweet to share it with your followers. Try it now and share your first tweet with us by comments.

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