Now Climb Mount Everest via Everest VR App on HTC Vive Head Set

everest VR

Ever wondered how it feels like crunching the snow under your feet and hiking through the chilling blizzards and treacherous rocks to get to the top of a mountain, the Everest maybe! For those who don’t have the real experience, the journey seems thrilling but alongside there are risks that just don’t seem to match up to the responsibilities we … [Continue reading]

[Leaked] Canon 5D Mark IV Specifications & Images – Launching on 25th August

Canon 5F Mark 4 Front view

The official launch date of  Canon 5D mark IV is 25th August but the specifications and images of this much awaited Canon model is leaked online. According to leaks, the 5D mark IV will have ISO upto 102400 and will not have flip screen. If you are … [Continue reading]

9 Classic 360 Degree Cameras to Shoot VR Videos Now!

Best 360 Degree Cameras

Do you love watching VR videos? Do you want to create one for you? This article will show you few popular 360 degree cameras that will help you to create VR videos for you. Facebook recently introduced compatibility for 360 degree images which … [Continue reading]

HTC RE – A Remarkable Little Camera by HTC under $100

htc re camera

Taking selfie with friends is one of the biggest trend now a days and having selfie friendly camera is in demand. Actually the "Selfie" is considered as the idea behind the invention of product we are going to review in this article. I am sure most … [Continue reading]

Recommended Social Media Image Sizes and Resolution

social media image guide

Image is the key element for social media marketing which attracts more user engagement. As each social media website has its own image sizes and resolution requirement, it is important to follow them for better result. Here we have compiled … [Continue reading]

If You Can’t Buy Them, Copy Them! Instagram Takes on SnapChat by Launching Stories Feature

instagram stories

Social Networks have always been working hard to encourage audiences to spend more time, share more things and browse through more ads! The competition is consistent and in a way has benefited the end user in more than one ways. The latest talk is … [Continue reading]

Presenting the New 3D Maps Game & It’s not Pokemon Go

verne the himalayas

When we talk about 3D maps game, the first name will come to your mind is; Pokemon Go. Well, in this article I will be talking about the new awesome 3D maps imagery game, Verne: The Himalayas recently launched by Google's map team. If we remove … [Continue reading]