Kids between the ages of 0 to 12 years are at a crucial development stage. These kids should spend their free time in doing productive activities. To ensure this, monthly subscription activity boxes have been introduced for kinds. They have been created to provide education with entertainment to improve the concentration of kids. These activity boxes are a combination of games, DIY robot projects, creative activities and storybooks.

Monthly subscription box industry has grown by almost 890% since 2014 and this clearly shows how popular they are:

There are various monthly subscription boxes themes are available in market which includes but not limited to:

  • STEM-based Activity Kits
  • Theme-Based Activity Kits
  • Curriculum-Based Games
  • Fashion, Style, Toys & Play

Why to Buy Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids?

Parents of kids aged 0 to 12 years always look for the best activities for their child. Kids these days spend most of their free time watching TV or on screen. Parents look for activities and games that are interactive, entertaining and educational. These monthly subscription activity boxes are ideal time spender. They cut down on mobile and television screen time and improve creativity and attention of the child.


They also enhance the motor, social and cognitive skills of the child. The interactive activity boxes keep the kids engaged and entertained. They are thus ideal for all kids and this has made them popular among parents. Here we describe best brands of subscription boxes that will keep your kids engaged and entertained:

Most Popular Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids

Please note that, this list may get updated periodically depending upon the response we are receiving from parents:

1. Breo Box – A Lifestyle Subscription Box For Kids

This is a quarterly subscription box priced at $139. This activity box focuses on health, fitness and everyday lifestyle. Each box has a handcrafted and customized wooden box. It contains 6-9 products that are selected as per the season. The boxes are curated carefully fitting to season and are ideal for 12-13-year-old kids.

2. Bitsbox – Teach Your Kids to Love Coding

The monthly activity box is priced at $14.98 and contains coding projects. Bitsbox coding projects teach kids to create video games, video games and simulations. Kids can build apps on Bitsbox website and the apps work on tablets and real phones. The box is for kids aged 6 to 12 and no coding experience is required for it. It helps the kids in learning to code and builds their confidence and creativity.

3. FabKids – Trendy Outfits for Kids

The monthly clothing subscription box is priced at $29.95 and is fit for boys and girls. FabKids membership can be used to select any outfit at 40% discounts. The designs are trendy and exclusive to FabKids brand. They release new collections every month with two-piece outfits. The brand also has durable and fashion friendly shoes. You can also enroll in their rewards program.

4. Creation Crate – Tech Subscription Box

The monthly activity box is priced at $29.99. The kids can learn electronics and coding with this activity box. The hands-on projects also provide access to online classrooms. New skills can be learned through the projects by using step by step instructions. The projects become more and more challenging and the curriculums are approved by which is a third party STEM accreditor.

5. SlimeBox – Themed Based Monthly Subscription Box

This is a premium educational subscription box that is made for people who like playing with slime. The monthly activity box is priced at $29.99. A themed box is sent every month and it contains a variety of slimes to play with. The box has been voted number 1 on Buzzfeed. The slime is of high quality and safe for kids.

6. TekCrates – Ultimate Gadget for Kids

The membership fees is $20.83 per month. The TekCrates subscription package helps to maximize the use of technology in daily life. It has cool gadgets, utilitarian gear and PC and gaming accessories. They offer the latest trends in the tech industry. Each box has three to five items. Gadgets like Wi-Fi USB adapter, Ironman figurine or a wireless speaker are sent based on the category chosen.

7. WonderCrate – Inspiring Kids to Think Big

WonderCrate Monthly Kids Subscription Box

Ideal subscription box for kids aged 7 to 11. The monthly subscription starts at $24. WonderCrate offers inspirational activities for kids. Each box has a book from the “Who Is” Series. It is based on inventors, role model and other heroes. They also have fun themed activities, online lesson and inspiring stories. WonderCrate encourages kids to embrace challenges and manage emotions.

8. We Craft Box – Let’s Showcase Your Creativity With Monthly Craft Box Subscription

This is a perfect subscription box for the whole family and has crafts projects. It helps increase the creativity of kids and the parents can get involved too. It helps in creating family memories by being creative. The monthly subscription starts at $29.99.

9. Amazon STEM Toy Club – Ideal Subscription Box for All Kids


This is a subscription box for kids aged 3 to 13 years with a fee of $19.99 per month. Within these subscriptions, you receive a new and high-quality toy that focuses on STEM concepts. It is available in different age categories. The toys can be counting and building toys, hands-on experiments and more complex projects for a higher age. The concepts are from science, tech, mathematics and engineering

Final Thoughts

We recommend the parents to treat themselves with these kids’ activity subscription boxes. They also make excellent gifts for friends and relatives with kids. So do pick the best subscription boxes as per your interest from our curated list. This will ensure your kids stay calm and play on!

If you know about any creative and tech monthly subscription boxes that we did not included in this list, please write us. We would love to cover them.