The evolution of technology has benefitted the software and cloud computing industry. New software and apps like CMMS, SaaS, and Field Service Management cover more than previous software. The field service operations are an extension of CMMS, a part of FSM software.

A CMMS is a computerized maintenance management system that centralizes maintenance information and facilitates. CMMS software is found in manufacturing, construction, transportation, oil and gas production, and power generation.

In these industries, physical infrastructure is vital. The software focuses on maintenance operations, improves customer communication, and daily employee operations, and increases asset longevity.

Field Service Management System

Field Service Management software and apps that provides additional features and helps businesses in managing resources involved in critical activities and managing daily tasks through Mobile FSM Apps.

FSM apps & software must be used for many reasons. It helps in automated processing, increases productivity, and increases cost efficiency. It also helps in the efficient functioning of field employees, improves accuracy and responsiveness, and supports expansion.

Various Types of Field Service Management Software

Types of Field Service Management Software

There are multiple types of field service management software in the market. The top tools offer the most efficient and seamless solutions to their customers. FSM systems including software along with apps to track individual and tasks completion that is essentially fall under one of the below tools:

1. Automated Dispatch Software And Real-Time Scheduling

The automated field service dispatch software includes real-time logistics scheduling system. They can allocate and optimize multiple vehicle movements dynamically rescheduling vehicle assignments and automate the centralized dispatch process that leads to increases the productivity and cost-efficiency.

These are based on real-time events and suited to rapidly-changing operations. Such systems help in bulk transport, same-day services, construction logistics, and parcel delivery. Such systems lead to improved efficiency through re-optimization of these operations.

2. Connected Field Service Management

These systems better manage the service operations and equip the field service team to delight the customers. This field service management software for small businesses connects in a seamless service process. It increases customer satisfaction and boosts revenue. Such systems help in fast and accurate invoicing and give access to well-prepared service technicians.

3. Route Management

The software is ideal for businesses managing a field sales team and a fleet of delivery vehicles. This includes package delivery, food delivery, and service goods delivery.

They manage the logistics for a company and collect or deliver items. Route planning helps to optimize the transport of a business and increases operational efficiency.

4. Intuit Field Service Management

Intuit Service Management software will simplify a business and give businesses more control. It helps to manage customers, cash flow, and costs. These systems work seamlessly with Premier, QuickBooks Desktop Pro, and Enterprise.

These systems help to sync the back-office and field operations. They help in efficient job scheduling, mobile invoicing and payment as well as inventory integration.

Best Field Service Management Software

When choosing the best field management software, it is vital to pick the ones with must-have features and functionalities for a business. Here we list the top 8 platforms for different types of businesses:

1. Freshdesk

This system helps to deliver easy and faster customer service. Freshdesk is modern, intuitive, and powerful helpdesk software that helps to increase efficiency. The system aids the dispatchers to develop a unified dashboard. This handles all the dispatch information with Smart UI (user interface). The system is good for easy scheduling and dispatch.

Freshdesk Features:

  • It eliminates manual tasks.
  • Help technicians fulfill work faster.
  • Provide dispatch managers with real-time updates on work orders.
  • Access to customer details and service history.
  • Optimize routes to navigate.

Freshdesk Pricing:

There are multiple monthly plans within the Freshdesk system with a basic plan of $12.84/month to an advanced plan of $73/month.

2. Jobber

Jobber FSM Software

Jobber is excellent field service management software that helps small businesses to transform service delivery. This is professional software that serves to clean and repair IT field service management software in 50+ industries.

Jobber help with different types of tracking, progress, GPS, and expense. It also handles customer relationship and lead management, invoicing, reports, scheduling, and dispatching for the customers.

Jobber Features:

  • User-friendly UI & UX, so easy to learn and use.
  • Accessible from anywhere.
  • Helps in batch invoice creation.
  • Managing tasks & operations through FSM apps.

Jobber Pricing:

Jobber offers different plans for the customers starting from the core access plan of $39 to $239.

3. Quickbooks

Quickbooks FSM Software

This system connects your office and service technicians to schedule more jobs and access faster payments. This gives the business a chance to manage work order status and technician productivity. Quickbooks is a Field Service Management that simplifies your business and more control over customers, costs, and cash flows.

