Looking to download stylish fonts to use in your projects? Well, we have researched & reviewed few extremely cool, stylish and pretty fonts which can be used by any professional or student. If your project is any corporate presentation, advertisement banners for print or digital medium or any school / college projects – these pretty fonts will be best suitable for your project.

No matter what project one takes up, one common goal is to attract more eyes and win people over with the work. One of the good ways to do that is to use stylish fonts, especially if you are in the artistic field or even an entrepreneur. These pretty fonts will never fail you if you use them wisely event when you are making ambigrams.

Here we list 8 pretty fonts that you can choose from for your next project. All these fonts are beautiful and can be used in a variety of occasions such as for graphics design, tattoos, presentation, banners, logo design etc. So choose the ones that you think best suit your purpose:

8 Stylish Fonts to Use in Projects or Presentations

As the list is only containing 8 pretty fonts but that doesn’t mean there are no other such fonts available in market. We will keep updating this list with the response we are receiving from readers. Stay tuned!

1. Mulberry Font – A Beautiful Handwritten Calligraphy Script

Mulberry Pretty calligraphy font

Format: OTF, TT

This is the go-to font for handwritten calligraphy lovers. The stylish font comes with cute alternatives, ornaments, extras and ligatures. The users can also choose between Mulberry script and Mulberry Script Pro. It can be used for banners, magazines, fashion, stationery, apparel, books and films.

Download Mulberry Font

2. Flower Type Font – Express Your Love With Floral Power

flower type pretty stylish font

Format: OTF, TT

One of the cute fonts that let you expresses your thoughts gently and freshly with beautiful flower petals. The font helps you write letters, symbols and numbers with flowers and makes your work extremely pretty and fresh. This stylish font is perfect for nature project of poster, banner, logo etc .

Download Flower Type Font

3. Maris Font – Elegant & Subtle Script With Calligraphy 

Maris pretty calligraphy font

Format: OTF

A rich and elegant font that is superb for logotypes and custom headlines, Maris is a pretty font that lets the users create a visual diversity that is extremely attractive and cool to the eyes. The Maris font family has a variety of stylish styles to choose from.

Download Maris Font

4. Saturday Script – Casual & Carefree Handwritten Script 

saturday script pretty cursive handwriting font

Format: OTF

One of the casual members of the pretty font family, Saturday script allows the users to make each word look different. It is a font that lets you be either extremely flaunty of very understated and soft in your expression of words. This font is excellent for making eye catching title, headlines & social media branding.

Download Saturday Script Font

5. Hollyhock – A Modern & Messy Calligraphy Font

Hollyhock pretty calligraphy font

Format: OTF

This stylish font is tall and energetic and extremely modern with swashes, ordinals, contextual alternates and discretionary ligatures. The user can also use various doodles to add a lot of flair to their expressions. Hollyhock font is great choice for greeting & invitation cards.  This font works best in Adobe Applications.

Download Hollyhock Font

6. Daft Brush – The Stylish & contemporary Font Daft Brush pretty stylish font

Format: OTF, TT

This is the font that works best for designing and advertising, the font offers multiple cuts for each letter and gives an organic feel to your text. It has a complete set of uppercase as well as lowercase fonts. Daft Brush font is ideal use for poster, social media branding, postcards & much more. This cool font works best in Adobe Applications.

Download Daft Brush Font

7. Quiche Sans – The High Contrast Typeface Font

Quiche Sans pretty stylish font

Format: OTF

This font family is wonderful for branding. The font family offers four subfamilies text, display, stencil and fine that can be used to suit the needs. The font work wonders in print, online personal branding, web, advertising, packaging, labels etc. The font is characterized by its elegance and modern, unique expression.

Download Quiche Sans Font

8. Viva Beautiful – The Lovely Cursive Hand Painted brush Script

Viva Beautiful pretty stylish font

Format: OTF, TT

This is the pretty font that gives the designs and the ligatures a perfectly authentic hand-painted look. It is an ideal font for fashion, food, magazines, apparel, beauty products and also for advertising and marketing, television or films. This stylish font helps bring beauty to your designs.

Download Viva Beautiful Font

Wind Up

Select any of the mentioned fonts and be pretty with your presentations. Stay tuned to this page for more updates on fonts, styles and more…

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