Social distancing is the demand of current situation and hence, increasing number of the employees have already started working from home in past couple of months. According to recent report, the big brands in IT like Google and Facebook plans to extend their work from home plan till 2021. But if your organization has recently started allowing their employees to work from home, here are few common challenges you must be facing:

  • Communication between team members
  • Employee work hours tracking
  • Productivity analysis
  • Training
  • Remote desktop screen sharing to solve some complex problems

And many more of such problems. In this article, we will be sharing few best remote desktop screen sharing software available at free and paid plans. Hope it will help you to solve atleast one of these many problems. Recently we received an email from one of our reader asking for teamviewer alternatives and that encouraged me to plan this article.

Screen sharing software enable users to access any remote desktop screen without any complexity. In case if you are wondering whether it is safe or not? So, answer to that question is, it is completely safe if you are well aware about their features and only grant necessary permission. Here we strongly recommend reviewing features of your remote desktop screen sharing software and accordingly grant the permission.

Screen sharing is an amazing tool that is multi-functional and enhances the user experience. It can be very helpful in demonstrating or guiding anyone through any computer functionality or other things. In this article we will be talking about these software’s which are easy to use and enhances our overall screen sharing experience.

The Best List of Remote Desktop Screen Sharing Software

Please note that the list of software included in this article will be periodically updated depending upon its features. You please keep visiting this list to get latest updates in this regards.

#1 Screenleap: Share your screen instantly (Free / Paid)

Screenleap is an easy to use and also has some great screen sharing features and best option as teamviewer alternative. You can share your screen easily with just one tap by clicking on ‘share your screen button’. It is easily compatible with all devices like smartphones, computers, MACs, etc. It also enables sharing from any operating system that has Google Chrome browser.

The biggest asset of screen leap is its simple and convenient UI. It is very smooth and also lightning fast. There are some disadvantages too like, there is no option of video conferencing and hence it becomes impossible to use this while carrying out a team meeting.

It is not completely free. You can use only 40 minutes of screen sharing in one day. After that, there are paid plans that starts from $15 per month which allows you around 8 hours of screen sharing in a day.


#2 Chrome Remote Desktop (Free)

Chrome Remote Desktop

If you are looking for free software or tool for remote desktop use from anywhere then this chrome remote desktop is easy to setup and use for free. Despite of having such free feature is available, there is one drawback for user. for instance, if any user wants to use this tool then user must have installed chrome browser in their system, in that case only user can access the remote desktop. However it will also provide an app to use via chrome remote desktop app which is available for android and iOS phones.

Chrome Remote Desktop

#3 AeroAdmin (Free & Paid)


AeroAdmin is another free tool for personal and commercial use. This tool is simple to use and easy to understand quickly. This tool is best for those who are not familiar with the most of the software but need to use such tool for any reason.

Simply download the suitable version of window, Linux and Mac software and after installation, just add the IP address and get the access of the other system. It also provide the paid version for more features like file transfers, multiple users, session recording, and message services and the packages starts from $71 to $109 per year.


#4 Splashtop (Paid)

Like Screenleap, it is also fast and its step by step guide makes it easy to get a hang of screen sharing in no time. With the help of this you can access windows, MAC, iOS and android devices with ease. However, it needs a good and stable connection to work better and efficiently. It does not have complex user interface which makes it a perfect tool to use for screen sharing.

The starting price of splashtop business access is $5 per month and $60 yearly. There are many other plans like Business access pro and Business access pro volume licenses which starts from $8.25 and $4.54 per user respectively on monthly basis. For more information on the plans, you can check out their official website.


#5 Anydesk (Free and Paid)

Anydesk is a secure app that is used to access any computer or mobiles located remotely. It is easily accessible on Windows, MAC, Linux and FreeBSD. It is very easy to connect and also has inbuilt chat feature. Anydesk makes files sharing between computers easy and also allows user to customize the interface as they prefer. One of its biggest advantage is its low latency that makes file transfer faster. The size of Anydesk is also very small compared to other screen sharing software.

Its price differs on the basis of features it provides and number of devices that can be used. Whereas, it is free for non-commercial use with limited features.


#6 Logmein (Free Trail and Paid)

Logmein helps you to manage your works efficiently from anywhere. It can be easily installed and is friendly to use. You can also record sessions with this tool. Easily printing of remote documents can be done via this application. It makes your data quite secure from online threats and malware. The major disadvantage of Logmein is that it doesn’t have any free version, it just offers free trial period.

Apart from free trial period, pricing starts from $30 per month.


#7 Parallels Access (Free for Personal Use and Paid)

Parallels Access helps you to connect with your desktop easily and from anywhere. With the help of its application technology, you can access the files of desktop on your phone as different apps. It enables users to store their file locally so that they can access it easily even when there is no internet connection.

It is completely free for personal use. The basic plan starts from $19.99 per year in which you can connect up to five computers.

Parallels Access

#8 Supremo (Free Trial and Paid)

Supremo is one of the safest and the most reliable screen sharing software. There is no installation required, it consists of only one small file. It doesn’t even take up a lot of space in your computer. The function it has works quite fast as well. After the user opens this app they get an id and password. That can be shared with the users who want to connect with your computer. This makes screen sharing easy and convenient for everyone. You can also use this application for meeting purpose as you can easily share screen with more than two people. One of the disadvantage of Supremo includes no audio and video chat feature. It is also not available for MAC operating system.

Supremo offers a 21 day trial period and then its prices differs based on the plan you choose. The quarterly business plan starts at 59 Euros that allows three simultaneous connections and if you want to add more users then you have to pay 13 Euros extra per connection.


#9 (Free and Paid) is majorly used for screen sharing and team collaboration. It provides option for audio and video conferencing for every user. You can also host meetings via your mobile devices or iPad. enables user to setup their meetings in advance. If you have pro account then you easily share your screen with up to 250 people.

There are three plans Lite, Pro, and Business. Each has different functionality and the price are $10, $20 and $30 respectively.

Join me

#10 Zoom (Free and Paid)

Zoom is one of the amazing option available out there for screen sharing. Its free version enables you to host up to 100 users. But, you can only host group meetings as long as 40 minutes. It provides features like messaging platform, audio call, and video call.

There are three plans available. First is pro which is perfect for a small team and starts at $14.99 per month per user. Whereas, other two plans namely Business and Enterprise starts at the same price of $19.99 per month per user. Business plan is perfectly suitable for small and medium business whereas, the other one is for large enterprises.


These are some of the best screen sharing software that you can use as Teamviewer alternatives. If there are any other software that we missed then kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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