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If you are a big fan of Sony smartphones and looking for a compact mobile device equipped with all advance features, Xperia X compact is for you.

If you are looking for a compact smartphone that is updated with all advance features, you should probably want to go for Sony’s compact series of phone. The Xperia x compact, one of the best models of the Xperia series was unveiled at IFA 2016 in Berlin. This is one of the best and coolest Sony smartphones available in the market and it will work its best to impress you in every way possible. Sony Xperia X model has a lot of advantages that makes it way better than the rest. Sony has brought down the size of this particular model to a manageable one. This phone is a productive addition to the android family and is considered to be one of the best discoveries. If you have used any of the sony phones of the same series, you will realize that despite of smaller size; this smartphone is equally potent as them. This particular model is way classier than them and is better to use.

sony xperia x compact

Product Specification:

Sony Xperia X Compact is one of the most stylish looking phones that are available in the market. The top and the bottom are completely flat and the cover has a black shine that adds to the look. This particular model is updated with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 chip that was used by the model namely Xperia X. The phone has a 3 GB of RAM and also happens to support 32 GB of storage.

This model supports high resolution videos and has this calming effect over you. The best part is, when you diagonally watch something over the phone, the pixel rate does not seem to suffer. As far as the reports go, there are no complaints reported against this model.


The Sony Xperia X Compact is best known for the life of the battery it provides its users with. This phone has a remarkable capacity and is unlike other android phones that are available the market. The features that this phone provides you with are so convincing that you would want to have this phone at any circumstance. Plus, there are hardly any android smartphones available in the market that provides better battery service than this.

The phone is durable and you can use it for a long period of time. There are no parts that are fragile and there is hardly any chance of the parts getting damaged unless something extreme happens. Sony’s software happens to be one of the best and cuts down on a lot of wastage.


photo qualities of xperia x compact

One of the most notable features of this phone is its camera. The camera is equipped with all the latest technologies. It has a laser auto-focus and a lot of other qualities that make sit one of the best in the market. This phone comes with 23 MP with triple image sensing technology and front camera with 5 MP. Want to know more about Camera quality of Xperia X Compact? Browse this video.

Just because we have too many options in our hands, we tend to ignore the best ones in the market. However, it is extremely important that we figure out what is best for us and choose accordingly. We asked Simon Dyer of SwiftContract Phones on his thoughts after using the device for 2 weeks:

“Even though the Xperia X Compact isn’t the highest-spec device out there or as well secedes the Xperia Z5 Compact, it’s still one of the best high-end small phones you can buy right now. Whether the X Compact is worth buying over the Z5 is open to debate but I’ve enjoyed my time using it so far.”


If you are a big fan of Sony smartphones and looking for a compact mobile device equipped with all advance features, Xperia X is the phone you should buy now.  Available at the price range from $449 to $605, you can go for your required choice and color.

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