voip service providersAre you small or medium businesses and looking for best VOIP service providers? This article is for you.

Voice Over IP is a commonly used technology that sends analog data (voice) to long distances via internet by converting them to equivalent digital signals. Thus we can make calls to landlines, mobiles or to any devices at a much cheaper rate than traditional analog formats. VOIP has overturned the traditional communication systems and very important part of collaboration system for any startup. In fact, it enhance the productivity of businesses working with offshore clients require to use VOIP software’s to make calls over internet. Thus by making calls over the internet via VOIP , we are cutting the expenses of normal tele call charges and replacing them with calls over internet that comes only one tenth of normal phone calls.

Important factors to consider while selecting VOIP service providers:-

# Free features – Most VOIPs services offers common free features like call recording, call tracking etc. Also have a check on how much payment has to be made for extra usage. Call waiting, user identification are also many times offered as free by VOIP service providers.

# Experience – While selecting a VOIP use the test profile to ensure there’s no lag for the calls made to distant places. We strongly recommend testing few calls to the locations you required to use VOIP calling. It will help you to experience the quality of the services over a distant call.

# User Reviews – Check for authenticity and reference of the particular voip business by visiting trusted review websites. This could be a vital factor on your search for the best VOIPs and can avoid any issues may arise in the future.

# Technical Support – Support is the very important factors while hiring any VOIP services as it should be quick and handy when you stuck anywhere.

# VOIP Security – Security is the most important factor you need to consider while purchasing VOIP system. It is also important for you to do security audit of your network before you implement VOIP system.

Once you are families with the specified factors, you are ready move with your purchase process. To make your job easier, we have listed out few popular VOIP service providers suitable for small or medium businesses. Here is the list for you:

#1 Ring Central

Ring Central is easy to setup and use VOIP service comes with various features and support portable devices too. Ring central VOIP is mainly used by small and medium businesses with limited users. They help to cut down expenses related to costly enterprise PBX systems. RingCentral Standard pricing starts at $24.99 per month with unlimited calling option to the United States and Canada and it also works well with pre configured IP phones. If your business is mostly operating with the clients from USA or Canada, Ring Central can be your best choice for VOIP services.

ring central voip plans

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#2 AirCall

AirCall is yet another well know VOIP provider in USA and support free usage plans to test their services. AirCall supports group formation and call forwarding features. Using AirCall, a business users can get virtual phone numbers for over 30 countries, set custom ringtones, offer click to call facility and other related services. They also offer custom service reports on usage statistics. The starter plan of AirCall VOIP service comes at $29 a month per user. Enterprise version comes at $399 with support up to 20 numbers.

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#3 PhonePower

PhonePower is a jam-packed VOIP service provider with over 45 features clubbed in discrete packages. Some of the paid features offered are low International Rates, Operator Dialing, 411 Directory Assistance, Direct International Calling, Virtual Numbers, Toll Free Numbers, Add A Line, See More Phone Power Plans and much more. They also support usage of personal devices – BYOD with VOIP. Their basic plan starts at $8.33.
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VOIP can be used as Voip for medium business and its plans starting at $17.95/Month and Home plans at $12.5 per month. Support on iPhone & Android Mobile Apps, Telemarketer/Block List, Toll Free Numbers Available, Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calls, VoiceMail and VoiceMail-to-Email are some of the most amazing features offered by VOIP.

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#5 BroadVoice

With BroadVoice known as VOIP for small business, you can Route calls from opted numbers to discrete destinations. Their cloud system helps user to be freed from not physically having the infrastructure for making calls. All you need is internet for availing the service. Unlimited Canada/US plans starts at $9.95 , international call plans are available at $24.95.

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Voipo offers Business VoIP phone service with added features like Custom Caller ID, Routing, Call Forwarding, Outbound Call Routing, Failover and E911 – support for wireless phone users who dial 911. You can start using the service by connecting the phone adapter to router and then connecting the standard phones. Known as the best small business VOIP, VOIPO offers Business and Reseller plans. 30 day money back guarantee is also featured at certain regions of sale.
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#7 Telzio

Telzio is a newly launched VOIP provider that comes with a variety of features. Easy signup and quick service is one notable feature of Telzio. This VOIP service is available over fifty countries. The startup plan starts at $1 per month whereas the pro version will be around $29 a month (It varies by countries). According to their website, the up-time guaranteed is close to 100%. Their service also includes unlimited extension for features depending upon VOIP plan you choose.

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VOIP is very important tool for a business located in different countries and require cost effective communication medium for their employees. As the technical requirements are increasing daily, VOIP is sure to improve and get more features to enhance the way we communicate of IP. Not only would they help to improve existing media but they also carry forward old devices to the new communication era. With VOIPS covering over 40% of European markets and with emerging mobile technologies the future seems brighter.

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