Are you an eCommerce brand? you must be facing issue in managing content part for the product pages. Here user generated content is the key element for any eCommerce business because, it is nearly impossible to write unique product descriptions for all product pages. Then how can you achieve organic ranks on product pages? User generated content marketing platform is the answer! In this article I will show you how to utilize such platforms to encourage users for writing reviews, participating in Q & A section etc. Here we go!

Yotpo is an innovative content marketing platform that has been specifically designed for retail business, brands and eCommerce stores. Woven around first-hand product reviews, businesses can use the best among the lot as their sales strategy and promotional content. Further, Yotpo has been designed to act as a plug-n-play platform for social reviews. Its eCommerce based software/tool collects thousands of verified reviews while allowing customer a smart and simple reviewing experience. There are other features aimed at increasing a business’s organic traffic and also improving the performance of paid search ads.

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The idea behind Yotpo is to offer businesses a platform that makes it easier to convert visitors into customers by harnessing the trust laid by existing buyers/customers. The app also offers a range of retention tools that will encourage any user to return to the platform and buy/review more products. Social sharing too adds to the conversions and increase in traffic, while distributing top reviews all across. All of this is priced moderately and thus can be used by all kinds of businesses.

Benefits of Yotpo Platform

Currently, businesses across the globe are experiencing an average shopping cart abandonment rate close to 68% while the conversion rate in around the average of 3%. This automatically concludes that there is a huge potential to be worked upon from the assets a business/brand already has. But, what could be the best way to bring more visitors to a website? Yotpo works on one of the easiest and most potential tools – “Customer Reviews”. Customer reviews bring in a long list of benefits to boost conversion rates including:

  • More credibility for website and products/services
  • Better product offerings through feedback
  • Improved SEO
  • Establishing consensus
  • Creates a database of useful information that can be used by both new buyers and the business

While these are the basics with Yotpo reviews too, there are other unique features that make it a successful marketing tool.

yotpo social creation

Yotpo has turned social curation for generating fresh and interesting virtual stories and thereby give an opportunity for brands to promote their products. According to Yotpo, 77% shoppers prefer reviewing authentic photos from customers instead of product shots in websites. While traditional product pages lack the visuals that are appealing or directly encouraging, social stories related to these products can bring about an increase in conversion rates. So with the help of Yotpo’s social curation feature you can collect and curate your product images from your customers on Instagram and use those photos in product page gallery, instagram & facebook ads and shoppable instagram feed.

yotpo shoppable instagram

Another unique channel of social curation has been the introduction of shoppable Instagram. 30% users in Instagram have been reported to purchase a product that was discovered in their feed. Making photos shoppable (linking photographs to product pages) directly harnesses the power of peer recommendation and user choices.


Social Integration with Yotpo

What has been especially unique with Yotpo is the ability to transform user experience while motivating visitors to turn into regular buyers. Tools that help marketers meet this end include social curation, shoppable feeds, easy moderation, right management and photo discovery. Currently, Yotpo is the only app which offers to increase conversion following this strategy – directing shoppers from social platforms to product pages.

Review generation

A powerful feature with Yotpo is ‘Mail after Purchase’. MAP automatically sends requests for reviews to customers after their purchase and they can access the request from any kind of device and at any place and any time. The look of the request email too is customizable, this making it more encouraging and thereby increasing the lifetime value and the loyalty.

MAP working yotpo


Customer reviews become the strongest marketing tool for businesses and brands. They not only add credibility but also convert into a direct increase in the product’s sales and traffic. Other than that, tools like social push, emails and Yotpo Ads make sure that products get the right kind of exposure among users.

SEO Benefits

When looking to sell online, SEO or search engine optimization has always been a prime concern for marketers. Well, with Yotpo, and features like Google seller ratings, Google product listing ads, and rich snippets, marketers can both increase visibility and drive high quality traffic into their landing pages.

Yotpo Integration with your eCommerce Store

Finally, Yotpo integrates hundreds of ecommerce apps and platforms to generate the maximum amount of user generated content. The integration process is very easy as Yotpo team has already developed the customize module / plugin / system that can fits with all different eCommerce platforms. These include Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Google, Instagram, Facebook, Findify, Antavo, demand ware, FOMO, GoDaddy, Hub Spot, Pinterest, Opencart, Nosto, Volution, Twitter, ZenDesk and more.

The Cons of Yotpo Platform

It’s not ugly per say, but yes, Yotpo can be difficult in some ways too. The platform is meant to store user data at the time of a confirmed purchase. However, getting that data is not easy. So, the tools that we talked above always rely on the interest of the end user to provide this information.

Coming to the cost part, Yotpo offers five different pricing plans and also a free demo. The basic ‘Lite’ version is free and would be a basic review generating platform and not more. The other options including Pro, Powerhouse, Visual Marketing and Enterprise Plan add the interesting features like ratings, review comments, email upselling, rich snippets, product blacklist, live moderation, custom review forms, inline SEO, Facebook ads, shoppable Instagram and more. The pricing for these is available on quote requests but they seem to be quite high and applicable to established brands only.

Some Important Questions & Answers about Yotpo

 #1 Cost of each Yotpo plan? 
Yotpo is a freemium software, each store owner can install Yotpo “lite” for free to review the solution. For paying users, they need to choose between Pro (up to 1,000 monthly orders) & Powerhouse (Up to 3,500 monthly store orders and 3 domains per account) plans. To learn about pricing and to schedule the demo, kindly visit Yotpo website.

#2 What if someone stops using Yotpo services in midway, Did they still own the reviews they generated via Yotpo? 

Yes!! This is what differentiates Yotpo from the competitors in user generated content marketing niche. It’s important to emphasize that the store owner owns 100% of the content and can export it at any given moment. Once you stop using Yotpo, the reviews generated so far, will be your property and going to stay there forever.

#3 What if someone gets frequently negative reviews, How clients can manage it? 

Yotpo has a profanity filter that automatically filters out reviews with profanity/ competitor words/ 3 stars and below. These reviews sit on the Yotpo platform and the store owner can choose if to publish them or not. A store owner can also choose if to comment on those reviews privately or publicly. If a review has 4 stars and up + no profanity + no competitor words, it will get published automatically. This situation is our default but every store owner can choose his own default. (please see screen shot attached)

yotpo review type

#4 Are all reviews organic and authentic? Can Yotpo filter fake reviews?

yotpo verified buyer

Yotpo has three different reviewer levels: verified buyer / verified reviewer / anonymous.

  • Verified buyer – a person that bought a product, got a MAP (mail after purchase) and left a review through that email. (please see screenshot)
  • Verified reviewer – left a review via product page and authenticated his email (his name on the review is the one on his email account
  • Anonymous – left a review and hasn’t authenticated his email.

Store owners can choose to filter any of these levels to manually moderate reviews before publishing.


While writing this Yotpo review, one thing was very clear in my mind. If you are an eCommerce brand and want to produce user generated content; this tool is best in market. I admit that the price of this tool is very high and for the brand with limited budget, it is bit difficult to spend on tool at the initial stage.

If you are an established brand and looking for business expansion, Yotpo is for you. If you are newbie, I will recommend focusing on generating initial business from shopping ads and other marketing channel. You can opt for this tool later on.