These 7 Viral Marketing Campaigns Will Definitely Amaze You

7 Unique Content Marketing Campaigns Which Went Viral

Do you know how any marketing campaign went viral? marketing involves various steps like planning, creation of media and further publishing their content in order to retain and acquire their customers. In today’s social media age, it becomes very difficult for marketers to follow those traditional advertising strategies because today everyone … [Continue reading]

Google Andromeda – The New OS by Google May Released in 2017

Google andromeda

According to recent reports from trusted sources, Google is working on a new operating system “Andromeda” that will merge the functionality of Chrome OS into Android. According to report, the new laptop ‘Pixel 3’ will run on this new Google … [Continue reading]

Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of New Messaging App Google Allo?

google allo messagingapp

Messaging apps have really defined the way we use our smart phones nowadays. Seldom does anyone need to send a text message when we have platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook’s Messenger. Well, inspired from the growing popularity of these … [Continue reading]

10 Snapchat Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business Instantly

snapchat for business

SnapChat is the new baby of the social media platforms has grown exponentially within small time frame. This messaging app has proposed a new approach to online interaction based on sharing videos and photos with an expiration date and people all … [Continue reading]

Mobvoi’s New Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch at Just $199 – Compatible with Android / iOS Device

ticwatch featured image

The smart watch technology has really been an evolution but to say the truth, no product has really offered a comfortable price tag. From the Apple Watch to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, there hasn’t been a product that you would rightly want to order. … [Continue reading]

SSL Certificate & Microsoft Exchange Server – Importance & Basic Installation Guide

Exchange Server 2010

You might have read or heard many times that, it is important to have your Microsoft Exchange Server secured by SSL certificate but do you really know the reason behind it? Don't worry, by end of this article, you will not only learn about the … [Continue reading]

Sony Xperia X Compact – The Latest Sony Smartphone with Advance Features

sony xperia x compact

If you are looking for a compact smartphone that is updated with all advance features, you should probably want to go for Sony’s compact series of phone. The Xperia x compact, one of the best models of the Xperia series was unveiled at IFA 2016 in … [Continue reading]