It helps to worry less about your business and gives the business owner more control. It works seamlessly with the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to sync the financial and field service data.

Quickbooks Features:

  • Real-time updates from the field.
  • Efficiency in job scheduling.
  • On-the-spot invoicing.   

Quickbooks Pricing:      

Quickbooks offers different monthly plans for the customers starting from the core access plan of $199 to the pro plan of $404.

4. Service Fusion

Service Fusion FSM Software

This is a good software to run a service business from anywhere. The system has enterprise-level features. It is available at affordable prices. Service Fusion is a service tracking system that promises enterprise-level functionality with the help of its FSM app.

It consolidates different systems into a user-friendly platform. It gives the business a competitive edge. The features include tracking, scheduling, dispatching, inventory, invoicing and payments, customers, and operations management.

Service Fusion Features:

  • Easy to use.
  • Unlimited packages that will help you a lot.
  • Affordable plans.

Service Fusion Pricing:

Service Fusion offers different monthly plans for the customers starting from the core access plan of $126 to the pro plan of $339.

5. Tookan

Tookan FSM Software

This is professional courier delivery software. It helps your business meet end-to-end courier delivery needs. They offer excellent Courier Dispatch Software with an in-one tech solution. The software gives an easy packet entry module that can fit every customer’s requirement.

It helps with job scheduling and helps to ensure calendar utilization to its maximum capacity. It offers easy sorting of packets per the geofences and the courier boy assigned.

Tookan Features:

  • Packet Entry
  • Scheduling
  • Alerts & Updates
  • Sorting
  • Job Allocation
  • Return Order
  • Barcode Support
  • Route Optimization

Tookan Pricing:

Service Fusion offers different monthly plans for the customers starting from the core access plan of $29, startup of $89, growth plan of $189, and the pro plan of $359.

6. SAP

SAP FSM Software

This is a great system that connects the field service management value chain with advanced technology. It has a deep understanding of what customer wants. It helps to resolve customer issues quickly and offers end-to-end field service management.

SAP Field Service Management provides an effortless and proactive service experience. It enables efficient service models as the SAP Field Service Management solution empowers the technicians. It boosts customer satisfaction through mobile tools, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things.

SAP Features:

  • Cloud deployment
  • Customer self-service processes
  • Simplified scheduling
  • Real-time analytics

SAP Pricing:

SAP offers different monthly plans for the customers starting from the core access plan of $35 and the pro plan as per need.

7. ServiceMax

ServiceMax FSM Software

This is a system that helps to improve field service operations. It helps resolve the complexities of field service delivery and service operations. The software helps you from the customer purchases of a product or service to the delivery processes like work order management.

The analytics help to understand the business and deliver a predictive service. The software focuses on building technology for the field service delivery chain.

ServiceMax Features:

  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Service Entitlements
  • Connected Field Service
  • Work Order Management
  • Installed Base Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Parts Management
  • Customer & Partner Communities
  • Service Performance Reporting

ServiceMax Pricing:

ServiceMax recurring subscription fees include maintenance, monitoring, and upgrades, and the prices are available on request.

8. FieldEdge

FieldEdge FSM Software

FieldEdge is an open-source professional field service software management. It can help businesses to turbocharge their field operations. It helps businesses to be more organized. It helps to save time and money.

The solution has scheduling and dispatching, performance management, customer management, and tracking. It helps businesses identify their business’s top contributors through the tracking of the performance of the office staff and the techs.

FieldEdge Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Helps in data exportation to excel
  • Gets Frequent updates

FieldEdge Pricing:

The plan has a monthly subscription of $100 per office user (includes dispatchers and management). This also includes $125 for each technician.

Field Service Management software is highly complex, and it has many options to choose from. Thus, it can get confusing to look at vendors. Users need to find a vendor that is right for their company. With the above list, we help you to find solutions with the best features for your business. These help technology advisors with software assessment and finding the one basis business needs.

This list includes the system with features your business needs with recommendations to fit your budget. Look at the above list to find the best software system for your business and excel in your industry with the right tools.

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