Are you big fan of Apple iMessage app and want to use them on your Windows PC or even on your Android smart phones? Here in this article, we will show you how to use iMessage on windows PC to communicate with your friends who are using Apple devices.

The iMessage from Apple has been a much discussed topic among internet enthusiasts. A common belief has been that iMessage brings outstanding features but at the same time, it also available for only Apple devices users. This limitation hampered users who want to use iMessage app on Windows PC and their android phones.  Well, this blog will offer a step by step guide on how to use iMessage from your PC using the iMessage desktop app and on your android device using PieMessage project. It is important to understand that iMessage can be run on any kind of system OS, including Windows 10. This app bridges the barrier if you have always wanted to send apple messages using your Windows PC.

All the methods given below have been tested on Windows 8 and Windows 10. It feels good to say that the app worked perfectly, allowing you complete access to iMessage on Windows PC. Please note that, the iMessage on Android device using PieMessage is yet to test but as per the information on official website, It can work perfectly fine. Lets see how it works on Windows PC:

Method 1: Using Chrome remote desktop

If you don’t want to install any additional application on your windows PC, you can use this method where we are accessing Mac device remotely to use iMessage. This feature is only applicable if you are having Apple Mac device and you are away from it and want to use iMessage.

This method is very simple and widely used but it require two devices, 1) Windwos PC 2) Apple Mac with is having iMessage app. You can use the iMessage app on your mac devices by using Chrome remote desktop by following below steps:

  • Step 1: You will need to have a PC running on Windows 8/10 and a Mac that has the iMessage app.
  • Step 2: Download Google Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on both systems
  • Step 3: You will just need to follow the instructions to be able to connect both systems
  • Step 4: Now access your Mac device from your windows PC and use iMessage app remotely on your Windows PC too.

You can use any remote desktop application that can connect Windows PC with your Mac Device and can use iMessage remotely. Here you need to make sure that the Mac device should have iMessage app running properly.

Same feature can be run from your Android phone if you can use remote desktop app on your smartphone to access Mac device. In this way, you can use iMessage app that is already there in your Mac device with the help of remote access tool from windows PC or your android phone.

Method 2: Downloading iMessage using iPadian

Normally, iMessage isn’t available for any other operating system others than Apple’s own iOS. However, iPadian emulator allows you to run the .dmg file on your Windows PC. Called iPadian, it will install iMessage on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.


Here’s how to run iMessage on windows PC using Bluestacks emulator:

  • Step 1: Download iPadian using this link (It is paid application and may cost you $9.99)
  • Step 2: There shouldn’t be a problem running the exe file on your Widows PC. It will take about a couple of minutes for the download and installation
  • Step 3: Complete all recommended steps for installation
  • Step 4: Search ‘iMessage’ and you will get to the app on the App Store Page
  • Step 5: Download, install and run the app. It’s that simple.

Not just this, but there are many trusted emulators are available in market. You can install Mac OS on your windows PC and then can run any MAC application including iMessage.

What is the advantage of downloading iMessage on Windows PC?

There’s many things that iMessage brings to the platter. It has been one of the most popular messaging services on the Mac and iOS for the following reasons:

  • It allows for sending messages at data cost and you won’t be needing apps like Viber or WhatsApp. This makes it much cheaper than sending an SMS.
  • The app offers delivery reports and similar information, making communication trackable and easier
  • It comes readily installed in any iOS device and there is good chance that most of your contacts are already using it.
  • As we also learned from our reader that most of their contact using iMessage on their apple devices and this setup helps them to stay connected with them.

The best thing for Windows PC users is that iPadian is available at nominal fees and can be easily downloaded. Many apps which are earlier restricted to an iOS platform can be accessed on Windows PC by using such emulators. IMessage will save you time and space by freeing your device from third party IM apps.

Lastly, since only data charges apply, you can ensure that you are not using your mobile balance to have the long lines of communication with friends and colleagues.

Note: If the phone memory and data usage is not the concern with you, you should also try these popular chat messaging applications. The issue with third party emulators and app is; user experiences. They will definitely run iMessage on windows phone and android device but you will always find it lacking when it comes to user experience part.

Learn to use iMessage on Android Device

Recently I learned about this latest updates about an App that allows you to use iMessage on your android devices. Checkout PieMessage project using this GitHub link published by Eric Chee back in 2016.

Note: Please note that all this information use at your own risk as the purpose of this article is to share information and we won’t be liable for any data loss or issue may occur. Also share your experience using these application to get iMessage on windows PC. We would love to review more of such application in this post.