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On March 10, 2017
Last modified:March 11, 2017


The most interactive smartwatch compatible with android & iOS devices.

The smart watch technology has really been an evolution but to say the truth, no product has really offered a comfortable price tag. From the Apple Watch to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, there hasn’t been a product that you would rightly want to order. However, things will definitely change with the Ticwatch 2, the most interactive smartwatch. Mobvoi recently launched this amazing smartwatch and received funding over $2 millions from Kickstarter fund raising campaign. And now this Ticwatch 2 smartwatch is available for at just  – $199.99, there’s a lot more to this watch than you have seen with similar technologies in the past. It also offers a list of specifications that other manufacturers wouldn’t quite dare to bring in together!

The Ticwatch 2 looks like any ordinary dial you would regularly wear to your work. However, this time, the 400x 400 OLED panel integrates an impressive 287 ppi resolution – making the interface bright, vibrant and colorful. Further, the brushed metal bezel for the construction has a premium look to it and comes integrated with highly responsive sensors underneath. The design cues look similar to that of Samsung Gear 2.

About Ticwatch 2 – Check Now

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Ticwatch integrates gesture control and a strip on its side that responds to touch commands. So instead of poking into the screen like other smart watches, you will have to either shake your hands or feel the side rim of the watch to call in functions. Ticwatch has its own operating system called the Ticwear OS and brings in quite a number of interesting features to the table. However, your Ticwatch can be synchronized with your Android phone (higher than 4.3) and iOS 8.0 and above.

#1 Stay fit


Ticwatch brings in powerful sensors that will be able to precisely read your pulse and give metrics about your heart rate, distance travelled, GPS location and speed of running. You can also share your run with Google Fit! While you are at it, listen to your favorite tracks over Bluetooth! Inshort you can say that this watch will work perfectly as your fitness tracker.

#2 Hands free assistance

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Whether you are manning a car or a bike, the Ticwatch ensures that you can completely concentrate on the road. You can answer calls with just the flip of a wrist and do the same when hanging up. The built in speakers, connected over Bluetooth will also help your navigate new places and search for other information on the go.

#3 Notifications

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Pulling out your smart phone every time it receives a notification can be frustrating, especially when you don’t need to see these messages right away. Well, Ticwatch helps again by displaying the notification on your dial and you can always choose to ignore it or reach out for your smart phone.

How do you interact with the Ticwatch?

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Interaction has become really easy and convenient with the Ticwatch 2. We get several ways to interact with the device and seek a variety of information/functionalities.

  • Voice commands allow you to check weather, make phone calls without touching your phone, reply to messages on the go (hands free again), order an Uber (Ticwatch call it for you to your location) or search for local shops and restaurants.
  • Swiping through the dial of the Ticwatch will allow you to easily customize the settings and browse through the various apps in place. Similarly, touch also enables zooming, selecting, and scrolling playlists, pictures and more.
  • Twisting and flipping your wrist will help you answer a phone or hang up without reaching out for a button. Twisting the wrist also activates the voice interaction. You can also shuffle your playlist by knocking on the side rim lightly.
  • Pressing the complete dial with your palm will dim your Ticwatch and put it in stealth mode!

Ticwatch comes bundled with a lot of basic tools including calendar, dialer, calculator, fitness and much more. You can even your Ticwatch to locate your phone in situations when you misplace it or lose it. Further, you also have a Ticwear App Store for more built in apps and do regular OTA updates.

At initial stage Ticwatch 2 will be launched in 4 different styles which is Oak, Snow, Onyx and Charcoal.

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Lastly, it would be reasonable to say that the Ticwatch is not just about the convenience and functionality but also gets a classic form. Designed by Mika Nenonen from Scandinavia, you can witness craftsmanship, quality, class and simplicity merged into a beautiful dial. Overall, the Ticwatch looks inconspicuous but can do things that no one could have imagined even a year ago!