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GameGorillaz – Online Marketplace to Buy iOS/Android Mobile Games Source Code

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GameGorillaz – Online Marketplace to Buy iOS/Android Mobile Games Source Code

gamegorillaz cover imageMobiles have been largely used as entertainment, more specifically gaming devices since the early 90’s. However, it is only after the onslaught of the smart phone technology that gaming companies have started focusing on mobile games rather than having big screen games at their core of investment. Between 2011 and 2017, mobile gaming will achieve a growth figure of 73.5% from a mere 34%. More than 48 million people globally play games on smartphones and tablets. These include everything from the lightweight ‘Tetris’ to the more graphic intensive Real Racing 3D.

Mobile gaming is not just making entertainment more convenient but hold increased significance for all forms of businesses. Looking at the statistics of the industry again, more than 68% of smart phone gamers are above the age of 18. By 2016, the value of the mobile gaming industry will be $86 billion. Consisting of both free and paid games, the industry has been earning a lot of money in recent years. A simple game like CandyCrush earns daily estimated revenue of $978,065. With more than 9,470,496 active users, it is growing in popularity with more than 103,995 new installs every day. Similarly, Angry Birds earns a whooping €156 million ($177.70 m) in 2013. The trends are similar for many other games too. Most of the money comes from integrated advertising.

With so much money going into the gaming industry, game developers are living a dream. The profit is huge and this is also the reason why developers and businesses are looking up to smart phone game source codes. Established gaming source code makes the development a faster process and allows for precise customizations that make it unique to a business. Re-skinning source codes make it a timelier and less complicated process, allowing you to have a guaranteed platform to earn revenues. There are plenty of online marketplaces to buy & sell mobile apps source code available in the market which helps developers/businesses to earn money online.

GameGorillaz – Marketplace to Buy Games Source Code

In this context, GameGorillaz has established itself as unique and highly popular marketplaces for developers looking for the best source codes. Coding is at the base of every app and having a ready-to-customize one can cut the development costs by more than 90%. GameGorillaz makes itself unique by providing the source codes for COSCOS 2D and Unity 3D at highly affordable costs.

Features of

  • Bug free source codes that involve a three step quality check process
  • Codes reviewed by an expert team of developers
  • After sales support between 24 and 48 hours
  • Source code updates
  • Easy to re-skin codes that are compatible with multiple platforms
  • Re-skinning services by experts/partners

Why GameGorillaz?

gamegorillaz appsThe growth in mobile gaming has attracted several developers and freelancers. However, a proper source code generation not only requires an expert and experienced coders but a highly efficient infrastructure. The development process at GameGorillaz goes through several stringent reviews before the final source code is put up for sale. The platform provides gaming source codes in several categories suited to all types of developers and businesses.

Process of buying source code

All it takes to buy a source code is order for it. According to your requirement, the platform has several games ready for re-skinning and to be put into your marketing/revenue generation streamline. Further, GameGorillaz provides complete support after sales. You may even ask for a precisely tailored re-skinning process. Revenue generation only takes submitting the app to iOS App Store / Google Play Store and marketing it.

While mobiles are getting more and more technology intensive, the devices bring in more capability to support high end gaming. The market is all set to grow and this would be the perfect time to get an unique revenue generating platform.

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