Looking to create animation videos for you brand and worried about cost associated with it? Don’t worry, in this article you will learn about one of the best animated video maker tool that will allow you to create best animation videos without any technical knowledge. Yes, here we are going to write a detailed Powtoon review along with its pricing and detailed features that will help you to choose the best video animation product for you.

Communication is an important and necessary tool in innumerable aspects of life be it personal life or professional exchanges or education. While innumerable methods have been used and developed since ages to make communication effective, some unconventional methods like animation video have become very popular and effective modes of communication. While origin of animation can be traced back to Paleolithic cave paintings, rapid advancement in technology, growing internet usage and TV broadcasting has made it both magnanimous and popular. We all have fond childhood memories of anime characters either from newspaper series, TV, comic books, computer animation and CGI movies.

The present animation industry is highly competitive, one of the fastest growing and worth 240 billion US dollars. Needless to say, animation video production is not just a fully fledged career but a booming industry today. Whether you are looking to reach out to your YouTube audience for a ‘green cause’ or explain an app better to your clients in a boardroom, animation video maker software can be an interesting tool.  Powtoon has been one of the leading names in animation video maker tool industry for some time now and have been associated with projects by Coca Cola, Pfizer, eBay, Costco and CISCO among others. Lots of big companies loves to include one small animated video in their marketing campaign strategies because videos are easy to understand and can reach maximum audience via various mediums. In this detailed Powtoon review, we will be discussing about its pricing, various features and all interesting information associated with the tool. Here we go!

Powtoon Pricing

powtoon pricing


Powtoon video maker offers 4 different pricing options suitable for different audiences as shown in above screenshot. In addition to given pricing options, they also offer free account which includes a 3 minute animated story that will include animated charts and graphs and can be exported in both PDF and PPT formats. For the free basic version, they limit the product to about 100 MB in output with Powtoon branding. It would be a great choice if you are looking to add a creative bent to the marketing of your startup or have a cause to talk about. So why do they offer a free package? Well, they like to put in their company’s watermark too on the video!

If you are startup, their starter plan can be best suited for you which starts at just $39/month. The Pro version of the animation package comes at a price of $89/month, under which Powtoon provides you a video of up to 10 minutes with various styles, tunes and inclusive of animated charts, graphs and privacy controls. The output will be in HD quality and limited to 2 GB. This video however won’t have a watermark and will be available as PDF, PPT and MP4 format. You will also have the commercial rights to the video. This package would be perfect for established business who would like to try Powtoon for the very first time!

They also offers Pro+ package at $197 per month in which you will get up to 20 minutes of Full HD clip, with various styles, tunes, 24×7 premium support, full privacy control and even the flexibility to collaborate with other users. This package also offers a storage limit of 10 GB and you have the full commercial rights to the creation.

If you are an agency, Powtoon also offer special package for you at $99 per month but in this case, you will have to buy their annual pricing option.

Powtoon video animation Advantages

Apart from the advantages that video marketing tools provides, Powtoon add elements that will maximize the returns on your investment. With their animators and team of experts, you will receive various advantages listed below:

  • Immediately see a rise in your conversion rates
  • Increase the frequency on new sign-ups
  • Increase lead generation / subscriptions
  • Reach out to a larger audience group via social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more
  • Turn marketing into a fun and creative thing
  • Get a creative partner for life!

How to Use Powtoon?

Powtoon is not a mind twister tool or recommends heavy knowledge of animation design. Little bit of creativity will work here and Powtoon will complete your remaining animation work. Powtoon provides some tutorials as well so you can take a reference from it.

After signing up, Powtoon allows you to create your first animation video in 3 formats – You can start video either from scratch or create a whole story or use existing templates.

powtoon design option

If you have complete video flow in your mind which we call “Storyboard” than choose first option “Build your story scene by scene” where Powtoon also allows different looks based on your choice. You can either choose Professional, Whiteboard, Infographic, Cartoon or Corporate look.

powtoon storyboard

After choosing the right look for video you can also choose the structure of the storyboard. There are 3 types of structure for the storyboard available in Powtoon – Work, Education & Personal. After choosing the structure you can build the storyboard with all scenes in it. Note that while creating the basic storyboard you can’t edit the scenes in the same window.

powtoon reports structure

After completing above storyboard you can able to edit the scenes – Add/edit your icons, images, text and many more things. You can also add or remove slides from the video. Once you complete animated video just preview the video and export it.

digifloor powtoon video

Wait, Don’t get confused if you are not able to do above things fluently. As I said earlier, Powtoon app allows other easy options as well to create video. Just click on “Customize Popular Templates” and select the template which matches your topic or requirements and edit the text and icons. Simple, your animated video is ready.

powtoon templates

At Powtoon, they understood the power of video and graphics animation and hence keep upgrading the offering with all amazing features. It’s not easy to be a storyteller but Powtoon has been making even the most boring presentations, fun but professional pitches. Overall, Powtoon is for anyone looking to harness the power of animation and video marketing for their products and services.

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