iPhone is one of the most secure smartphone in the world and when it come to call recording, Apple doesn’t offer any of such features by default. What if you want to record a call on your iPhone? Well, with the small tweak, you can do it. In this article we will show you how to record a call on your iPhone using different apps available at iTunes store.

Many of us have some special friends or someone special in our lives with whom we have a phone conversation for a short period. It feels good when we hear those limited conversations once again. These conversations are sweet memories for us, and we can hear it whenever we miss the person. We live in this modernized world where Smartphones have a major part in our day to day life. The Smartphone leaders in the market allow the users to record their calls. But iPhone doesn’t allow recording the phone calls. If you are an iPhone user, you must be distressed! Recording iPhone calls are technically illegal in some areas, and without concern of other parties on phone call, one can’t record the call. Thus, Apple restricts this feature on its iPhones.

But don’t worry! If you are not bounded by such legal regulatory, you can record calls on your iPhone! There are certain methods with which you can record calls on your iPhone. We also respect the privacy of the other party and strongly recommend our readers to follow rules before they record calls using below information.

Here you go!

1. Google Voice

Google voice for call recording

Download Google Voice application on your iPhone. You will be surprised to know that Google Voice allows you to record the incoming calls. Apart from recording the incoming calls, it also allows the iPhone users to make unlimited calls to the US and Canada at a competitive price. Google Voice also allows the users to send unlimited SMS and also you can chat in groups and it allows the sharing photos. To get access to the call recording feature, the iPhone users have to port their phone number to Google. To start recording the incoming calls, you need to setup your account. It is quite easy!

Once you successfully set up the account and it runs successfully, you can simply enable the call recording mode and start recording the incoming calls. You can also automatically save the conversation as a Mp3 file and play it whenever you wish to hear the conversation. You can also block the inappropriate contact you don’t want to hear from. This application makes your work very easy for recording purpose and is designed for both iPhone and iPad purpose.

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2. TapeACall Pro

TakeACall Pro for call recording

If you want to record outgoing calls along with incoming calls, you will have to go for some other option! But you must get ready to shell out few bucks. iPhone doesn’t allow to record your calls, but users can get help from apps for recording calls. There are not many such apps, but TapeACall Pro won’t disappoint you! If you are ready to shell out some money, TapeACall Pro is a good app for you. Just spend ten bucks, and you will get easy access to unlimited call recording. This app works differently and easy to use interface. You have to keep the call on hold for few seconds and open the app. Click on the record button featured in the app. The call gets merged once you hit the record button. To use this app for recording outgoing calls, you need to open the app and press the record button before making a call. Merge the call to record the outgoing call. With this app, you can record the entire conversation without notifying the other party. After disconnecting the call, you can easily access the audio file stored in the Smartphone.

TapeACall Pro App has no time limits for how long you would record a call for and how many numbers of making recordings. Also, you can share those recording via SMS, facebook and twitter. TakeACall Pro allows you to upload the recording to Dropbox, Evernote and Google drive and it’s easy to upload process. Also TakeACall pro provides client service with a real human so here you can solve your issues and queries. These features are good for recording to incoming and outgoing call, isn’t it?

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There are certainly other ways to record incoming and outgoing calls or even both on your iPhone! Record your conversation and revive old memories!


We at DigiFloor strongly respect the privacy and urge our readers to use this information by strictly following the legal rules of your country. Here we are not liable for any issue may raise if you break the rules.