pono music playerRecently I came across one news featuring biggest achievement of Neil Young, the founder of Pono. They became 3rd most successful kickstarter ever who raised $6.2 Million funding. This proves that, if you are working hard on your product or ideas, you will always find backers to make them reality. Here is the more information about Neil young and his startup Pono.

Neil Young designed a Pono music player, a best alternative against the low quality CDs or MP3 files as well as digital streaming. Pono offers a best listening experience of your favorite digital music. “Pono” is a Hawaiian word, implies righteous and pureness. It is a portable prism shaped device that holds completely lossless tracks i.e. large uncompressed files that reproduce the original piece of the song.

Neil has successfully completed a campaign on the crowd funding website Kickstarter with $6.22m and become a third highest figure raised on the site after Pebble Smart Watch with $10.3m and the Ouya games console with $8.6m. Neil sets the stage for a revolution in music listening and finally his efforts provide the quality listening space that’s why we can hear and feel the mind-blowing creation of an artist and relish music to the fullest. This native resolution on CDs or MP3 describes the beauty of PonoPlayer.

Though it was a time consuming and hectic project but the deadly efforts of Neil made it possible. Neil supported the extraordinary vision of Pono for better listening. The main motive of Pono is to preserve the history of music with maintaining its beauty as well as expression for all time and he did it.

In 2012, Neil first raised $500,000 by designing prototypes and build infrastructure but after using Kickstarter, where members of the public start funding small amount of money to raise responsiveness as well as further funding. He decided to use the venture capital to fetch the project into market and share equity with their traditional investors in the company. Young accepted that this was a scary project as he believed that entering into the world of financing was not so easy. He navigates the waters of venture capitalism from the treacherous shorelines of commerce. Neil was thankful to the Kickstarter investors and requested to the musicians to sign up for his new project. With the help of these musicians, Pono player is joined with the store who sells lossless files of their work. Really this was a toughest time for the Neil.

The original glory of the Pono player is its cultural history that should be preserved for the enjoyment of people to the ultimate level. Young understand this fact and worked for maintaining its glory. He received good support from the Kichstarter investors for his project like Kings of Leon, Elton John, Metallica and Patti Smith. Well, they all were not a fan but supported Neil for his project. The frontman for Nine Inch Nails i.e. Trent Reznor, appreciated Neil’s efforts as an artist and supported him for his work. Neil’s remarkable efforts successfully maintain the vision of Pono. With the amazing support of various artists, recording companies as well as music lovers this can be done. This revolutionary change in the music arena has never been done that allows us to constantly attain the best listening experience with preserving the cultural history of music.

Image Courtesy: KickStarter