photography booksWe see them everywhere – in the morning newspaper, in the billboards, in trains, in the news, and all around us. Images are life and photography can be said to be an art that highlights all aspects of it – the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. It’s more like an experience that sticks to us for a lifetime. Throughout history photographs have revolutionized the human civilization and continue to do so. They have emerged to become a means of communication and understanding.

Looking at photographs, even for a non-photographer can be said to be “time well spent”. They motivate, refresh, allure, inspire and even elevate your creativity. They can become the lifestyle you want, they can inspire the workplace you life in, they can encourage your heath and they can make you more human.

Here are 5 photography books from across the globe that you cannot choose to ignore. A flip through the pages and you will certainly see things in new light.

#1 Survey by Stephen Shore

stephen shore

Quite popular among serious photographers across the globe, Stephen Shaw has been an inspiration for several generations of artists. Though his work remains ongoing, Survey has been able to showcase some of the best from his creative ability. The book contains 250 impressive images that have been photographed between 1969 and 2013. They show Stephen Shore’s best images like Early Works, New York City, Amarillo, Uncommon Places and American Surfaces. The narrative further reveals Shore’s approach to the art of photography and also a complete chronology and bibliography. All photographs evoke touching visual language through stills.

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#2 Place, a series by Bill Jacobson

place bill jacobson

Bill Jacobson’s name is preceded by his knowledge and love for the art. He also holds the credit of the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2012. The book, Place, showcases a new body of work where rectangles and other geometrical shapes are integrated into natural surroundings. These photographs would perfectly answer someone who has been inquisitive about the difference between the abstract and the real. According to the author, places are constant, arising out of desires, choice and need of a person.

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#3 Forest Hills by Bill Sullivan

forest hills

Bill Sullivan has always been inquisitive about anachronistic practices. He has been famous for easily transcending the easily understood into discomforting thoughts for the ordinary memory. His dexterity behind the camera focuses on creating familiarity. Also a painter, his works has been able to diffuse the essence of both art forms. Forest Hills showcases the ‘unknown’ of the 20th century art and tennis. The juxtaposition results in an incredible selection of photographs.

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#4 Lago by Ron Jude

lagoFor both photographers and non-photographers, Lago is sort of a mystery. However, the intrigues created by Ron Jude’s photographs also manage to outweigh frustration and transport the reader into an affair of self realization. If one can consider photographs to be speaking some sort of language, Jude’s photographs is sort of a poetic archaeology, opposed to arriving at something conclusive. The images look at patterns, rhythms and weave out congruity with his shutter.

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Lago is really worth a look for everyone. This would be a book that will describe the most simply understood things in our environment in a creative light of intrigue. There’s a waiting connection out there in this book, making reading more than just flipping through the pages.

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#5 Photography is Magic by Charlotte Cotton

photography is magic

This book by Charlotte Cotton speaks of the current ideas and creative trends in the photography faculty. An invaluable asset for photographers and all those who like to click images; readers get the scope of understanding the wide scope in the art form, especially in the context of contemporary processes. The book mentions several inspiring personalities in the photography arena including the names of Walead Besty, Daniel Gordon, Mathew Lipps and Michele Abeles. A beautifully produced book, this could be an excellent ready if you are looking to add colors to your monotonous life. It is not just aimed towards young students of the art form, but also the regular public with an inclination towards visual expression. The collection includes the works of more than 80 artists, including Sara VanDerkBeek, Shirana Shahbazi, Jon Rafman, Elad Lassry, John Kline, Annette Kelm, Shanon Ebner and Sara Cwynar.

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Kindly share your favorite inspiring photography book in comment. Our editors will go through them and write brief review about it in this article.

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