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7 Best Bluetooth Tracker for Wallet, Key and Passport Tracking [Device Review]

Best Bluetooth Tracker

It is usual condition when we end up spending time finding our wallet, keys or passport while getting late for our meeting, office or to catch our flight. What if you can find your stuff at a finger tip? Yes, this is not a joke but it is possible with wireless Bluetooth tracker which can help you in:

  • Passport bag tracking
  • Laptop bags tracking
  • Your car or any other key finding
  • Wallet tracking
  • Or you can also use this bluetooth device to track your pets or child

All these possible with small bluetooth device that is connected with your mobile and can notify you about the present location of connected device that is attached to your keys, laptop bags, passport pouch or anything that you wish to track.

In our busy lives, we are habituated to relying on technology in order to keep things in track. As a matter of fact, one of the highly used tech devices are fitness tracker that allow you to track your health accurately. We often keep our things in different places and tend to forget where they are kept. We then go on searching for the things in places and end up creating a mess all over. Imagine a situation, you need to immediately rush to your workplace and you cannot find your car keys! Not only you, but the whole family will be engaged searching for your thing and finally you find it in the pocket of your jeans kept in the washing machine to clean. What a clutter to handle! To overcome all such situations, we have now a very handy device known as the Bluetooth trackers with mobile app to ease your daily life.

These Bluetooth trackers are like your personal assistants that will find all your belongings for you. They come very handy and are not much expensive. All you have to do is, to get them, install an app, link it to your device, attach these trackers with your belongings and FORGET. These key trackers will bring the things right to you.

These tiny bluetooth tracking devices are getting very popular now-a-days and are becoming new style statement among the youngsters these days. But pertaining to its utility, they are now the need for every age group. Since the market is now flooded with n numbers of such Bluetooth trackers to assist us in finding our lost belongings, we need to choose the best one for us. Here we provide the detailed description of all the available bluetooth wallet trackers, which will help you to pick the most desired one for you.

7 Best Bluetooth Trackers

This list is containing 7 best bluetooth trackers providers which can be helpful in all possible requirement. You can use them to track your wallet or as a key finder. It is upto you how you are using these devices by considering your needs and budget.

#1 Tile Mate and Tile Slim

Tile Key FinderAs the name itself suggests, tile tracking devices are in the shape of the tile, i.e. square. Tile gps trackers come in varieties like mate and slim. They are also the smallest bluetooth trackers. Tile mate can be attached to any of your belongings that tends to lose. Like it can be attached to the key bunch and this tile key finder will find that for you. Your expensive or the frequently used belongings will now no longer escape from your eyes.

Tile slim is by the name narrower and thinner and can be used in things that can spare only small space as wallets, small folders, passport etc. They are claimed to be the thinnest tracking device. The newly introduced tracker in tile tracker series is the Pro series. They are the modified version of the original trackers. They are made to withstand the heavy insult. Mostly recommended for rough and tough use and are very durable.

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#2 Cube Key Tracker

Cube Key TrackerCubes are not uni-functional as that of a tile. They are working devices in themselves. Like the automatic car keys, that can start the car’s engine just in a push; cube tracker devices despite locating the lost belongings also operates the shutter as you take a photo.

Cubes too can be used to find your lost keys, phone, purse or jacket. When you ping Cube with your mobile phone, it rings. Reversely, even you can find your lost phone with Cube Tracker by pinging your mobile phone with the button on Cube. It makes your phone ring even if it is on silent mode! It can flash the light and even vibrate your phone. The Cube Tracker app shows the last known location of the cubed device on a map and uses Bluetooth to tell the vicinity of the device.

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#3 TrackR – Tracking Device

TrackR Tracking DeviceTrackR are now again one of the best key finders. They can track the lost devices upto 100 feet of range. TrackR pixels have flashing LED lights, helping you to locate your items even in dark. Suppose you have a power-cut and you need to find the emergency light that is kept in an unknown corner of your home, TrackR will prove to be the best bluetooth tracker to find the light without tumbling over the things in dark.

To locate your device, only thing you have to do is to press the ring icon in your app; and if your TrackR is nearby, i.e. up to 100 feet away, it will keep ringing until you find it. Even if your device is out of Bluetooth range, you need not to worry. With the app running in the background, you can see on a map where and when you last had it. Even more tempting feature of this app is TrackR’s global network. Even if you cannot locate your device by mapping, you can get a private notification when a TrackR app user passes by your lost item, making your belonging search in every possible ways.

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#4 NutFind Bluetooth Tracker

NutFind Bluetooth Tracker

A notable feature of Nutfind tracker is sharing management. Certain items are used by many people in your household. Here, you can use the Find-it mode to share with your families. It also has a  low power consumption which give gives it a battery life of up to 8 – 10 months. It is made with sturdy plastic material and fashion design which makes it superlight and elegant. This bluetooth tracker works with a wide range of devices of both android as well as iOS (Android above 4.3 and iOS above 8 version of OS).

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#5 Njoiii Key Finder

Njoiii Key FinderNjoii is the best Smartphone finder and also acts as a selfie remote. Its Wireless Network search and Navigational guidance allows you to find your lost item. Even if you go out of the range, only thing you have to do is to mark that item as lost, and when you pass by that, the app reports the location of that lost item, and pushes a notification of where your item is. You can even hold the button on Njoiii to trigger your Phone’s alarm. It has low energy consumption.

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#6 GBD Bluetooth TrackerGBD Bluetooth Tracker

If you have lost your phone in the parking or lost your pet while walking, GBD is the saviour. GBD comes in four exciting colors. This is the best key finder to locate your pet through the digital display. Even there is a calling button to make your lost device make the sound. It works with Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Its compact size and lightweight design makes them very handy. Features like low energy consumption eases its use. It can even take awesome wide angle selfies from your front or rear facing cameras.

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#7 Safedome Passpoert & Wallet Tracker

Safedone Passport & Wallet Tracker

If you’re someone who loses track of things then this is a God send. This is a small card like tracker that slips nicely into your wallet, purse or backpack. It is super slim, just 1.6mm thick. There is some uniqueness in this product. This Bluetooth tracker is rechargeable and is without a battery. It comes with a wireless charger, which also works with compatible phones and watches. When you misplace your passport wallet, this Bluetooth tracker can make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent! This key finder comes with Bluetooth 5 which offers improved signal stability and strength between the card and your smartphone. This means 2 x the range (up to 100m / 300 ft) – double that of existing trackers that uses Bluetooth 4. We have seen most of the users are using this device for Passport tracking and they are very happy with its result.

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What’s the Take Away

So, now you will never lose your valuables again as these little devices are perfected for locating lost objects. They will find everything they are attached to like- keys, purse, sunglasses, computer, wallet, passport etc. So, now no excuses being late for your workplace, searching for your things, because there’s now a solution! Let these small trackers find your items so you can get to where you need to be on time with no stress. In addition to these blutooth trackers, you can also use a Phone location Finder to keep a track of your smartphone.

That’s it on best bluetooth trackers, did you find the ideal one for your self? Did we miss out on something? Let us know in the comments section below.