Virtual reality (VR) could transform every day’s life and it can be used in leisure time and also in work and education. VR technology is trending since past 2 year and continue to do so. CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg believes that Virtual Reality technology is most useful for future and we can use this technology for various uses. Using Virtual Reality Headsets from different company’s users can play virtual reality games for entertainment purpose, Students can learn their sessions easily to gain knowledge and it’s useful for many other things as well. Many big companies also invested in Virtual Reality technology and users are adapting this slowly across the world. In 2014, even Mark invested $2 billion for this technology and he bought Oculus Rift.

In past one year, DigiFloor team came through various viral videos of people using VR headsets across Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. Users often struggle to use Virtual Reality headsets for the first time and specially while experiencing VR games on it.  Here, we have compiled 10 best viral virtual reality videos of users struggling with VR headsets while using it first time. These VR videos collection also consists 360 Degree VR video reaction and is quite hilarious. Many users are recording videos of first experience of VR technology of their friends, family and colleagues and posting on social media networks. We hope you will enjoy these videos.

#1 Elders Reaction to Oculus Rift VR Headset

#2 Grandma Tries VR Headset for the First Time

#3 100% Virtual Reality Old Irish

#4 Dare Devil Dive Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Ride

#5 Oculus Rift Best Reactions

#6 Mom completely freaks out playing VR horror game


#8 Really Real Virtual Reality

#9 Scare Night in Samsung Gear VR | Fright Night

#10 VR 360° Viral Horror VR Videos in Google Cardboard 3D


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