Before I start explaining the feature of these pocket size drone, checkout this video and see how amazingly these compact drone can shoot your story.

Are you also looking to buy drone? Are you also looking for the compact and budget drone with HD camera? you are at right place.

Calling the current decade ‘the decade of innovation’ wouldn’t be much of an overstatement. With technologies like smartphones and VR changing the way the world works, intelligently engineered products are making their way to the market at a rapid pace. Talking about smart inventions, let’s dive into the details of drones. The primary purpose of drones is being used for surveillance and recording. For the regular consumer, a drone is basically a pocket camera with the ability to fly. Photographers, selfie-enthusiasts, and cinematographers can make significant utilization of these devices. As there are different drones available for different purpose and if you are not sure, you should visit local drone store in your country before you make your purchase decision.

Many YouTubers are using heavy drones to record and shoot videos to upload to Youtube. In some countries drones are already banned because of some dangers and breach of privacy, so many users are not buying heavy drones to save money. The alternative of heavy drones are pocket drones, yes you heard that right. Pocket drones are cheaper and very small in size as compared to heavy drones unless and until it’s from good brands like DJI. Pocket drones are mainly used for selfies and close range video recordings for minimum time.

[yellowbox]Here is a list of the top 6 pocket drones available in the market.[/yellowbox]

NameCameraFlight RangeAir Time
DJI Mavic Pro12MP7 km27minMore Info
ZEROTECH DOBBY Pocket Drone13MP100m9minMore Info
Hover Camera13MP20m10minMore Info
WingLand S613MP100m10MinMore Info
AirSelfie5MP20m5minMore Info
DJI Spark12MP2KM16minMore Info

1.DJI Mavic Pro

Mavic Pro pocket drone

The DJI Mavic Pro is the only offering by DJI that costs close to $1000 and features most of the cutting edge technology incorporated in the brand’s superior products. This remote-controlled drone is the perfect pedestal to greater things for first-time drone users. The camera on the drone is perfectly capable of shooting in 4K and also this DJI Mavic pro has Stabilized camera with 3axis gimble stabilization with 12megapixels camera.

However, a huge factor affecting the end results of the camera is how well you control the drone. Automatic focus is something that isn’t on the table, but this tiny bummer can be overcome by making use of the smartphone app. A simple tap on the screen lays the focus wherever it’s required. The images are crisp, detailed and feature decent color tones.

The DJI Mavic Pro comes with a transmission range of 4.3496 miles (7 KM). The advertised 27 minutes of battery life isn’t completely precise. However, no big overstatements have been made here because you’ll easily be able to get a 27 min average air time.

  • Satisfactory battery performance
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Uncanny portability

  • Gesture controls are not as responsive as they were expected to be.
  • Return-to-home feature lacks efficiency.

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2. ZEROTECH DOBBY Pocket Drone

Zerotech Dobby Pocket Drone

This product rightfully justifies the saying; “good things come in small packages.”
Selfies clicked by this drone deliver flattering results as the device packs a full-HD camera. The 13 Megapixel CMOS camera on this device is also backed up by EIS. Controlling the device is a hassle-free process which can be simply done using the smartphone app.

The battery life isn’t magnificent, but 9 minutes of airtime isn’t completely terrible either. The operating range is maxed out at 100 meters.

  • Superior performance facilitated by a quad-core processor, Adreno 330 GPU, and 2 Gigabytes of RAM.
  • It supports EIS during video shooting.
  • Average battery life

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3. Hover Camera

Hover Camera pocket drone
This drone features a design that stands out from the rest. Being pocket-sized, Hover Camera makes for a portable choice. The operating range isn’t impressive at all, and it is up to 20 meters. However, it shouldn’t be bothersome for selfie enthusiasts. This Hover drone has 10 minutes of airtime and it supports the gesture control.

4k recording is possible with this device and the end result comes out with a frame rate of 30 frames per second. The Hover Camera does Full HD recording with 60 FPS with 13 megapixels.

  • A design that reinforces device security
  • Great camera performance
  • Auto follows feature using face and body detection.
  • Not required FAA registration.
  • Very limited range

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4. WingsLand S6

Wingsland S6

This mini-pocket drone comes with a very futuristic visual appeal and sports powerful hardware under the hood. The orange/black color scheme is pleasing to the eyes.

At the price it is being offered at, the WingsLand S6 offers satisfactory battery performance. About 7-10 minutes of airtime isn’t a huge red flag.

The concept of portability is reinforced in this drone owing to its foldable design. The range of this drone is 100 meters.

The camera is capable of recording 4K videos at 30 FPS and full HD video at 60 FPS with 13megapixels camera. Electronic Image Stabilization is also among the list of features of this device.

  • Portability and visual appeal
  • Availability of varied modes like Follow me, Outdoor Auto hovering, Orbit, Lock Mode, and more
  • Sharp camera performance
  • The color scheme can put some people down

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5. AirSelfie

Airselfie camera mini drone

The whole idea behind this device is that it is the world’s first drone that comes with an integrated phone case. It is an app-controlled drone and comes with a 240MAH battery. However, this device is capable of staying in the air for an uncanny time period of 3 to 5 minutes. The power bank integrated with the device is the reason behind the above-mentioned ability of the AirSelfie drone.

The 5-megapixel isn’t the big selling point of this device, but it gets the job done. Advanced sensors incorporated on the device make it suitable for safe and controlled flights. However, the flight range is merely 20 meters.

  • Innovative concept
  • Impressive battery performance
  • Extreme portability.
  • Unimpressive camera performance with full-HD streaming at 30 frames per second
  • Limited flight range

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6. DJI Spark

DJI Spark pocket drone

The DJI Spark delivers in the mini-drone categorization what the DJI Mavic Pro delivers in the drone categorization. Being available at a fair price, this device features most of the brand’s signature technologies.

This pocket drone can fly at the speed of 50KM/H for a maximum time period of 16 minutes. The 12 Megapixel camera comes with a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor and is backed up by a few intelligent flight modes like QuickShot, ActiveTrack, Gesture, and TapFly.

  • Comes with DJI’s signature technologies
  • High performance camera
  • 2000M range

  • Lacks 4K recording

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As there are hundreds of compact Drones are available in market, it is important for you to understand your requirement and budget first. Once it is clear, compare the features and overall product reviews from the existing Drone camera users. Now start shortlisting the selfie drone from the list and choose the one that best suite your requirement.

If you are already using any compact drone with camera and you think we should add them in our list, please write here by comment or drop us an email. Our gadget editor will definitely take a look and will cover those products as well.

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