On 13th July, Google announced that it will welcome GoDaddy merchants to integrate their product inventory with Google without any additional cost. This will help GoDaddy merchants to get discovered across shopping, search, YouTube, and image search. They will not need to leave GoDaddy’s online store to do this. GoDaddy merchants will be able to upload their products on Google, create free listings and launch ad campaigns.

This will be highly beneficial for GoDaddy merchants as they will now be able to make their unique products get discovered easily. This will help them to connect with multiple customers that are available through Google. Do you want to configure your online store with Google?

How To Configure The GoDaddy store with Google? – Step by Step Guide

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To configure your GoDaddy store with Google, you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Build your online store

Choose from the 100+ free and attractive GoDaddy templates to create an online store that will ensure high conversions of the shoppers into buyers.

Connect to Google

Add your products easily to Google from the online store and showcase them for free with promotions through the Smart Shopping campaigns. Below are the steps to do this:

Step 1 – On the computer, open any site in Google Sites

Step 2 – On the top right corner, click Settings

Step 3 – In the Settings window, go to Custom URLs

Step 4 – Enter your custom URL

Step 5 – Click Assign

Step 6 – Change DNS CNAME on the domain

Connect with millions of customers

With Google, you can connect with millions of customers who are looking to buy products across Google. The entire suite of Google platforms including Google Search, Maps and Google Shopping, YouTube are all available on your online store. Do you want your online store to go global?

Benefits of GoDaddy Store Configuration With Google Merchant

Growth in Revenue

Building Your Brand

With Google, small businesses can build their brand seamlessly and connect with more customers efficiently. Business owners can create their brand and curate how it appears on Google. This will help them to build a more responsive and profitable online market.

Highlighting Your USPs

As Google advertising is a part of the Google merchant configuration, even small businesses can benefit from these features and advertise their GoDaddy store’s unique selling point with Google. Google will also offer eligible GoDaddy customers up to $150 in ads credits.

Attract More Customers

As the consumers expect more buying options thanks to the multiple options available, they need better facilities online. This is where Google will come to the rescue for GoDaddy merchants. It will help to surge the searches and will help attract more customers and also lessen the cart abandonment.

More Buying Options For Consumers

As it happens with an ecommerce stores, a local inventory can show products that are available for immediate pickup or pick up later. Such facilities will provide more buying options to the consumers and help them reach more nearby shoppers, in many places.

More Revenue

All the above benefits lead to one major benefit for GoDaddy merchants which are more sales and higher profits.


Where do my products appear?

Eligible free listings appear in the search results across Google Search, Google Shopping tab, Google Images, and Google Maps. For the Smart Shopping campaign, products appear on Google Search, Gmail, the Shopping tab, YouTube, and Google Display Network.

What are the costs of Smart Shopping campaigns?

Smart Shopping campaigns have a revenue model of pay-per-click. This means that you will only pay if someone clicks on the ads. The daily budget can be customized in the Google shopping advertisement channel and this budget cab is changed at any point in time.

What do you mean by Smart Shopping campaigns?

Smart Shopping campaigns or Google Ads are the ads that use Google’s smart technology. This helps to maximize the conversion value and display your ads strategically to people who search for products like yours. It can also add a budget limit. But the best part is that the users pay only when people click on the ad.

What is Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center helps the users to sync their store and product data with Google. This makes your information available for free listings on the Shopping tab and Google Shopping Ads. This means that all information about your products and stores is available to shoppers whenever they search on Google or Google property.

This merging of GoDaddy stores with Google will help entrepreneurs to get started on Google. This will empower everyday entrepreneurs by providing them tools to succeed online. They can build a professional website and attract customers for selling their products and services. This will help business owners by giving them tools, insights, and the market to transform their ideas into success.

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