Important Note: CouchTuner or other free online streaming sites like CouchTuner hosting movies, TV series or various other content is a clear violation of copyright and not a legal practice. As per our knowledge, the owner of CouchTuner or similar websites does not own copyright of the content they publish. Here you need to understand that the content is pirated and we do not support any type of piracy. The content published here just for your information and knowledge. Make sure you follow all the rules and regulation of the country you are living. We are not responsible for any legal issue may occur watching pirated content serve by such websites.

Did you get enough time to watch the daily soaps and TV series regularly? Have you ever thought of watching your favorite TV serial while traveling to avoid the boredom? Have you searched for a website that can offer you to watch hundreds of latest TV shows and movies online for free and with ease? If YES! Then Couch Tuner is the answer to all your queries. It has been a years CouchTuner (now couchtuner 2) is getting good attention in online tv streaming market. In this article we will not only talk about Couchtuner but also will share some of the best alternative online tv streaming websites you can try. Before we start, let us brief you about couch tuner.

What is Couch Tuner? An Introduction

alternatives of couch tuner

Couch tuner has an extensive collection of various TV shows and movies. You can search for your favorite TV shows in search box with ease, or else if you are using this website for the first time, you can check the list of shows available on the homepage. Click the link to whichever you want to watch, and within a second you are redirected to the show. It provides high-quality videos with incredible sound clarity. But, yes, there are some cons of this website like you cannot find every episode of all the seasons. It does not work legally. Moreover, this site is also blocked in specific regions. Therefore here are the alternatives to Couch Tuner, that are equally best as it and few of them, are:

1. The Dare TV

dare tv

Dare TV is like Couch Tuner offering online shows and movies for free. You can browse your favorite TV shows and movies quickly. Checking the schedule of your favorite show is enabled, and thus you can watch it accordingly. You can also download the video to watch in your leisure hours. Dare TV has a vast collection of TV shows and movies.

Highlights are:

  • Watch movies online whenever and wherever you want
  • Watch for free
  • An extensive collection of videos/movies
  • Easily accessible on mobile and computer/laptop.
  • Movies and programs offered free of charge because of the paid advertisements.
  • It is recommended to keep your antivirus updated if you are watching movies/series online.

2. Watch Series


It is another site where you can browse your favorite TV Shows. Just select the series and watch your episode. You can add the link, or share it on the social website. To enjoy this website all, you have to do is make your account for free and click on series you wish to watch.

Highlights are:

  • It contains most updated and latest TV shows
  • You can connect your mobile to TV and enjoy online shows
  • Watch series have recently updated there domain
  • While surfing online don’t click on pop-ups
  • Never give your card details anywhere

3. Tubi TV

tubi tv

It is a site where you can stream your thousands of movies online. Movies are divided into sections like drama, kids, comedy, documentary, wild things, best of British and so on. You can choose the type of movie you want to see. There are some movies which need to be rented. Advertisements are shown in all the movies as it is financed through ads.

Highlights are:

  • It is an entirely legal website
  • You can put the filter to select the movie you want
  • Movies are of high definition
  • Movies are loaded smoothly and fast
  • There is no need to make an account, just open the app and enjoy movies and shows.

4. Global TV

global tv

It is a Canadian English broadcast television network; here you can access your favorite TV shows for free. You can watch shows on laptop, TV or mobile. Sign up for user id and password and watch your favorite seasons. You can also watch Live TV.

Highlights are:

  • It gives you a chance to watch your missed shows
  • Watch full-length TV serials on demand
  • The experience is similar to watching TV anywhere
  • It has a new app for Apple TV named as Global Go; it works with Apple TV

5. Cucirca

cucirca tv

At times it becomes difficult enjoying the loved TV show by sitting in one place or with peace. To entertain such disturbed TV and movie lovers anywhere and anytime; this was launched.

Highlights are:

  • It keeps you updated with latest episodes
  • It has a vast collection of TV shows
  • Further, when compared to other sites advertisement are less shown
  • It is one of the best sites to browse television shows.

6. Movie Watcher

movie watcher tv

It is a site where you can browse your favorite movies and TV series for free. Using filters for years, genre, type, etc. provided, the selection becomes quite more comfortable and time-saving. There is no need to login or create an account you can directly browse shows and movies. Buffering process is done faster compared to other sites.

Highlights are:

  • It is a user-friendly app
  • Movie watcher provides HD quality movies
  • They update their site on the regular basis
  • You can also download the movies

So, that was all for the enthusiastic and crazy TV/Movie and TV Series Lovers. You can, of course, comment with any other alternatives known to you or can share your views about the one shared above.

Is it safe to use CouchTuner or other alternative websites?

The simple answer is NO!

Yes, it is not safe to use any of such websites which serve pirated content (here pirated means the publisher of the content does not given any rights to stream the content and hence it is illegal to publish such content). Moreover the websites like couchtuner hosts large amount of pirated data which may not properly scan for viruses and malware and hence, the chances are there your PC may get affected from malware.