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12 CouchTuner Alternatives to Watch Online Movies and TV-Series

alternatives of couch tuner

Important Note: CouchTuner or other free online streaming sites like CouchTuner hosting movies, TV series or various other content is a clear violation of copyright and not a legal practice. As per our knowledge, the owner of CouchTuner or similar websites does not own the copyright of the content they publish.

Here you need to understand that the content is pirated and we do not support any type of piracy. The content is published here just for your information and knowledge. Make sure you follow all the rules and regulations of the country you are living. We are not responsible for any legal issue may occur watching pirated content serve by such websites.

Did you get enough time to watch the daily soaps and TV series regularly? Have you ever thought of watching your favorite TV serial while traveling to avoid boredom? Have you searched for a website that can offer you to watch hundreds of the latest TV shows and movies online for free and with ease? If YES! Then Couch Tuner is the answer to all your queries. It has been a year CouchTuner (now couchtuner 2) is getting good attention in the online tv streaming market. In this article, we will not only talk about Couchtuner but also will share some of the best alternative online tv streaming websites you can try. Before we start, let us brief you about the couchtuner.

What is Couch Tuner? An Introduction

Couchtuner: free movie site

Couch tuner has an extensive collection of various TV shows and movies. You can search for your favorite TV shows in search box with ease, or else if you are using this website for the first time, you can check the list of shows available on the homepage. Click the link to whichever you want to watch, and within a second you are redirected to the show and also you can visit the most useful sites.

Best Free Movies Sites and Apps to watch any time

It provides high-quality videos with incredible sound clarity. But, yes, there are some cons of this website like you cannot find every episode of all the seasons. It does not work legally. Moreover, this site is also blocked in specific regions. Therefore here are the alternatives to Couch Tuner and Cucirca that are equally best as it and few of them, are:

1. Putlockers

Putlockers - free movie site

Putlocker is one of the top websites for watching and downloading movies and TV shows. The site was founded in 2011 and became famous as a movie download hub. Putlocker has millions of users regularly and was one of the top 250 most popular websites on the World Wide Web by Alexa.com.

Putlocker became a demanding website with 1.5 million users every day. Later, the website came up with a new domain name putlocker9.com. It changed the domain name to avoid a ban or copyright issues. It is one of the best Couchtuner alternatives, but it has many proxies and domains claiming to be original.

2. Uwatchfree

Uwatchfree site

Uwatchfree is one of the top movie streaming sites like Couchtuner. The site has numerous movies and TV shows. It lists movies and TV shows from many genres. It is a great site that offers a lot of free streaming content and Hollywood movies online.

The site makes it easy to find content as per the user’s choice. The site also allows downloading and saving content. Uwatchfree is a well-known movie streaming site because it lets users request multiple content. The content can be streamed in a faster way.

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3. Soap2day

Soap2day have different domain names

Soap2day is one of the top movie streaming sites and a great alternative to Couchtuner. The site lists movies and TV shows from across genres. It is the best site to watch Hollywood movies online for free. The website has an interface that is well-designed and makes it easy to find trending and latest content.

It allows users to save content, make requests and do much more. Soap2day doesn’t have files on the server. The content on Soap2day is usually by third parties. The users can request content not listed on this site. Their favourite stuff is availed easily and in a much faster way.

Are you still, looking for what is the best TV show streaming site?

4. Vudu

Vadu paid and genuine movie streaming platform

With an interactive user dashboard, this site has a design to stream for unlimited hours. It offers free entertainment through global content. Users can find the content of their choice. It is free for streaming after registration. With an account, you can also see multiple TV shows online. Moreover, the content is available without ads or pop-ups.

Vudu provides numerous shows and movies from different genres. You can also buy gift cards for premium content and share them with friends. Vudu ensures a great streaming experience for users. It is a wonderful alternative for Couchtuner to watch content online.

5. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix watch series and movies

A multiplatform streaming website, PopcornFlix is much more advanced Couchtuner alternative. The streaming service is available as a web application. Download it to start enjoying your favourite movies or TV shows on your devices. Users can also download it on their android devices.

This app is also available for IOS devices. It helps users to stay entertained everywhere. PopcornFlix also sorts titles based on their genre. All you must do is select your favourite genre. The site shows movies that fall under a category.

