What if someone sending you an important email and misspelled your email id? Obviously the sender will receive failure delivery message and you will miss an important email. Setting up catch-all email address through your cPanel is the best solution to this issue. It is very simple!

Before I explain the process, it is important to know about the benefits of creating catch all email address. I have seen many businesses receiving leads on few common email addresses like, webmaster, contact or support. What if you don’t have such email ids? When you buy an SSL certificate (domain validation type), they automatically sends email to webmaster account for verifying the owner ship of the domain. In this way, many prospect customer sends an inquiry to such common email ids and you missed them only because you don’t have catch all email id.

By setting up catch all email account, your server will forward all such emails sent to non existed email to the one which you have configured in your cPanel account. In this way, you will keep receiving all such emails which might have bounced in previous case (which has [email protected] – here domainname.com should be correctly typed).

Here is the process of setting up catch all email address in Cpanel:

# Step 1

Login to your cPanel account and create one new email address you wish to use to catch all emails those sent to misspelled or non existed email account.

For example: [email protected]

create new email id
Note: This is not necessary to create new account but I strongly recommend creating one to avoid receiving spam email to your existing active account.

# Step 2

Once you created an email id, navigate to mail section of your cPanel and click on Default Address menu. (See below screenshot)

default address cpanel

# Step 3

Once you click on Default address menu, you will redirect to new window that will look like below screenshot:

set catch all emailNow, uncheck (Discard the email while your server processes it by SMTP time with an error message) and check Forward to email address button. Insert the email id where you want to catch all emails and click on Change button.

And its done!

Now you will start receiving all emails sent to non existed email address.