HP ChromeBook 11 with Google

HP and Google have now collaborated to bring out a new device – the Chromebook 11 that should be on the top of the shopping list this holiday season. Priced just at $279, this new HP Chromebook 11 is a premium laptop featuring a bright display, amazing design features, a wide viewing angle and extreme hardware. The Google HP Chromebook 11 is available in four colors accents for both the white and black version.

While the previous HP Chromebooks came with average screens, this model from HP has an improved IPS (in-plane switching) screen that offers both vivid color reproduction and better viewing angles. The Chromebook 11 could be charged using a micro USB cable – the same feature that defines all Smartphones except of Apple’s. If you have an Android in your pockets, traveling out would now require you to just carry one USB cable that charges both the phone and the laptop.

Design wise, the Chromebook 11 has similar specifications as the earlier $250 model from Samsung – both come integrated with mobile processors (Samsung Exynos ARM to be specific), offering more battery life but losing a bit on performance. HP guarantees that the battery life would extend to 6 hours of continuous use. The machine further comes with a 16 GB solid state drive and 2 GB RAM.

The Google HP Chromebook 11 is really thin and sheds any additional girth that previous had while weighing a light two pound plus. This arguably becomes one of the lightest laptop in the market now. However, what is specifically enhanced with this laptop are the design elements. The cuts and edges are super slim and simple yet very distinctive. Moreover when your friends are trying to view the screen, they wouldn’t have to request you to nudge the screen a bit. The 176 degree viewing angle of the display offers a seriously advantageous spec for the whole family or bunch of friends.

Another spec worth noting is a fined tuned audio integration. The speaker system in the Chromebook 11 comes under the keyboard offering the user crisp and clear audio pointing directly to the ears. In other laptops, speakers are normally found below the system which seemed to be a bit weird as no one listens with his/her lap!

And when it’s Google Chromebook, there should be something of Google too! Buying a system gives 100 GB of cloud storage in Google Drive (free for the first two years), a 60 day free trial of Google Play Music All Access and various other apps from Google. Overall, the HP Chromebook 11 is quite a worthy buy.

Image: http://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/devices/hp-chromebook-11/

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