Do you run a WordPress website and want to conduct an online survey? Rather than developing customize wordpress module, you can have easy to integrate poll plugin that will do the job for you.

Starting or organizing polls or survey on your wordpress website is the best way to interact with your readers. It also helps bloggers to analyze data from surveys to make importance decision later. By using these plugin, Bloggers can set up poll questions depending upon their requirement to understand the behavior or taste of their target audience.

wordpress poll plugins

Why to hire a developer to develop such polls or survey module for your blog when you can use ready to use solution? So what is the best alternative & cheap way to conduct polls online? If you are wordpress user, you can easily integrate one with the help of various polls wordPress Plugins. Few days back when I was setting up a poll on one of my wordpress website, I reviewed and tested various poll plugins and though to put all those information in a post. It will save your lot of time while selecting the right wordpress poll plugin for you. Here we go!

#1 Advanced Polls

Advanced Polls can be used in WordPress sites that aim to create multiple polls. Users can work upon an interface that allows creating and launching unlimited number of polls in several color schemes. The choices for the polls can be as many as you want them to be and further, several polls can be used in a same web page. Advanced Polls is responsive and also used Google Charts to display the results in the form of pie charts, bar charts and line graphs.

Price = $17 – Install Now

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#2 Responsive poll


Responsive Poll plugin is highly customizable and can be used in WordPress sites to display multiple polls in a single page. The voting can be put into 7 types of animated HTML5 graph including bar charts, pie charts, line charts, radar charts, doughnut charts, bootstrap progress graphs and polar charts. Responsive Poll is supported by all the modern browsers with additional support for IE7 & IE8. It is a great polling plugin for accurate results.

Price = $16 – Install Now

#3 Opinion8 WordPress Polling Plugin

If you are looking to create graphic intensive and beautiful surveys, Opinion8 is the perfect WordPress solution. Opinion8 is extremely easy to use polling plugin where users can create good graphical surveys. With great design this plugin allows full customization from the background image to custom outcome. Opinion8 WordPress Polling Plugin is fully responsive & comfortable. However, the plugin adds the advantage of social sharing as well as related poll suggestion such that the polling gets maximum exposure.

Price = $18 – Install Now

#4 Modal Survey – WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin

The poll allows for both single and multiple answers. Modal Survey can be used to set the start and end date of polls, create unique poll templates and even attach images wherever needed. Along with import & export feature, it’s also support visual builder in Modal Survey plugin. Further, it is easy to create radio inputs, check boxes, result boxes and even respond with an error and success messages.

Price = $35 – Install Now

#5 TotalPoll

TotalPoll comes with huge number of features and provides a powerful interface that is optimized for search engines. This plugin integrates more than 6 anti-cheating layers including IP restriction, cookies, captcha and is user based. You can both define the start and end period of the poll or integrate a quota limit for the number of votes. The results of the voting are completely private and are complimented by a “thank you” message. The polls are highly customizable using preset templates and poll customizer tool.

Price = $29 – Install Now

#6 BWL Poll Manager

The BWL Poll Manager has unlimited custom poll system to use in your website. Easy to use, the plugin also supports a shortcode and can be placed anywhere on your WP web page. Using BWL Poll Manager, you can also limit the number of votes, user IDs, cookies and IP addresses.

Price = $20 – Install Now

#7 GuessOn – All in one Viral Quiz & Polls

Guesson is the great WordPress plugin to improve user engagement. An innovative plugin that can help you in building amazing community. This plugin allows you unlimited post types, i.e. Live Polls, Rank Lists, Conversion Quiz, Personality Quiz & much more to viral your post. Customization includes allowing only a registered/logged in user to generate responses or lock poll contents.

Price = $27 – Install Now

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#8 Votr Pro – Easy WordPress Vote Poll Plugin

Votr Pro - Easy WordPress Vote Poll Plugin

Designed to provide an easy interface, Votr Pro can be used to create exciting voting systems. The plugin also allows setting a start and end date for responses, restrict IPs and even drag and drop the poll template to be used on another WordPress website.

Price = $28 – Install Now

#9 Smart4y Poll Pro – Responsive Animated WordPress Plugin

Smart4y Poll wordpress plugin

Smart4y Poll Pro is an easy to use animated WordPress plugin with responsive design. Recommended for WordPress websites and pages that require exclusive poll management system & makes it easy to create as well as manage responses. The plugin also restricts multiple votes from a single IP address, making the responses genuine. This plugin also have feature to start as well as end the polls in the website. Another functionality you can use with this plugin is that you can make polls public & private.

Price = $18 – Install Now

#10 ViralPress – Viral News, Lists, Quiz, Videos & Polls Plugin

ViralPress WordPress Poll Plugin

ViralPress is another WordPress plugin that helps you to build maximum engagement in your website. With this plugin you can create your Buzzfeed type website. This WordPress plugin has a wide range of post types some of them are polls, quiz lists, embeds, videos, images, audio, playlist etc.

Price = $22 – Install Now

#11 Pollify

pollify wordpress plugin

A simple poll creation tool/plugin for WordPress websites, Pollify supports 5 languages and adds 4 security layers to obtain genuine responses. This plugin can be used to create simple multiple choice questions. The results of the voting can be accessed in both percentage and numerical formats.

Price = $14 – Install Now

#12 Apester Interactive Content

Apester WordPress Poll Plugin

Apester’s is a free WordPress Plugin enable you to easily build engagement with your targeted audience by adding polls, quizzes, videos, images & stories anywhere on your website. This plugin is mobile friendly & you can easily boost engagement in just one single click. The feature that Apester offers are easily customized your images & videos, a wide range of designs, check website insight in dashboard, easily embed you polls, quiz & images etc.

If you want to create polls & stories easily with monetization then this pluging best suitable for you. This plugin has available in free, but if you want more premium feature then you have to purchase this pluging.

Price = FREE – Install Now

#13 YOP Poll


A free poll plugin for WordPress, YOP Poll helps create, edit and clone polls and surveys easily. The plugin supports both singular and multiple answers and can be an important part of any business website. You can choose to either make the voting public or private. The best thing about YOP Polls is however being able to sort out the answers according to preset criterions. If you want extra information about voters, YOP Poll allows for extra fields.

Price = FREE – Install Now

#14 Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

This free WordPress plugin can either be used to create custom polls or record ratings for your WordPress site / blog content. Polldaddy supports multiple answers to questions and can even be customized to generate reports in the form of percentages and numbers. Overall, this plugin enhances visitor responsiveness to content.

Price = FREE – Install Now

#15 Polls by OpinionStage

opinionstage wordpress plugin

An incredible poll management system, OpinionStage helps run and manage multiple polls for a single dashboard. The polling system can be used to gather opinions of readers. Polls by OpinionStage can also be a way to generate extra income or gather email addresses and social data of users / responders. It is a plugin that is made to attract more number of audiences into your website.

Price = FREE – Install Now

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