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Comparison Between Canva & Snappa, Best Online Graphic Design Tools


Comparison Between Canva & Snappa, Best Online Graphic Design Tools


canva-vs-snappaLooking for simple yet effective online graphic design tool? Confuse between Canva & Snappa? No worries, here we have come up with detailed comparison between Canva & Snappa graphic design tool to make your decision easier.

Be it blog, website or social media campaign, an attractive design plays very important role to acquire attention. Obviously, hiring a graphic designer will not be feasible for everyone and when it comes to small brands, how can you get cost effective designs? There are plenty of bloggers & marketers who frequently publish content online. To give unique and impressive touch to the content they add graphics. Remember, they are not graphic designers but uses online graphic tools to design images for Social Media Post, Blog Posts, Instagram/Facebook/Twitter posts, Tumblr graphic and many more. Most of the bloggers and marketers prefers to design by their own because graphic designers might cost them high for minor or bulk work.

Well, and are two popular graphic design tools which helps an inexperienced designer look vaguely competent. But when is comes to selection, which one is the best for you? To learn this answer, check below comparison between Snappa & Canva.


snappa-home-page is a heck of a design tool for non-designers who are looking to create stunning visual images to publish online. It is a little sister to It is easy to use and to learn hence offers great result. Developers have given an additional feature in this app of having entire Stocksnap library available for use in the Snappa interface. Snappa focuses on graphics, rather than photos which are good as graphics and icons offer more flexibility and versatility when creating visuals.


Signing up:

To sign up, you just need to type your email address and choose a password, and then a quick tutorial will pop up that “how to use” the app.

Connecting your social media accounts:


You can publish your images directly from the app on social media, thus it saves time.

Start with the perfect image dimensions:

The perfect sized image is always one click away. Image dimensions are available as clickable presets.

Huge Library:


Snappa combines a huge library of visual assets with a fully featured graphic editor making it super quick and easy to create awesome online graphics.

Direct access to the

You don’t have to search for large graphics and download them to re-upload them. Graphics are grouped together by type, so you’ll see several categories: social media, blog, headers, display headers.

Who can benefit most from Snappa?

Marketers and Small business owners get the most value out of Snappa. Marketers often need to generate images for blog posts, social media posts ad online ads, and so for this they need images quickly which saves their time. Business owners typically need images for a wide range but they have low budget, with Snappa they can use predesigned templates to create professional looking graphics.

Everything has some pros and some cons, similarly if Snappa has so many merits so on the other hand it have some demerits those are:


  • No Auto save:

If your connection is lost, or because of some reason your computer stops then you have to restart and start from scratch.

  • No undo function:

There is no undo function, if you do any mistake then you have to move it back and start again.

  • Selecting Elements are not arranged properly:

The way selecting elements is arranged causes problems. There is no feedback function. Viewing layers in a list is not available so you have to select if it goes wrong then you have manually go back and correct it.

  • No way to custom your graphics:

There is no way to customize your graphics if you create a Facebook posts then you have to go through all of them and change the name.

Snappa’s interface is way easier to use and has a huge selection of photos and graphics, it is easy it has all the capability. It only lacks in its design capabilities and in basic functions which is the major demerit.


Canva is a tool loaded with enough easy to use features, for creating beautiful designs and professional graphics. You get all the aids of the free Canva interface with all the benefits of team building and graphic resource management to boot.



It is a big blessing that your work is auto saved.

Huge Library:

The library is huge and is contributed by wider range of artists; it has wider range of topics as well.

Consistent Templates:


Templates keep your design consistent, canvas sizes available are more varied than Snappa’s tool.

Free elements:

You get a number of elements free and there are premium ones you Pay, their pricing model is cheap, so you can keep your costs on Canva to the base price of a subscription if you need to and still enjoy good design.

Free photos:

They have a new free photos section that helps me to make sure that I am designing in correct way, by not wasting my time using elements I don’t want to pay for. If the image of your requirement is not available on Canva than download royalty free images from third party websites.

Good Graphic Layout:


It has really good graphic layout as you can easily select canva layouts, elements, images from left sidebar and simply edit text and apply effects on canvas layout. Simply cool stuff.


I appreciate their colour palette control it preserves consistency.


  • Templates:

Free templates available are not useful they can hardly be used.

  • Watermark of design:

Watermark behind the free templates is overpowering, it becomes difficult to understand design created by us is looking perfect or not.

  • Slow Loading:

Elements are loaded slowly, which waste lots of time.

  • Using interface is difficult:

Their rounded corners on every tool makes us feel that we are somewhat overweighed by using the interface.

  • Pricing of images:

There are some stock photos you can use for free; for majority of stock photos you will have to pay for one time use of it.

Canva is a rocket ship, it is mostly used for blog post and social media graphics but there are all the things you can design with Canva.


Upfront Costs: Snappa

Value for money: Canva

Speed and efficiency: Snappa

Variety and design potential: If budget is not a problem then Canva.

Consistency control and output: Canva

Functionally: Canva


I think for now, Canva still wins this round, everything has its pros and cons but still both of them are good to use.

Important Note – If loved our featured image design in this blog post; we did not use any of these tool! Yes, we have designed it via

Niraj Bariya is working as Online Marketing Professional in IT Industry having over 5 years of experience. Niraj Bariya loves to write about technologies, gadgets & reviews and online marketing.

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