Information technology is considered the backbone of every industry. And with the passing of each year, it seems that companies and humans all across the globe are becoming more dependent on this for their futuristic growth. And this sometimes makes us confused about choosing the right career plans.

So are you still thinking about whether to take your aunt’s advice to do your masters in engineering or do you want to find information technology jobs that add value in making your career?

Then you are not new to this. 

Choosing a career is not a one-time decision – it takes a lot of time to research and can be a bit confusing and frustrating but sometimes it’s also exciting and fascinating if you get great options of your choice. 

As we are heading towards 2022, where the entire world is slowly opening up post the pandemic gloom. Digifloor has compiled a list of top 10 career options trends that will work in 2022 and beyond. 

This article is divided into two sections A and B and each part contains 10 career options. The first section explores what is the current trend of jobs that are on the rise in 2022. And the second part of the article is what we covered last time.

Top 10 Job Trends That Are On The Rise In 2022

1. Technical Project Manager

A Technical Project Manager is a person who is a link between the project planning and management for attaining the companies’ objectives. They use their industry knowledge to expand all aspects of project planning and resource management.

Technical project managers

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Have an extraordinary capacity for working with individuals in a group 
  • Ensure that his colleagues capacity as well as could be expected 
  • Help colleagues to cooperate as cooperative people 
  • Encourage an adaptable mentality 
  • Develop quick answers for issues 
  • Make individuals mindful towards a similar objective
Technical project manager average salary in usa
Image Source: Indeed

As per the recent data received from Indeed job portal it is observed that the initial salary for the post of technical project manager is $96,378 per year in the United States.

2. Automation Test Analyst

Automation Test Analyst

An automation test analyst is also known as an information technology expert who helps in developing high quality control procedures for systems and software. Their responsibilities normally include developing test structures and to ensure and identify projects strengths and weaknesses. He is also responsible for implementing solutions in problem areas, and developing new programs.

Image Source: PayScale

The above data explores the average salary assumption that an Automation test analyst receives in today’s job market.

3. Devops Engineer

A DevOps engineer is an IT expert who works with the periphery of software developers, and other IT staff to check the code releases and deployments. A DevOps developer understands the Software Development Lifecycle well and knows about various automation tools which are required in developing digital pipelines (CI/ CD pipelines).

Devops engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Project planning
  • Application and framework testing
  • Automation execution 
  • Deploying right methodology 
  • Monitoring and upkeep
  • Writing record
Devops engineer average salary in  USA
Image Source: PayScale

The above data is given by Payscale so that you get an idea about salary for Devops engineer if you are going to choose this career option.

4. Driverless Car Engineer

With the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) Driverless Car Engineer or “Self-driving car engineer” is in great demand in the job market. This is one of the most fascinating career options when it comes to the automobile sector. If you look at the career graph then you will find how interesting this career is in terms of perks and salary.

Some of the country’s top companies like Ford, Uber, Tesla Waymo, and General Motors, are offering numerous amazing packages to people who have experience in this technology. Additionally, these top brands have great expectations from this job in the upcoming year 2018 – 2025

Autonomous driving engineer average salary in USA
Image Source: Talent

The above data represents the current salary structure of a Driverless Car Engineer from low to very high.

5. AR/VR Engineer

The jobs of AR/VR engineers are very much in-demand as far as the career part is concerned. This job has seen a tremendous growth rate in 2021 and expected to go beyond. 

Virtual realty and augmented reality

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Experience in developing Unity3D.
  • Must have strong knowledge of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) .
  • Experience in improving the undertaking application and dealing with the UI according to the necessary stage (for example Android, iOS) 
  • Experience in Google firebase, Google Analytics, In-App informing, cloud informing and making advancement necessities dependent on stage. 
AR/VR Engineer salaries in USA
Image Source:

The above data depicts the current salary structure of a AR/VR engineer’s job offered in different world countries. 

6. Community Manager

The role of a community manager is to work like a bridge among a brand and the community. They are the people who are generally responsible for managing and handling communications in both directions. Community Managers are involved into various development activities like social media, communications, PR, events, and content creation.

The below facts is US-based, employer-reported data that explores the growth in the demand for Community Manager jobs.

Community manager salary in USA
Image Source: Celarity

7. Sales Director

A sales director, or a director of sales, is most prominent member of the company and generally employed by a company to manage the work of subordinate salespeople and lead in general. He is the person who has full control over the sales functions. 

The responsibility of the sales director comprises evolving key growth sales strategies, tactics and action plans. They are involved in making successful execution of strategies in order to achieve financial targets. The duties of a sales director is to develop techniques, strategies and activity plans. He is the person who is responsible for Fruitful execution of these systems is needed to accomplish your monetary targets. 

Sales Director vs. Sales Manager

People generally mix these two positions together which is not right. Let’s compare.  Both a business sales director and sales managers are believed to be the leaders in the sales team and work in accordance to attain companies’ mission and set objectives. However, the distinction between these positions is that while a business sales manager deals with a group of sales reps, a business chief deals with a team lead.

Sales director average salary in USA
Image Source: Indeed

The data taken over shows the salary structure of sales directors  in the US. However, this data may vary as per the experience and the company.

8. Drone Manager

With the trend in the usage of drones, the job demand for drone pilot and manager increasing day by day.

Drone Manager is basically a Technical Support Engineer job who Manage a team of UAV pilots. His role is to check drones before a flight to ensure safe and proper operation. Drone fleet management is also responsible for analyzing weather forecasts to ensure safe flights.

