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Broadsoft Team-One (Intellinote) – Collaboration App for Business to Improve Productivity

broadsoft team-one


Broadsoft Team-One (Intellinote) – Collaboration App for Business to Improve Productivity

Are you looking for the best collaboration app for your business that offers messaging between team members and all in easy way? You should read this article!

As the workforce rapidly moves toward complete mobility, it is important for employers to stay up to speed on the latest technology, especially as young employees enter the workforce. According to research by Future Workplace, generous telework policies are becoming even more important than salary to younger workers. In addition they predict that by 2020, five billion people will be connected to each other by mobile devices and we will increasingly become “web commuters”. Broadsoft Team-One previously known as Intellinote is already one step ahead, as it helps its users put all of their work in one place– allowing easy access, collaboration, and tracking to occur.

broadsoft team-one

# About Broadsoft Team-One

Broadsoft had acquired Intellinote back in May 2016 which is proudly known as Broadsoft Team-One. Frustrated by capturing professional notes and ideas through emails, notes, documents and meetings, Broadsoft Team-One was created to help businesses get work done on one platform in the cloud. Broadsoft Team-One is a Team Productivity Platform that’s re-imagining enterprise collaboration serving large organizations. With Team-One, teams of all sizes can eliminate barriers to productivity, collaborate for results, drive team engagement and accomplish more every day, quickly and easily. Team-One is currently used across sales, marketing, product management, HR, operations and finance teams in Fortune 500 customers, mid-sized companies and small businesses.With shared workspaces and personal works paces, Team-One can also be used as a personal productivity tool, as well as professional, allowing an employee to manage themselves, along with teams and collaborative groups.

# Team-one Features & Clients Experience

Sentinel Applied Analytics, an team-one client, recognized that important information was often lost or overlooked within cumbersome email inboxes, and access to the shared drive was limited to in-office employees. With most of its employees working on client sites, Sentinel was looking for a way to organize and increase the accessibility of critical information to enhance efficiency. Intellinote was able to help by creating a shared environment in the cloud to store resumes and notes on each candidate, accessible anytime, anywhere due to the offline capability. Team-one enables Sentinel to easily access a historical library of resumes to quickly identify potential candidates for future positions, and it provides a platform to discuss candidates and increase the efficiency of the entire recruiting processes.

Sentinel also uses team-one as a knowledge management tool, particularly for business development and proposal coordination by using the collaboration capabilities to work across teams. After trying a number of other solutions, they came to find that Intellinote helped them collaborate and manage tasks, documents and notes all in one unified space.

Virtual Defense and Development International, a global specialized security and intelligence company, also uses Intellinote to enhance their current workflow and improve productivity. Before Intellinote, VDI had no direct access to its VMS system in the field, where cellular and internet access is uncertain. It was difficult for them to collaborate offline and staff would typically take notes offline then type them up and upload to their computer. With Intellinote they are able to take notes offline, which syncs automatically to Intellinote once back online, saving time, money and resources.

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