Who doesn’t like DSLR camera when it comes to click amazing photos. While buying any Camera one of the important thing is budget and if the camera is costly then we shift the idea towards less expensive cameras. But, here have you ever wonder about which is the most expensive camera in the world? Well, here we will provide you the answer and the actual reasons behind it as well.

So, the answer is Leica Cameras – Now let’s know the reasons.

Leica cameras are considered as premium products as it represents the excellent value of money. Many people believe that if you are purchasing any of the model of this camera, you are making life time investment. There are various cameras available in the market now a days but this leica cameras are just out of the world

It was about a century ago when photography enthusiast Oskar Barnack decided that the world needed a lightweight camera which was fast. Thus was born an iconic brand the world calls “Leica” today. Leica is to cameras what Rolls Royce is to cars, an undulating icon of luxury. The brand has maintained the reputation of being the best craftsman of the photographic lens, bearing the onslaught of relatively modern companies.

Leica became famous during the ’50s for its M series range finder cameras. In a tradition of more than 60 years, not much has changed regarding the design aspects of Leica Camera. The design is still contemporary and is a hit amongst professional photographers. Leica lenses always give different pictures than cameras of other brands due to their superior quality. Leica takes optical engineering to another level by grounding and polishing its aspherical lens,  giving them a shape which is ideal for photography. Such is the precision and quality of Leica that even air can be a possible contaminant. Hence special cloth needs to be wrapped around this precious piece of glass to avoid unwanted damage during shipping. Lens admits light without any spillage which produces high-contrast images cutting out shadows and highlights.

Why are Leica cameras so expensive?

Quality never comes cheap; they say, so right in the case of Leica. The material which Leica uses is of top-notch quality. The lens from Leica does not require any post-production sharpening as they are grounded and polished in such a manner that they are already extra sharp, no artificial software sharpening is necessary for images taken with a Leica. After taking photos in the Leica you would not like to take photographs in any other device. In short, Leica camera will stop you learning of how to take good photos in phone. Find the reasons what makes Leica camera most expensive camera in the world as below;

  1. Compared to its competitors from Asian nations, Leica is not a mass production item. It is an art piece, and art pieces as you know are hand-crafted and hence cannot possibly match the price of a factory produced item.
  2. Leica produces film cameras in short production runs, which are a collector’s item, thus explaining the hefty price tag.
  3. Leica makes its cameras in Germany, which deprives it of the low cost of labour in Asia.
  4. German labour is one of the costliest in the entire world, and this adds up to the cost of a Leica.
  5. A Leica camera consists of around 1000 components, most of which are hand assembled by highly trained and experienced technicians. This increases the costs substantially as these technicians are rare to find and hence add on to the price of a Leica.
  6. All the above factors lead to a pretty steep overhead in terms of production and design per unit sold, leading to an escalation in costs.
  7. A Leica has positioned itself as a luxury brand; it still does not offer auto focus trying to keep the old world charm and the notion amongst professional photographers that manual focus is real photography. And as you know, my friends luxury is not affordable.
  8. Leica always focuses on the essentials, Leica software features in your latest digital camera won’t be a match to Leica’s simple and relentless focus on providing a quality lens. As with more than 100 years of experience has taught Leica that simple things are the ones which are hard to do.
  9. The ruggedness of Leica cameras is legendary, photographers swear by its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, this is partly the reason why an old Leica will fetch equal, if not more value years after it was originally purchased. Apart from this in early days when Leica M series was Leica professional photographers took to Leicaas a honey bee takes to flowers rich in nectar. This has Leica up the price of the product to astronomical heights.

Top three cameras from the house of Leica in 2019

#1 Leica C-Lux્

leica-c-luxImage Source

The all-new Leica C-Lux is a digital compact camera which features a 15x zoom lens a 20-megapixel sensor, max iso sensitivity of 25,600, 3- inch LCD touch screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 4K video recording and an electronic viewfinder. The C-lux retails at 85,000/- in India.

#2 Leica CLleica-clImage Source

Leica CL is not the l CL 35mm rangefinder released in the 1970s, but a brand new camera released in 2017 by the company. It is a lightweight APS-C system camera having 24 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor with the ISO value of 100-50,000. It has a Built-in 2.36M electronic viewfinder and comes with a 3-inch 1.04M dot touchscreen. It is paired with Leica L-mount TL and SL lenses and has wi-fi and can shoot in 4K resolution. Leica CL is priced at 4,61,925 in India on the website of Tanotis.

#3 Leica TL2

leica-tl2Image Source

Leica TL2 is an art piece in itself with its body carved out from a single block of aluminium. It is an APS-C mirrorless camera and comes with a 24MP sensor. It has a 3.7 inch LCD touchscreen and a 49 point contrast-detect AF system with a top shutter speed of 40,000 frames per second which comes with an electronic shutter. The camera can capture 4K videos and has Wi-Fi built in with 32 GB internal memory. You can opt for a tilting EVF with a built-in GPS chip. The piece retails at 2,55,525 on the website of Tanotis.


There is no doubt that Leica cameras are one of a kind, hence commanding a price only royalty can afford. But bear in mind that the Leica cameras would easily last a lifetime and so will the pictures that they take. Hence they are worth every penny if you have deep pockets. When you think about the marketing price of Leica cameras and lenses, the longevity of their merchandise – they’re famed to last a lifetime, the very fact that several area unit hand-loomed by extremely expert consultants in their Wetzlar manufacturing plant, and therefore the distinctive look and feel that solely pictures created with a Leica have, it is easy to visualize why they’re a premium product that commands a better tag than their competitors and provide value for money at an equivalent time.