John is spending more than 12 hours on screen (smartphone / laptop) every day and he knows it is too much! He also knows that out of these 12 hours, 50% of time is non productive and can be eliminated. But in real scenario, it is becoming his habit now and John is finding it difficult to stay away from his smartphone or laptop. Digital detox can help John! But how?

Excess of anything is harmful and that rightly apply in this case as well. Overuse of smartphone or laptop is also affecting the life. We will discuss more about how it is harmful to one’s health and will also find different ways to come out of it.

I know you might have seen many people around you finding it difficult to stay away from screen or you might be one of them! If you also want to stay away from screen, digital detox is the answer.

In this article you will learn about this basic concept of digital detox and will come to know about why one should do digital detox on regular bases. We will also discuss about the negative effect of technology in our life and how digital detox can be helpful in such cases. You will also learn about digital detox benefits and where you can do it with peace.

What is Digital Detox?

A digital detox refers to the period in which a person restricts himself from using any gadgets or computers. In short, this is escaping the flood of technologies that come in every other day. In spite of so many advantages that we have reaped since the advent of technologies, there is a high need to isolate oneself from technology once in a while. It has become somewhat of a clich√© in recent times. It could also be defined as disconnecting and connecting with the social and physical world respectively. Well, this is more like a fasting that’s done for the renewing the brain.

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Why One Require a Digital Detox?

The next important question that would pop up in any body’s mind reading this article is “why would anyone go in for a digital fast? Especially in today’s technology inclined world”. We are getting there slowly but before that, have you ever felt strangled with an overloaded feeling? According to Digital Detox website, there are over 19 negative effects of technology in our life and here is the list:

  • It affect our sleeping habits
  • Sometime it leaves us feeling isolated
  • It promotes a more sedentary lifestyle
  • It can increase the distraction
  • It can improve the neck pain or back pain due to bad posture
  • It can cause eye and ear problems
  • Technology can avail explicit videos more available to children and hence close monitoring is require for parents.
  • It not only affect you but it also affect the other staying in same home and can affect the relationship as well. Unplug your home for the ultimate digital detox is much needed here.

You can refer detailed article here to learn more about all those bad effect but here are some interesting reasons you can go for digital detox now:

  • To break the vicious circle of checking our inboxes, replying and checking again and again.
  • To bring in a change in your perspective about how you use technology.
  • To check what we could do without the help of technology.
  • To come back feeling refreshed and all-energized.
  • To create memories that you want to treasure. Not for the sake of just posting it on social media.
  • To feel free, reclaim your time and strike a balance that works for you.
  • To have some “me time” and understand what exactly you want in your life?
  • To know if you have a healthy balance when it comes to tech use.
  • To slow things down and relax.
  • To stay productive.
  • To ensure you get enough sleep for better health.
  • We become so busy with these technologies that we often don’t connect with ourselves or with anything or anybody around us for that matter.
  • To spend time with your loved one not virtually but in person! It connects more and gives better feeling. Try it!

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How to Do Digital Detox? Important Tips

This is very important question as we all are occupied with our jobs and important assignment. It is always challenging for us to do digital detox. How to do it in right manner? Following are few tips to help you decide how to kick-start your digital detox in better way:

  • Be easy on yourself and Try to give yourself a little allowance by taking some time to use your gadgets.
  • Break one habit at a time. For example, you wouldn’t stare at your Smartphone screen the minute you wake up instead you would thank god for such a beautiful day.
  • Do what keeps you happy and engaged. It could be anything as small as gardening or watching the sky or just traveling in a bus or drawing pictures and hanging out with friends.
  • It is better that you inform your close circle about your plans of digital detox of staying away from the social media and gadgets for a while. They are going to freak out otherwise make plans for adventures trip.
  • Make a list of gadgets that you would want to break up with.
  • Try and give time to your family and other people around you.
  • You can start with a small things and eventually make it large. Lets for example, start with a weekend digital detox plan where you can stop using smartphone for a day or hours.
  • Minimalism is an art to start your digital detox life.

There are many ways but I personally found that spending time with kids or going on an adventure trip works best for me. I tried it many times and it gives better feeling.

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Where to Do Digital Detox

The most important yet challenging part of digital detox is planning when and where to do it. Following are places that have great potential for a digital detox.

  • There are so many places that organize retreats to keep you away from these gadgets otherwise find a digital detox buddy. When doing it with a group of people who want to go in for it just like you do, the chances of you giving up in between are less likely. That’s one significant advantage but enrolling yourself for a retreat isn’t a prerequisite.
  • You can do it from the comfort of your home by engaging yourself in activities like cycling, jogging, hiking, snorkeling or yoga.
  • Getting struck intentionally in a place where the Internet has no access is a great trick. I personally tried it during my last visit to Kerala where we went for a day trip in mountain and it was great experience must say.
  • Go on an adventurous trip. Go, do all that you had wanted to do for a long time.
  • Beach locations or mountainous regions are an excellent choice because the Internet and mobile services are not that stable anyways.
  • You could also try enrolling yourself in a spiritual retreat if you think that would work for you. I personally enrolled for one spiritual retreat where you have to submit all your digital gadgets along with you watch. Just learn the meditation and practice them with raw food. I must say, it was amazing experience I had.

As there is not fix method to go for a digital detox as each has different priorities and interest. You can choose based on your hobby and can divert your time from digital world to physical world.

Digital Detox Benefits

When we talk about Digital Detox benefits, there are many but if I have to list few, here they are:

  • One would certainly feel like there is plenty of time in comparison to what it was earlier.
  • This enables maintaining a healthy balance between normal life and the time a person spends using such electronic devices.
  • There is this particular kind of freedom that one experiences while not required to answer all the emails and messages.
  • You learn to use the technology more diligently.
  • You come back to social media more refreshed and relaxed.
  • Long lost desires and hobbies could be rekindled.
  • You will get more time to think.
  • A little time away from multitasking in ensured. Easy to concentrate on what you do.
  • Once you finish it successfully, you will want to do more of it.
  • Makes you more creative and productive.


In a nutshell, Digital Detox is a must for anyone who is very much into technology (almost all of us are!). At times, we need to recollect the fact that we are humans and there is more than technology to us. It is essential to keep this saying by the famous author, Gretchen Rubin in mind.

Turn off your email; turn off your phone; disconnect from the Internet; figure out a way to set limits so you can concentrate when you need to, and disengage when you need to. Technology is a good servant but a bad master. – Gretchen Rubin”

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