Home security is the biggest priority for anyone and there are various home security options are available around. If you are looking for entry level home camera to monitor your home or office, Yi Home camera is the best option for you. Available at highly competitive price, Yi Home camera offers you all amazing features to monitor your home. Let me tell you why you should buy Yi home camera instead of other brands?

Yi home cameras – a whole new experience

Yi home camera device

Yi home camera offers different variant in this category but in this article, we will be discussing their basic 720p HD home camera offers:

  • Wonderful video and audio quality
  • Compact and beautiful design
  • Micro SD card to store your recording

Let me explain all amazing features in more details.

A home away from home experience

Your home can sound and secured with YI Cameras’ technology and the cloud storage. The thin lightweight device is remarkably easy to set up. The Yi home camera device gives high digital zooming power to enable detailing of the place and objects. Therefore sitting in your office can access the home ambience and intricate details of a room. Here is the detailed review and unboxing of Yi home camera.

All alerts and information in real time

In Yi home camera a continuous recording and motion- based recording take place. Here you can control the motion notification from the setting and can receive the real time notification. The camera updates and alerts on any kind of motion detected around the area. It eases out the job of taking a continuous look at the long footage when you are busy at work.

Wider the angle better the viewing

Yi home camera offers 111 wide –angle lens enabling a wider range to capture the viewing of the area. If you are worried about your child playing at the backyard, simply change the angle to see around. What’s more! The image quality is par excellence for all the images and videos. You can also capture the moment directly from your smartphone offers photography and recording from your Yi Camera.

Two way chat option is amazing

Yi camera has built in microphone of 720P/20FPS, 700Kbps and speaker of 360P/20FPS, 200Kbp. The two- way audio has been a boon to this home camera offers awesome experience. With the use of this, whether indoor or outdoor, you can connect through the audio chats. Tap your mobile app and you are good to have a conversation with your loved ones. The camera has a loud sound quality and microphones used are of superior cadre. As a result, you can never miss a chat.

Yi home camera design

Zoom in and out

The camera records in 720p HD so that the images captured are bright and crisp. This couldn’t have got better with a 4x digital zoom of an image and video. You can take a closure look of the object by using this facility which can give you clearer view for sure. Simply double click the focus point to get the zooming images directly from your smartphone.

Accessible cloud service

This camera comes with micro sd card slots but still you can use Yi cloud services if you want to store your recording on cloud hosting by paying nominal fees. The cloud protects all the videos with a high-end security interface
Getting services from servers and applications of VI camera is worth the deal. The data is encoded properly so that it is safe from any tampering or ambiguity.

YI cloud services offer much more than you thought, The best part being there is no storage confinement. With YI cloud services and subscription, there are a whole lot of salient features that it offers. You can have one subscription, one plan for a limit of 5 cameras. Pocket friendly it is!

Your fingertips do it all

Whether taking photos of the guests who check in at your home or capturing the moment of your toddler playing, it can do it all. You can also customize your setting options. Should you need a defined activity region, or a camera sharing setting, customizing alert schedules or getting real-time alerts, all can be done just on a finger tip.

The superlative design, the body and the built in

The Chinese brand of YI home camera has a built- in support of 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz WIFI band. The Blass lenses with f/2.0 aperture gives uncluttered images. No distortion of images but gets bright and clear. It comes with 940nm infrared non-invasive sensor aids in night mode recording. It therefore does not disturb the sound sleep of family members. Also get a HD resolution (1280×720) quality of pictures and videos.

Store memories of your beloved ones

There is a slot in the camera for micro SD card (32GB). It is this card that can store a good amount of photos and videos. View your son’s birthday party or photos taken on Christmas. Save and view as and when you wish.

YI home app makes life simpler

When you have the YI home app, your task becomes simpler. It can do a number of tasks for you. All you do is download the YI home app, plug in the power cable and connect your phone. The gyroscope support makes the entire experience of viewing every nook and hook of the room simpler on the phone. Here is the video explains how to connect your Yi home camera to wifi and your mobile application:

What are you waiting for? just checkout this camera feature and buy one to secure your home with this smart Yi home camera.

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