Who’d have thought that a time would come where one could make their own music with a hand held device? Forget the traditional studios full of guitars, drum sets, cymbals, recording booths, and the rest; a hand held device like an iPad app? Well, Garageband Live Loops does just that! No need to worry about the huge costs of going to record an own track in a recording studio. With Garageband app, you can create, record, even share your own music tracks right from the convenience of your iPad. The interesting thing to note is that Garageband isn’t just for newbies and wanna be musicians; even professional music makers rely on them to make awesome, world class jams! In fact, you can even get Garageband for PC devices by following a simple method. The only difference is that they tend to use the latest version of Garageband, known as Garageband Live Loops. While Garageband is only compatible with devices using iOS 9.1, Live Loops only works with iPhone 5 and 4th generation iPads.

Here are 10 best steps to use Garageband App on iPad

1. Use Latest Version of Garageband app first

If you are using an older version of Garageband on your iPad, you will need to update it so that you have Live Loops. No need to Uninstall it to make a way for the newer one, or downloading it again. By clicking ‘Update’, the app automatically install the latest Garageband Live Loops version on your iOS device. Once you have done, you’ll get a hint in option on the upper left corner of the screen. Next, tap the ‘Live Loops’ option at the top; this enables you to select the kind of music or song you wish to create.

2. Understand Garageband Live Loops & Tracks

There are up to 9 Pre-Programmed categories of music; R&B (Rhythm and Blues), Hip-hop, Rock, Chill, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Electro Funk, to mention but a few. By picking one from these options, Apple will provide you with several pre-made beats and loop sounds. As much as people prefer creating their own original beats and sounds, these pre-made sounds serve to give you an idea of just what’s possible with Live Loops. Most are actually good enough to be relied upon entirely in making a complete track.

9 Pre-Programmed

3. Pre-made Sound Loops & Beats

If you have selected to use some of the given pre-made sound loops or beats, always remember that they appear in unique colored squares, something that resembles a grid. Right on the screen’s left-hand side, there are various instruments available, each instruments have its own row and with its own loops. For a loop to play, you just need to tap it. Always remember these things; you cannot have more than one loop in the same row playing together. However, you can have loops in different rows all playing together.

pre-made sound loops

4. Utilization of Beats & Loops

In order to utilize the instruments, you just need to drag them across the screen with your finger. You have the option of muting entire rows when playing the instrument, so you get all the desired notes and sounds. For more variety and options, Apple has over 1,300 pre-made beats and loops. These can be found on the upper right side of the tool bar. Can you believe that in order to pick one from the list you can search quickly using a relevant keyword; eg acoustic, electric guitar, bass guitar, etc. Each search yield different options all in respective categories.

5. Create Own Loops & Mix with Existing Loops

Like above-mentioned, you can also opt to create your own loops, rather than relying on the pre-made or inbuilt ones. On the column that has instruments, just select one that you wish to use. Next, double tap any unused square in that row and record. There’s also an ‘Automatic’ option that enables you to record the instrument in sync with the length of the other created loops. This option makes it easier in arranging all the sounds in a uniform and consistent sequence during music making.

6. Virtual Session Drummers

Like any pro music maker will tell you, virtual session drummers are the best bet for one looking to create lively, unique beats. On the loops, create a row for instruments, and then scroll down till you come across “Drummer”. There are several virtual drummers, all depicted in featureless faces. Some are experts in rock, Hip Hop, etc. It’s all about searching till you find one that resembles the which kind of music you’re making. You can try and experiment with the drummer, see how well the beats blend with the loop you have created or got in mind.

virtual session drummers

7. Live Loop’s FX

When creating a track, one has to constantly trim and tweak the recordings so as to come with the best possible results. Live Loop’s FX feature enables you to do that in real time! Among the features you can utilize here include Repeaters and Filters, even Vinyl scratch commonly used to give the DJ effect. In order to navigate through the FX board, you use your fingers to drag the effects you wish to incorporate.

8. Recording Beat

At the top of your screen, there’s usually a Red Button that’s used for recording once you’re ready. You just tap that button to record yourself, and then again to stop the recording. If and when you’re satisfied with the track, proceed to the ‘My Songs’ option and save your song! It could be that you just made your first song ever.

9. Sharing of Tracks Directly from Garageband

Garageband Live Loops also enables you to share tracks you just created with friends and family. In order to share, select and tap the song you just recorded. On the upper side of the left hand corner, there’s an option that enables you to export the song to iTunes, or even use it as your ring tone. Better still, you can post the track on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, to mention but a few.

10. Keep Practicing

The truth is that you may not make the best hit on your first try; but Garageband Live Loops is a great starting point for anyone who harbors desires to make great music. Even producers looking to learn the ropes of music making will find a very good app to have.

Making tracks via Garageband Live Loops is fun, it is easy, and even a beginner won’t need much help in learning how it works.

You can make this kind of beautiful track manually,
Example:- https://vocaroo.com/i/s0GPMSTDq8XL

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