The latest news has come in SSL certificate industry that Namecheap is sunsetting support for Symantec SSL certificate. Yes, Namecheap has discontinued providing Symantec group products from 30th Nov, 2016. Not only Namecheap but its sister company has also stopped renewal and purchase of Symantec group SSL certificates which includes Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte & RapidSSL products. Are you existing SSL certificate customer of NameCheap, It is a Ringing Bell for you!

Why NameCheap decided to stop selling all SSL certificates from Symantec group?

According to official announcement, NameCheap said

Namecheap is streamlining the experience for our customers. We want to offer the best products on the market at competitive pricing.

From the above reply, the reason is not clearly visible as Symantec is obviously the best SSL products in market with around 19% market share in SSL industry. It seems, NameCheap want to offer cheaper products from Comodo who is on first position in SSL marketing with over 40% market share.

Are you Namecheap Customer with Symatec SSL?

If you are a customer of Namecheap or its sister company and want to stay with existing brand’s SSL certificate? Do not worry! You still have a open door for your any of the Symantec group (including Thawte, GeoTrust and RapidSSL) SSL certificate renewal.

Here the good news for Symantec Certificate holders, they can renew their certificate/ purchase a new certificate from other providers. There are many resellers out there who can allow you to renew your certificate if you are current customer of Namecheap or SSLs. And all at same or even discounted price.

For example, if you have purchased RapidSSL certificate from NameCheap, you can renew  your certificate directly from CA or from different SSL certificate resellers. There is no need for replacement of certificate, as other providers are offering same quality certificates  and you may have chance to save money.

Your website security will remain alive; and will never let your website security down. The reason for this huge decision has not been disclosed by the company but it will not affect the current security of your website. Both Namecheap and have suggested their existing customers to move on another CA (certificate authority) called Comodo. But customers who do not want to change CA can choose another provider offering same Symantec SSL certificates.

Brief about Symantec SSL Group:

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As you may know, that Symantec is a giant group that has diversified security solution for any size of industry and businesses. Symantec group certificates make your website standalone in crowd even over search engine. Symantec takes care of its certificate and every certificate follows CA/Browser forum guideline hence, the end customer gets strong encryption as well secure environment on visiting website. RapidSSL, Thawte, GeoTrust, and Symantec itself, all these are branches of Symantec group.

Let me give brief introduction to Symantec group brand:

RapidSSL: RapidSSL certificates are most trustworthy certificates which includes two different categories. One is RapidSSL domain validation certificate and other is RapidSSL wildcard certificate. RapidSSL has streamlined and automated enrollment and authentication process for their basic SSL and the most popular product amongst small and medium businesses. GeoTrust earlier acquired with wide database of customers and Symantec has aquired GeoTrust, hence RapidSSL brand is owned by Symantec.

Thawte SSL: Thawte SSL are the most up to the mark security indicators for any online business. They were the first authority who issued SSL certificates outside the USA territory. It has served more than 240 countries over the years. Few of the product range from Thawte SSL are; Thawte SSL 123, Thawte SSL Web Server, Thawte EV SSL currently available in market catering all different types of business needs.

GeoTrust SSL: GeoTrust SSL is one of the best SSL certificate in industry that has gained trust among small and large business by providing strong encryption over the web. After serving to 150 countries, it is still most in-demand SSL certificate in today’s era. QuickSSL premium, True BusinessID, GeoTrust wildcard, and many SSL products are there to satisfy online needs of businesses. Obviously the cost of GeoTrust products are bit high as compare to other competitors but the trust and reputation of this brand is also very high in industry.

Symantec SSL: Symantec SSL is a recognize brand in industry offers maximum security for all different types of website. Symantec SSL has made million businesses trustworthy over the web by offering relevant SSL products for them. Norton secured seal is also a recognized seal over enterprises and SMBs owned by Symantec. Here is the different SSL certificate products range offered by Symantec; Symantec secure site, Secure site pro, secure site EV etc.

What Next?

Are you an existing users of given brands SSL certificates from Namecheap or Don’t worry, you can still renew your SSL certificates from End-user home page where the pricing will be higher as compare to one you purchased earlier. The most economical solution for you to renew or buy Symantec group SSL certificate is to go with authorized SSL certificate re-sellers. As we already did extensive research on cheap SSL providers, it is earlier for us to recommend best possible option for you. Here you go:

As far as the price of Symantec group SSL certificates is concern, I found is the cheapest option among all specified options. As per the price listed for all different Symatnec group SSL certificate, they offers very competitive rates for most of the brand and can also help you in your renewal process.

If you need any help or find any query related to this topic, you may feel free to write here by comment or send us an email. Our team web security editor team will definitely help you to get the best possible solution.

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