So, you are a crazy gamer and want to share your game adventures with the world? That’s great! In order to capture the best audience for your content, it is good to create a YouTube channel and start sharing your creative game videos online. You will be happy to know that it is even possible to make money via YouTube channel but it possible only if your channel avails huge popularity on the network. And the true fact is that it is possible only if you share high-quality videos. Indeed, there is no exception to the quality.

Now the great news for beginners is that it is not that difficult to create high-quality videos for YouTube Channel. If you have right hardware and software tools for recording and editing your videos, you can automatically have more viewers online. You might have heard about many popular gamers have already gained huge popularity for their channels on YouTube. How can we forget to share the popular name Rooster Teeth, owner of Achievement Hunter and Red vs. Blue video channels?

You can also become popular with him by sharing interactive gaming content on YouTube channel. Go through the video editing tools below those can help you to achieve your dream.

Best Devices to Record Game Footage:

We will first discuss about the hardware and our list start with Roxio HD pro:

1. Roxio Game Capture HD Pro:

Price: $99 Only

This small and affordable piece of hardware can hijack the HDMI signal that comes out of video sources such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 etc. and can send it directly to your monitor or TV screen. It is also capable enough to record videos on the computer and can stream them live online. Few other competitors to this hardware unit are Elgato Game Capture HD ($179.95) and Hauppage HD-PVR2 ($199.99).

2. Filmora Scrn Software:

Wondershare has recently launched FilmoraScrn platform for those who are interested to record screen movements without losing content quality. This software is designed with user-friendly interface and simple tools that can be easily controlled by beginners.

Steps to Use:

• Visit the official website and download FilmoraScrn setup for your operating system.

FilmoraScrn Step to use -1

• Install the software on your computer and open the application.
• Hit the Get Started Button and the full screen will get selected by default.

FilmoraScrn Step to use 2

• Users can adjust the screen size as per need using the drop-down menu.
• The frame resolution is set to 25fps by default that can be customized by the user.

FilmoraScrn Step to use -3

• Users can also switch the audio recorder to capture voice via microphone audio or computer audio.

FilmoraScrn step to use-4

•  Adjust camera settings including frame rate, resolution, and Picture-in-Picture recording.
• Hit the Capture button to begin the recording. In between, you can adjust the screen size by using mouse movements.

FilmoraScrn Step to use -4

• In order to pause or stop recording, hit the respective buttons available on the screen.

  • Allow simultaneous recording from webcam and screen as well.
  • Users can set fps range between 15 to 120 fps.
  • Powerful video editor tool.
  • Support 50 plus file formats.
  • Works perfectly on Mac and Window platforms.
  • Free version includes limited features.

Smart Choice for Video Editing Software:

#1 Filmora Scrn

FilmoraScrn screen recorder

It is a popular screen recorder tool with advanced built-in video editor unit. It clearly means that by using FilmoraScrn, you can record as well as edit your game videos. Other than this, it can also help you to customize your videos with advanced editing features such as trimming, scaling, rotating, cutting and splitting.

Top Features:

• Allow users to record entire screen and specific part of the screen as well.
• Record simultaneous video from screen and webcam as well while capturing system audio or mic input.
• Users can add markers to highlight important points in recorded videos.
• Can detach videos and audios during editing.

#2 Windows Movie Editor:

Windows Movie Maker

Here is a free video editing tool for Window users that is designed with easy to use drag and drop tools. Some of the top-rated features of this editor are an auto movie, timeline narration, audio track, adding credits/titles, video transitions and video effects. It is also possible to add new transitions to videos and customize them using XML code.

#3 VirtualDub

VirtualDub is another powerful video editing software with wide range of advanced features such as video splitting, compression, and it also allows easy addition of audio tracks. Beginners love to use this free of cost video editor tool due to its batch processing abilities. Performance of this video editor can be further extended with the latest third-party video filters.

#4 Wax

If you are searching for a tool that can meet the requirements of professionals and home users as well, Wax is the perfect solution for your needs. Most of the video editors consider it best choice after FilmoraScrn as it can be used as a standalone application that allows an easy plug-in to various other video editing platforms. But the sad part is that there are limited video editing functions. If you need advanced features such as Flash hold, Jump Cut, Mosaic and transitional effects, Wondershare FilmoraScrn can serve your needs well.

#5 DaVinci Resolve:

Davinci Resolve 14

Those who need professional-level editing platform are advised to download DaVinci Resolve 14. However, the advanced features such as motion blur effects, 3D editing, and multi-camera editing are available only for paid members; but there are many useful audio and video editing tools with color correction abilities that can assist you for video customization.

Comparison between Filmora & FilmoraScrn:

Wondershare Filmora has gained huge popularity in the market from past few years due to its interactive work platform and advanced features. The Easy mode provides simple drag and drops editing services whereas the Full feature mode provides advanced editing services. But the Wondershare Filmora Scrn is an advanced version for Filmora that is developed especially for those who want to record screen movements. This tool is preferred by gamers and professionals for creating interactive tutorials because it allows them easy customization with markers and easy switching between camera and audio inputs. You can capture the whole screen or setup webcam recording as per your needs. FilmoraScrn also accepts audio input from mic and computer itself. With all such facilities, FilmoraScrn is definitely the best choice for YouTubers.

Popular Games on YouTube:

If you are ready to create a YouTube channel, it is important to know which games can make your channel popular. The fact is that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet and people are uploading 300 hours of videos per minute. So if you want to stand out in the crowd, it is important to choose your games carefully. As per recent survey on YouTube gaming channels, some of the best games are PewDiePie, Vanoss Gaming, Markiplier, KSI, The Diamond Minecart, Sky Does Minecraft, The Syndicate Project, Captain Sparklez, W2S, Ali-A, H2ODelirious, The Game Theorists, Smosh Games, Toby Games, Speedyw03, iHas Cupquake, and SeaNanners. These games can bring you more audience within very less time.


Most of the people around the world are making efforts to become popular on social media as this is the trend of the era. If you are also interested to grab the attention of the audience online, it is good to use your gaming skills for that. It is right time to create an interesting YouTube channel and start sharing your adventure rich gaming videos to the world. Choose some of the best tools from the list above to get started with the incredible experience. If you are already using these tools, never forget to share your experience below in the comment section. Your feedback about gaming video recording and editing tools is valuable for us and other gamers as well.

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