6. Tubi TV

Tubi TV: Free Movie Sites

It is a site where you can stream your thousands of movies online. Movies are divided into sections like drama, kids, comedy, documentary, wild things, best of British and so on. You can choose the type of movie you want to see. There are some movies which need to be rented. Advertisements are shown in all the movies as it is financed through ads.

A perfectly-created website, TubiTV has a design that allows the streaming of free movies. The website has a robust user interface with a friendly experience. Users can navigate through the site to find the desired content. The content is free for streaming and all you need to do is register on the site. Once you get an account, you can use it to stream multiple shows and movies online. Enjoy the content on this website without ads or pop-ups. The platform gives many shows and movies in many genres. Watch movies from genres like comedy, action, and horror. This content is available based on its release dates and popularity. It is a great alternative for Couchtuner which provides hours of entertainment free. You can put the filter to select the movie you want and movies are loaded smoothly, fast and high resolution avialable. There is no need to make an account, just open the app and enjoy movies and shows.

7. ShowBox

Showbox is the best pltform to watch latest movies and tv-series becuase user can download files of apps and PC on android devices so no issue of shut down. It is one of the popular video and media streaming apps available for Android. ShowBox offers a host of free movies and TV shows for users to enjoy. Users can enjoy music, a 24-hour channel, and live streaming.

If you want to watch movies and stream TV shows on your Android phone, this is also possible with ShowBox. Moreover, all the content is available for free, without any subscription charges.

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8. Xfinity

Xfinity: genuine and paid movies and live streaming platfoem

If you want personalization for streaming, then the Xfinity website is your answer. The website is fit for binge-watchers. The portal contains multiple categories of TV shows and movies. The best part is that there is no need to register on this site to download your favourite movie to your computer. Couchtuner alternative website doesn’t show many ads on the user interface.

The users get saved from pop-ups or content covering ads when they stream movies on the website for free. It has a section for music to insights into the latest news in the world of movies. Were you can watch free movies online without registration?

9. RealCouchTunner


Real Couchtuner lets you watch your favourite movies and TV shows free. It offers the best movies from different genres in HD and with subtitles. You can also stream other content like anime movies and other language movies dubbed in English. The site has no annoying ads and popups. It offers the best quality movies and TV shows.

All the latest films are available with full English subtitles. The latest catalogue of real Couchtuner also offers instant streaming without the need to download or register on the site. The site provides global content free of cost.

10. Couchtuner

CouchTunner with new domain

The another Counchtuner site with different domain name. Look at once because Couchtuner is a free-to-use service. It offers free streaming of movies and television shows originally found on all the popular streaming clients like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. But this is not a paid service, and it offers access to all the material free of cost because it does not host its content on the server.

As there is legal ambiguity surrounding Couchtuner, it is better to use a VPN while visiting these sites. It conceals the user’s streaming activities and gives them anonymity online.  

Are you clear with what is the benefit of using Couchtuner?

11. Justwatch

JustWatch - watch movies and streaming

An effective Couchtuner alternative and Cucirca alternative, Just Watch is equally popular and hosts online content. The website’s services of streaming with downloading are top-notch. It provides the user with a highly minimal user interface that is easy to navigate. It has a collection of popular movies from different countries.

You can also watch TV series with the help of the site without any charges. The TV and movie library is well sorted. Users do not encounter any problems finding their favourite shows from the titles uploaded on the site.

12. Global TV

Global TV

It is a Canadian English broadcast television network; here you can access your favorite TV shows for free. You can watch shows on laptop, TV or mobile. Sign up for user id and password and watch your favorite seasons. You can also watch Live TV. It gives you a chance to watch your missed shows, Watch full-length TV serials on demand, The experience is similar to watching TV anywhere and more importantly it has a new app for Apple TV named as Global Go; it works with Apple TV.

Is it safe to use CouchTuner or other alternative websites?

The simple answer is NO!

Yes, it is not safe to use any of such websites which serve pirated content (here pirated means the publisher of the content does not given any rights to stream the content and hence it is illegal to publish such content). Moreover the websites like couchtuner hosts large amount of pirated data which may not properly scan for viruses and malware and hence, the chances are there your PC may get affected from malware.