mark zuckerbergFacebook, a leading social networking website is now focusing on different market and opportunity to expand their reach online. As per recent updates, Facebook is now all set to launch its digital newspaper mobile application called “Paper” by end of January 2014. According to Re/code this application will be launched either standalone application for mobile platform or may launched as web experience suited to mobile devices. Facebook started this project in 2013 and has invested a lot on research, building good user interface, and rich content for mobile devices.

According to various news blogs this application is very similar to famous news reader application Flipboard. There will be lots of similarities between these 2 applications like very good rich media content, awesome news reading design and interface, news updates from various publications like New York Times and The Washington Post, and status updates from Facebook.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is directly involved in this big project. Also some expert in design and research team are workin on this project which comes through various acquisitions by Facebook. Earlier this month Facebook’s latest acquisition of mobile performance & monitoring tools developed indian company Little Eye Labs may also help to give final development touch for this facebook news mobile application.

There were no official announcement by Facebook yet.

“We do not comment on rumors and speculation.” – Facebook spokeswoman Jessie Baker

Let’s see Facebook can attract smart phone users or audience for their “Paper” news reader application or not? Because Flipboard has its own big world of news readers and its also growing very fast too.

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