Facebook LogoYou might have seen some Facebook post or updates with click-baiting titles and did not find them relevant when you click on the link and read the content. As per recent news released by Facebook, they will stop showing such post or link in Facebook news feed.

Facebook is making two major updates in serving content that includes reducing or stop serving post or updates with click baiting headlines. And the second update is to displaying best formatted link which people loves to see.

Lets me explain the first major update:

Reduce displaying click baiting headlines

I have seen various posts in Facebook news feed which has catchy title that hardly relevant to the content it serve. Facebook has figured out a way to identify such content which misguide the users based on different criteria’s mentioned below:

Click bait post

#1 Time people spend reading an article away from Facebook

Click bait headlines will attract people to click on the link and if they will not find it relevant, they will return back to Facebook in very small time frame. Facebook can easily identify post on which people spend less time. Such post are likely to be non relevant to its headlines and can result in thrown out of Facebook news feed.

#2 Posts that has less Comments / Likes or Shares

Generally people Like, Comment or Share post that they find engaging and interesting. Click bait content mostly disappoint people and will hardly gets any engagement from people. Facebook will use this factor to identify such content that will reduce the presence in their news feed.

Best Practice

Facebook found that people love reading headlines that help them to decide whether they want to read full article by clicking link or not. Here the relevancy of headlines and the content on landing page plays an important role. If people will not find relevant content, they will close the webpage and may return back to Facebook.

The best way to get displayed in Facebook news feed is to give proper headlines that clearly explain the content of the page. Avoid using Click bait headlines that mislead the people to just increase the click of your Facebook post.

Second update is about Sharing Link in Posts

Facebook has found that the link that appear in post (as shown is below screenshot) is tend to receive double clicks as compare to link that buried under image caption. After this updates, Facebook will prioritize displaying link in link-format and will show fewer links that shared in status updates or image caption.

Facebook post

What will be the effect of this Facebook announcement?

As per their official announcement, the publishers who are engaged in producing click baiting posts that has lower Facebook return time will see huge drop in their distribution over time.


By announcing these updates, Facebook has clear their vision to serve content that people loves. If you want to improve the distribution of your post in Facebook, make sure you give proper headlines and relevant information that your target audience needs.

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