Are you an affiliate marketeer, blogger or an IT business owner who manages multiple websites? Finding it difficult to use premium WordPress themes at highly competitive prices? StudioPress is for you. In this article I will share my StudioPress review along with few most popular FREE and Paid StudioPress themes, Plugins and the most popular Genesis framework to make your website integration even easier.

StudioPress is commonly known as a designer of the WordPress themes, child themes, plugins, and genesis frameworks. StudioPress has over 80 themes along with a wide selection of plug-ins to offers you easy to access and seamless WordPress experience. StudioPress provides you an ultimate wordpress solution that combine SEO + WordPress + Security + Speed and all amazing features at one place. When anyone purchases a WordPress theme from a StudioPress, they are not having just a skin for their websites, they are also having the security, optimization and the attracting designs for their website or the blog. If someone is tired of the plain technology, then the StudioPress websites are perfect for those people. This helps in the easy designing of the blogs or websites of the people in the WordPress community and let them concentrate on the things they like, creating amazing contents, products, and information.

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StudioPress WordPress Themes

StudioPress membership is the best choice for the people who just want to sell their products online and don’t like to get associated with the any of the updates regarding the software or any hosting requirements. They provide you some of the best WordPress themes, which can save a lot of time and give a hassle-free experience in delivering their content with some striking designs and skins. Genesis framework is one of the most popular products, which includes a number of child WordPress themes, and the Genesis framework is easy and simple, to begin with. There are many of the Genesis Framework themes which is liked by most and can assist anyone in creating a 100% unique website. The combination of your great contents and a perfect theme for your WordPress site can help you in making your website totally unique and be attractive. The StudioPress with the Genesis framework is the most liked StudioPress themes around the world. And many of the developers and owners of a business consider StudioPress genesis as the ultimate framework for the WordPress.

StudioPress WordPress Blog Themes

When it is about the StudioPress platforms, there are many themes to choose from, making your blog or website attractive and powerful. If you are looking for a smart and Premium WordPress theme, then the Genesis framework is the best option for anyone, with a lot of child themes, making it easy to create a unique blog or website, without more effort. The StudioPress themes give the fast website loading time, fully responsive HTML5 design for the mobile devices, minimal customization for a straight and easy user experience, better security and many more. StudioPress themes are available for all the personal, small business and the corporate users, which are supportive of all the devices, be it a computer or a mobile phone.

Some of the features and the benefits of the StudioPress themes are as follows:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Delivers responsive turnkey Designs
  • Unlimited support, updates, and domains
  • Provides security to the WordPress sites
  • Instant update of the sites
  • Fast and easy customization
  • Huge collections of theme suitable for all different industries
  • Powerful Genesis framework provide different customization options

Before we discuss more about popular StudioPress theme, let me briefly introduce Genesis Framework:

Genesis Framework

Genesis framework is one of the best framework enables you to quickly and easily build up great and unique websites from the WordPress. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an advanced developer, the Genesis framework will provide you the secure and inbuilt search engine optimized foundation that will take WordPress to places one can never think it would do and make your website building experienced the best, you have never experienced before.

Genesis Framework StudioPress WordPress Blog Themes

There are many of the features and functionality you can have if you choose the Genesis framework. Some of them are down as follows:

  • Accessibility ready
  • One, two or three columns available
  • Left and right sidebars
  • Customized background, menu, and header
  • Theme and layout options including full-width template

StudioPress also provides many WordPress blog themes, as per customer’s requirements, which can help them in creating a unique, attractive and powerful WordPress site or blog in their respective fields. And here, we will have a look at some of the latest StudioPress themes, which can help you in building a unique design of WordPress blog or website.

They are as follows:

Business Pro Theme

This theme is designed to be a simple yet flexible, which provide you the leverage for a built-in core functionality of WordPress, such as the custom logos, custom header videos, images, new images, video widgets, featured images and much more. It can be one of the smart options for the creative agencies, some service providers of every shape and sizes, and are even effective for the brick and motor businesses, which requires a modern look and feel online.

With the simple and the flexibility in designing of the business pro theme, there is also some of the functionality one can have, which includes:

  • Custom header with layout options
  • E Commerce
  • HTML5 markup and translation ready
  • Landing page and mobile, responsive
  • Theme customizer and options

Corporate Pro Theme

One of the best theme options for a lasting impression on the business is the corporate pro theme. This specific theme has raised the level and the standard of the Genesis child themes with some of its latest and smart features like the one click demo import feature, AMP support and many more, which could be the smart investment for raising the promotion of your business.

It is one of the best themes for the business with some of the additional features, which includes:

Accessibility ready with genesis frameworks

  • E Commerce
  • Mobile responsive
  • Landing page and layout options
  • Translation ready

Infinity Pro Theme

If you are the digital business and looking forward to elevating the brand, then the infinity pro theme is perfect for you. It can be the most attractive way to introduce your online presence to more and more people around the globe. Along with all the option in this theme, it is one of the latest and flexible themes till date. And this theme is also compatible with the WooCommerce.

Some of the additional features of the Infinity pro theme include:

  • Team page
  • E Commerce
  • Lead capture page
  • HTML5 markup
  • Mobile responsive

StudioPress WordPress Themes Review

Digital Pro Theme

The digital pro theme can be the best option if you are building your business with digital products. This theme will support your efforts and help in marketing your digital products. It also provides an open, clean and easy to read typography. And some of its features include:

  • Custom header
  • E Commerce
  • Theme customizer and options
  • Mobile responsive
  • Layout options

Kreativ Pro Theme

This is a kind of multi-purpose theme that is designed for the agencies to show their projects in style. This theme is easy to use and with great typography and clean layouts, making your agency website better and unique than all the rest in the competition. Some of their features include:

  • Custom header
  • Widget areas
  • Theme customizer and options
  • E Commerce
  • Mobile responsive

These are some of the best StudioPress themes, which are designed to make your WordPress website or blog look elegant and attractive for any of your business or products. If you are looking for a StudioPress theme, which best fits all your requirements and business, you know which theme to choose.