Software Defined Networking

Are you interested in learning software-defined networking? Do you want to explore the possible opportunities in the SDN industry? This article is for you. Here I will be talking about recommended SDN books you should buy in 2017 to start your career in the field of networking. Before I share the books, let me briefly explain what is Software-defined networking is.

List of Software Defined Networking (SDN) Books

There are many software technologies available in the market but SDN is mainly focused on the networking part. SDN known as Software Defined Networking is an emerging networking approach that would stand as a globally accepted control system over networks to control routers and switches using open-source protocols like OpenFlow. This would give an advantage over proprietary firmware to avoid control dependencies.

SDN would pave the way as an intelligent monitoring system over networks. As clients worldwide are migrating to SDN, there has been a great demand for learning about SDN implementation among popular network management vendors. The basis of learning SDN is to have a strong knowledge of networking concepts. There are many forms of learning mediums available on SDN namely videos, presentations, online tutorials, etc.

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SDN Book TitleAuthor 
SDN – Software Defined NetworksThomas Nadeau and Ken GrayCheck
Software Defined Networks: A Comprehensive ApproachPaul Goransson and Chuck BlackCheck
Software Defined Networking with OpenFlowSiamak AzodolmolkyCheck
Software Defined Networking: Design and DeploymentPatricia A Morreale and James M. AndersonCheck
Introduction to Software Defined Networking – OpenFlow & VxLANVishal ShuklaCheck

The best way to start plunging to SDN is through books by authors who have had tones of experience in SDN networking implementation. Here we discuss a few top networking books that would be helpful in learning SDN.

#1 SDN – Software Defined Networks

Author – Thomas Nadeau and Ken Gray


The way Nadeau and Ken Gray have attempted to write details on SDN through this book is impressive. Being two very senior network implementation engineers, they have given insights to explore communication that occurs bidirectionally between systems and the underlying infrastructure. Also, concepts on OpenFlow protocol have also been very well discussed through this book.

#2 Software Defined Networks: A Comprehensive Approach

Author – Paul Goransson and Chuck Black


Through this publication, Chuck and Paul give historical facts on the need to migrate to SDN. They have also made an effort in detail on making wise decisions on what all scenarios SDN networks are recommended. Also, there are selected topics related to sample applications that support the running of SDN with practical examples. This can be seen as a comprehensive guide for implementing SDN at a fast-paced approach.

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#3 Software Defined Networking with OpenFlow

Author – Siamak Azodolmolky


If one wishes to learn OpenFlow, then this is the book to look for. The author Siamak details deep on the open platform. This book can help you to build your own SDN as it gives insights to routers, switches, and other controller tools. There are also chapters related to using API interfaces for implementing SDN which can be seen as a unique feature of this resource. Whether you are a novice engineer or expert, this book will help to build an SDN based on the day-to-day operational experience gained from work.

#4 Software Defined Networking: Design and Deployment

Author – Patricia A Morreale and James M. Anderson


Different from other books, SDN Design and Deployment focuses more on the need for network virtualization of servers and related networks. There has also been briefing on case studies related to living business requirements for SDN. This book is to help the right architectures and plans for developing SDNs. This book no doubt throws light on the need to migrate to SDN and the need for developing more virtual management systems for future use.

#5. Introduction to Software Defined Networking – OpenFlow & VxLAN

Author – Vishal Shukla


Very few books have details on OpenFlow, hence this book by Vishal Shukla is a good resource on open systems for SDN. Technologies related to SDN are described in depth by the author that makes the steep learning curve look lighter for all levels of readers. This book has led to topics like service deployment, data packet manipulations, and whatnot.

#6. Software Defined Networking (SDN): Anatomy of OpenFlow Volume

Author –  Doug Marschke, Jeff Doyle, Pete Moyer 


The Anatomy of OpenFlow Volume 1 is a Software-Defined networking book. It is considered to be a great book that helps people to understand the trickiest concept of the networking world. This book also clarifies the current confusion in the industry regarding what SDN is, why it’s important, and most importantly the protocols and use cases that define SDN. The book is the best networking book that uncovers numerous SDN Puzzles that are associated with this and focuses on providing the authentic solution for it. The book introduction to SDN and OpenFlow also talks about history from the very basis and its current status.

#7. Software-Defined Networking and Security: From Theory to Practice (Data-Enabled Engineering)

Author-  Dijiang Huang, Ankur Chowdhary, Sandeep Pisharody

Software-Defined Networking and Security: From Theory to Practice (Data-Enabled Engineering)

The book Software-Defined Networking and Security: From Theory to Practice written by Dijiang Huang (Author), AnkurChowdhary (Author), Sandeep Pisharody (Author) is one of the top networking books published to provide complete information on cyber maneuvers or adaptive and intelligent cyber defense. The concepts, techniques, and strategies discussed and applied in this book are ideal for students, educators, and security practitioners who are looking for clear and concise information on cyber security installations.

#8. Software Defined Networking Applications in Distributed Datacenters (SpringerBriefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Author-  Heng Qi , Keqiu Li 

Software Defined Networking Applications in Distributed Datacenters

 The author Heng Qi& Keqiu Li come up with an amazing book SpringerBrief.This SpringerBrief provides all the essential information on the design and implementation of SDN applications in distributed data centers. There are three main topics covered in this book: SDN application design, SDN implementation, and SDN administration. This book shows how to develop an SDN-based requirements assignment application in distributed data centers. It also provides solutions for the placement of SDN controllers to implement SDN in distributed data centers.

Software-defined networking is sure to attract the attention of corporate and vendors. Not only SDNs help to simplify the automation of network management, but also transform existing legendary systems to be more responsive in nature that would suit dynamic business operations. SDN would add more versatility to network management teams helping them to tweak network behaviors for customer needs. On-the-fly encoding, encrypting, traffic suggestions can all be achieved using SDN in the future. All the books mentioned above are the best networking books for beginners.

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