SaaS Management Platforms help companies reduce risks by managing said company’s technology portfolio, improving the value of the software services provided, and user effectiveness. 

The main functions of SaaS Management Platforms include improving IT collaboration in the company, securing applications, planning renewals, containing costs of applications, maintaining an inventory of applications, preventing shadow IT and unmanaged tools, and managing contracts.

Let’s learn a little more about it. 

What Are The Different Types of SaaS Platforms?

SAAS platforms

Saas Platforms have a variety of uses that can be divided into two main sections, Business Services and Documentation Management.

Business Services

As companies have started adopting a work-from-home model, the need for SaaS Management Platforms has increased tremendously. The SaaS platform offers companies a variety of services that can improve the functioning of a business by improving efficiency, management, and so on. 

The primary business services that can be adopted with a SaaS platform include the Email Marketing Software, the Project Management Software, and the Enterprise Resource Planning Software. The Email Marketing Software facilitates information communication by optimizing the delivery of messages and creating automated marketing emails. 

Similarly, The Project Management Software allows the company to improve its efficiency by planning projects, communicating deadlines, managing schedules, and allocating resources. Lastly, the Enterprise Resource Planning Software helps incorporate different functions into a single unit, thereby improving efficiency and the communication of information within the company.

Document Management 

With the immense inflow and outflow of data that the average company receives and sends daily, there is utmost importance for an efficient documentation system to ensure efficient functioning. 

SaaS Management Platforms like the Customer Relationship Management Software and the Accounting Software serves as the most efficient document management systems. The Customer Relationship Management Software stores business information tracks customer interactions, and manages client data. The Accounting Software helps organize and track business finances. 

What are The Best SaaS Platforms?

Today, companies are always looking for the following best SaaS management software. The following are some of the best SaaS management companies available today.

1. ControlHippo

ControlHippo Saas management software

ControlHippo is one of the most popular SaaS Management Companies today. Their SaaS platform automates various IT tasks, facilitates SaaS discovery, tracks usage, and reports spending. 


SaaS platform Control Hippo has various pricing packages for its services. The Hippo Starter package costs $35, the Hippo Plus package costs $55, and the Hippo Pro package costs $75.

2. Toriihq

Torriihq is a SaaS Management Platform that manages SaaS spending, automates tasks, locates security concerns, pricing SaaS, and controls SaaS sprawl. It is one of the most popular SaaS Management Platforms on the market.


Torii has not publicly displayed its pricing information. Companies must directly contact Torii for a custom quote.

3. Zluri

Zluri SaaS Platform

Zluri is a SaaS management platform that reduces SaaS risks, saves money, automates tasks, and prevents SaaS sprawl. It has an easy-to-use platform and allows companies to optimize their data and spending.


Zluri has not publicly displayed its pricing information. Companies must directly contact Zluri for a custom quote.

4. Blissfully

Blissfully SaaS Platform

Blissfully is a popular SaaS Management Platform that helps companies track apps and clients and reduces spending and general SaaS management and monitoring.


Blissfully has not publicly displayed its pricing information. Companies must directly contact Blissfully for a custom quote.

5. Productiv

Productiv - SaaS Platform

Productiv is a SaaS Management Platform that is built on SaaS Intelligence. It is used to enable proactive governance, accelerate operational velocity, and increase employee engagement. It is employed by major companies like Uber, Unity, FOX, Poshmark, Flexport, Dolby, Databricks, Equinix, etc.


Productiv has not publicly displayed its pricing information. Companies must directly contact Productiv for a custom quote.

6. Zylo

Zylo - SaaS Platform

Zylo is a SaaS Management Platform that uses a data-driven platform to optimize, discover, automate and govern their SaaS. Zylo uses a patented AI-powered discovery engine to manage and record company SaaS.


Zylo has not publicly displayed its pricing information. Companies must directly contact Zylo for a custom quote.

7. Ampliphae

Ampliphae - SaaS Platform

Ampliphae SaaS guard is a SaaS Management Platform that allows companies to save money, reduce risks, and accelerate innovation. They provide SaaS governance, Data Governance, Privacy Compliance, and Asset Management.


Ampliphae has not publicly displayed its pricing information. Companies must directly contact Ampliphae for a custom quote.

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8 Track.g2

Track.g2 - SaaS Platform

G2 Track is a SaaS management Platform that offers SaaS visibility, optimized Stack Decisions, and management. It is a single platform that can completely optimize the company’s software stack.


G2 Track has not publicly displayed its pricing information. Companies must directly contact G2 Track for a custom quote.             

In today’s day of technology and innovation, it is impossible to run a successful business without incorporating technology. Often, business owners find themselves asking, ‘How do I unite all the branches of my company under a single unit?’ 

Well, SaaS Platforms are the solution. SaaS Management Platforms help provide software services and documentation, but they also provide companies with essential information like client data, usage insights, potential hidden risks, and so on. To run a company that continues to grow sustainably with the onset of the technological era, invest in a SaaS platform today.

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