9. Product Manager

The Product Manager is responsible for overall development of a project. In fact he is involved in numerous activities in order to fulfil and promote the company’s overall strategy and goals. He looks after product pricing and positioning strategies and develops new strategies in solving issues concerning the product and services.

Product manager average salary in USA
Image Source: Indeed

The above data gives an idea regarding the basic  salary offered by a company to the product manager in the USA.

10. Solution Architect

Solution architects is another amazing job that is much in demand. The role of this job is to evaluate a specific need for a business. They examine the current work systems so that the company’s work target may be achieved in an effective way. A solution architect is a person who lives within a company area and works alongside other professionals to bring their plans to life.

Solution architect average salary in USA
Image Source: Payscale

The average salary of Solution architect is not fixed but as per US job market you can expect something around $119.795

With the coming of much advanced web technology and Internet of Things (IOT) we can’t say which career option is going to work for you and what not but it all depends on how you make yourself comfortable in adopting this newly invented technology and job option which are coming your way.

Do Share your feedback about upcoming trends in technology in recent years!

Below are the list of top ten jobs that didn’t exist some 10 years ago. However, they are still working in the market which we have covered in our previous article published in 2014.The aforesaid is the advanced career option that you are going to see in the upcoming years.

employees working

With technology advancement lots of things have changed drastically around the workplaces. As we welcome 2014, there have been so many interesting changes to look around. In this article a collective data has been assembled by tracking professional profiles of more than 259 million LinkedIn members and the comprehensive list suggests that most of these changes have been driven by “technology” and interestingly “fitness”. Here we compiled the list of 10 popular job profiles that did not exist in 2008.

Let’s have a look at some of the top 10 career options which we didn’t have some 10 years ago

1. iOS Developer

Apple’s iOS 2.0.1 came into existence on July 11, 2008 as an update to iTunes and with its launch the job description of an iOS Developer came into existence. Between 2008 and 2013, LinkedIn saw the demand for this job role grow 142 times from 89 to 12,634 profiles.

These days, demand of iOS developers is increasing rapidly and plays an important role in mobile application development industry. Apple is periodically announcing their iOS operating system updates and also launched upgraded version of their most promising iPhone version iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

2. Android Developer

With iOS making a roll, Google launched the first Android device around the same time in 2008. Right when it came into existence, LinkedIn saw 53 profiles looking to work as Android Developers but now that we have crossed 2013, we have had a staggering growth of 199 times with 10,554 profiles fighting it hard for the best Android Developer position.

Android application developer job title is one of the most popular profile these days. Android operating system is considered one of the most used operating system and the latest version of them is Android KitKat launched recently.

3. Social Media Intern

After recent Google and other search engine updates, social media plays an important role in digital marketing campaign. There are many online brands using different social media platform for customer support, customer feedback and customer acquisition. With this emerging demand of social media marketing, the demand of social media marketing professional has increased recently.

This was something interesting. All the popular social media platforms that the world is crazy about today came into existence between 2003 and 2006. These social media management platforms include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and even LinkedIn! By 2008, all of these platforms had already made a mark and by 2013, we have 4,350 profiles applying to become Social Media Interns.

4. Zumba Instructor

Zumba had been there since the 90’s but it was only by the early 2000’s that the music training lessons got prominence among fitness enthusiasts. With more people in the US getting more conscious of their health, aerobics classes included Zumba in their schedule. In 2008, only 16 profiles were interested in becoming professional Zumba trainers but by the end of 2013, we witnessed a staggering 396 times growth in demand for Zumba instructor job figures with 6,331 profiles looking to get into the field professionally.

5. Data Scientist

Technology has had a huge impact on our lives and now we cannot imagine our life without the use of it. However, the Data scientists  are experts who analyze and  utilize their skills in both technology and science in order to  get the actual view about the ongoing trends to manage data. They use their industry knowledge, contextual understanding, and existing assumptions – to provide best solutions to resolve business challenges

6. UI/UX Designer

After introduction of traffic tracking and traffic behavior tools like Google Analytics, business owners can understand the behavior of customers. As user interface plays an important role in conversion, demand of UI/UX designers is getting increased day by day. Launch of HTML5 and other design technology also plays an important role in this era.

Previously we have has simple graphics designers, but now with increasing possibilities of multimedia, UI/UX designers have gained prominence in LinkedIn profiles. According to Linkedin, it has been 22 times growth noted in last 5 years.

7. Big Data Architect

The concept of Big Data took off by 2008 though it has been there for more than 2 decades now. What brought in the change was a white paper by Computing Community consortium. From 0 in 2008, number of profiles interested in Big Data Architecture rose to 3,440.

8. Beachbody Coach

Another fitness job popularized by Beachbody LLC, the profile interest for Beachbody Coach rose to 3,360 in 2013 from 0 in 2008 – a staggering 3,360 times growth!

9. Cloud Service Specialist

Back to IT again, the profile for Cloud service Specialist was introduced by Amazon and With the demand for cloud platforms increasing, the job profile too increased 17 times from 195 in 2008 to 3,314 in 2013.

10. Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing gained prominence with the rise in online marketing techniques like SEO, PPC, Social media marketing and every business was suddenly looking for Digital Marketing Specialists by 2013. While the number of profiles was just 166 by 2008, it has grown to 2,886 by the end of 2013.


Information technology is the biggest industry in the world which has rapid growth and advancement. It may happen that the technology which is popular today may be lost tomorrow and we may see more in upcoming time.

Are you in the IT industry? Share your feedback about upcoming technology in recent years!

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