raygo device oneRayGo, a new product from the innovators who brought out the first smart phone for the blind which allows drivers to keep focus on the road at all times. The product goes by the name RayGo and was launched on the crowd funding site Indiegogo in March and already reached its funding goal of $30000 before May. With more than 45% Americans reading text messages while driving and 37% replying back, RayGo aims to tackle distracted driving with this innovative product.

Smartphone usage when driving has been a major safety hazards and the reasons for several accidents that take place on roads all across the globe. It was when working on the smart phone technology for the blind that the RayGo team realized that the service can be extended to drivers. Eyes-free technology thus extends beyond the blind user base.

RayGo Device Review

RayGo technology comprises of five-keyed Bluetooth controller. When mounted on the steering wheel, the RayGo app installed in the user’s phone automatically converts the favorite/most used apps to a Drive Mode. This would be a simplified version of the app that can be controlled using voice commands.

Further, the device monitors and adapts itself to the steering wheel movements, location and speed in real time. The device would hold back notification and pause message playback in order to keep the driver focused on the road. In heavy traffic conditions, RayGo would speak back more slowly for the driver to understand. Michael Vakulenko, the founder of RayGo says that the device is already ready for mass production and early adopters can start pre-ordering the device.

Device Features

#1 Single Thumb Selection – The RayGo device is small and convenient. It features four arrows for direction and an ‘OK’ button to choose, move and control a vast set of RayGo applications with just your thumb. Mounted on top of the steering wheel, users will never have to look away from the road.

#2 Easy to Use – Feedback to the device can be given just by voice commands while the output/message is directed to the ear phone via a device that can be discreetly placed in your pockets or purse.

raygo safety device

#3 Smart Reporting: The built-in sensors of the device will follow the vehicle movement and speed to identify emergency situations and present notifications accordingly. When in a busy traffic, RayGo will in fact hold back notifications until the road get cleared and the vehicle is being driven on a straight road at an average speed.

raygo safety drive

#4 Safety – RayGo is aimed to minimize visual distraction when on the road and driving through traffic. The issue is rightly addressed by voice commands that eliminate the need for visual user interface. The device eliminates manual distraction by a smart remote controlled placed conveniently on the steering while cognitive distraction is taken care of by presenting information that might seem absolutely important.

RayGo Design

raygo design

The industrial design of RayGo was created by Elisha Tal, well known as the maker of 12D. The device is made for people who aren’t/don’t have the opportunity to be tech savvy. The device itself is small and light enough to be stuck to the steering wheel. Just 5 keys (4 for direction, 1 for control) make the interface easy. The rest of the work s taken care of by the well placed RayGo application connected to the device, the ear phone and the remote control.

RayGo Supporting Apps

supported appsRayGo extends uniformity to all apps by replacing heavy graphics with voice prompts/commands. At this time, RayGo is compatible with Android OS but soon the application will be extended into the iOS store. The commonly used apps with RayGo include Viber, Text, Email, WhatsApp, Skype, Spotify, WeChat, Pandora, Yelp, Calendar, Rdio, Facebook Messenger, Line and Phone Calls.

RayGO Device Benefits

RayGo has been able to drastically improve the driving of many. Qualcomm Wireless Reach Program has partnered up with the company to provide affordable devices that every driver would agree to carry. RayGo supports major international languages including English (both US and UK), French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and Hebrew.

Project-Ray Other Products

RayApp – Project-Ray also launched RayApp mobile app for visually impaired people to communicate in an innovative and efficient way. RayApp’s unique user interface allows blind users to use features like text to speech, messaging service, call history, contact list, calender, clock & voice SMS with the help of touch & sound.

Ray N5 – Ray N5 is built upon Google’s Nexus 5 platform. It presents a dual mode access to the RayGo device.

Ray M360 – Ray M360 is the world’s first Android based smart watch. The device takes both voice and touch commands and presents feedback in both visual and audio.

RayGo is meant to fit a spontaneous lifestyle that many people across the globe find themselves in today. Communication has been more independent and stress free with this technology.

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