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7 Best Home Security Systems & Automation System to Secure Home and Family

home security systems


7 Best Home Security Systems & Automation System to Secure Home and Family

home security systems

Home security systems are always seen as a sign of security and wise investment. Having a control eye on your beloved assets throughout the day while you are away is worth considering. Be it be fire, or burglary or any other natural calamities, Security systems are the way to go in case of emergencies. An automated trigger can help support staffs to reach your house and do the needful for recovering your valuables. Modern day Home Monitoring Security systems are based on state of the art technologies in combination with trained support staffs to get the unmanageable situation under control.

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Why to Use Home Security Systems?

Recent studies on emergency management crisis have revealed that more and more people are investing towards home monitoring security systems. An automated alarm can invite local authorities to reach the spot and handle the occasion without the knowledge of robbers. Glass shatters, Turning of Doors and window sensors are few systems attached with automated security alarms. By viewing remotely, you can easily guide people when they need without having you travel up and down that would adversely affect your work.

Recent Trends

The way home security systems are evolving is beyond imagination. Rather than being just a third focal eye on our houses, they have come far beyond the electrical control systems rather emerging as intelligent monitoring systems.  Some of the latest emerging trends are :-

# Smartphone Integration

Latest security systems are considering integration with smartphones a people are moving towards handheld devices. Though internet and satellite systems are vulnerable to breakage, smartphone integration throws opportunities at setting the right alert at the right time without any human intervention.

# Plug and Play/Tilt Cameras

These systems are capable of recording videos and can be viewed at a later time. These cameras can be controlled remotely to offer a 360 degree view of the premises anytime. Even some vendors offer video storage on cloud environments.CCTV cameras are also used nowadays for better security.

# Flying Drones/Spy Cameras

Nowadays flying drones have got started getting integrated with security systems that have cut down the cost for installation multiple devices.

# Smoke Sensor & Alarm

Latest smoke detectors are capable of identifying the amount of Oxygen in a specific area. They will also help to identify any coexisting gas forms that can turn injurious to health.

7 Most Popular Home Security Systems

1) Blink

Blink is a feature intense wireless HD monitoring system.  This system lets you records HD video, temperature sensing, offer instant alerts and also comes with Night vision technology to bring the best videos, whatever  the light intensity. More cameras can be added to the network in the form of IP camera.

2) Notion

Notion offers the best motion / moisture sensors for home surveillance. They can help to identify openings of doors, flow of water in expected conditions. Light , sound , proximity there’s hardly anything that this device cannot identify and alert on time. Notion sensors are intelligent to identify smoke patterns from sound patterns and send alerts by email, text or mobile app on your Android or iOS devices within the shortest possible time.

3) ADT Remote Home Monitoring

These systems are smartphone enabled and comes with support on iPad and web with alarm status. ADT lets you control room temperature and lights and shows camera’s detail. If any unwanted things happen then it send alerts via text, email or cellphone.

4) Dropcam Security Camera

Dropcam security camera is a wireless security system that is internet enabled. The installation takes less than a minute. You can connect from multiple devices like Apple Macintosh, Windows Desktop, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android.

5) Nest Smoke + CO Alarm

Nest Protect, a combination of Smoke/CO Alarm industrial grade sensor which tells you what is wrong at the perfect time. This system is capable of testing itself. It’s one of its kind that can connect with your phone once the alarm goes on. This system can be fitted anywhere on the ceiling or on the side doors. Nest Protect can first give a human voice based warning. Many home products can be added to the system quickly.

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6) Nanny Cameras

If you have kids at home, and want to have a watch on them when you leave for work , keeping them with maids , Nanny Cameras are the way to go. This system lets you share live voice and video feeds to home. As it is wireless, there’s no need to think about wire cords. They can be moved around the house that adds flexibility of usage to the system.

7) Korner Security Systems

Korner security system provides you new smart way for monitoring your home. This product comes with two things that are Tags and Fob. Tags which can easily stick to the corner of window or door of your house and a Fob which should be connected with your Wi-Fi route. Fob alerts you via mobile app whenever Tag find any instruction.


The choice of home security system depends on the individual needs. Whether to go for a sound alarm system or use a video based spy cam system can be decided based on what level of security you wish to adopt. Whatever home automation system you are planning to use, the beauty of the system is that it lets you be at two places at the same time virtually while you can indulge peacefully in your daily routine work.

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